Music Focus: Hebe’s rendition of Florence+Machine’s “Girl With One Eye”

Hola people, how’s everyone this Lunar New Year? ^_^ Hope you’ve all had a wonderful time welcoming the water dragon coming into the new year. Mine was a mix of good, bad, happy and unfortunate,  but overall, I had a good time and wished it (the hols) had lasted longer.

So yeap, I’m back to blog-sphere for good, after having been MIA for a week (not that anybody cares anyway I think hehe). I have nothing much to share, since I haven’t been watching or catching up on my dramas as fervently as before. But I came across this cut of S.H.E Hebe‘s live rendition of Florence and the Machine‘s “Girl With One Eye” on my FB, I was like, WOAH. And had to share.

Girl is definitely venturing out into different styles.

I’m not an ardent fan of S.H.E or Hebe, but I do like some of their songs, and admit that H does possess a certain flair of her own. But this totally blew it all out of the water. She doesn’t have the best English pronunciation and whatnot, but heck, I liked that she gave the song an umph and style of her own. Very very different from the usual her.

S.H.E what?!!



2 thoughts on “Music Focus: Hebe’s rendition of Florence+Machine’s “Girl With One Eye””

  1. Welcome back Ripgal dear. Really missed you, checking the blog every day for new post. So, don’t think that no body cares 🙂

    I always like your Music Focus posts. I am not really following Asian Music but I love your choices and after reading each of those posts I end up searching and downloading a lot of songs ^_^

    As you may guess by now, I didn’t listen to Hebe or S.H.E songs before but I loved her cover for the song here. I think she gave it a new flavor and made it her own.

    1. Aww chinggu, you’re making me a blushing carrot lol but thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. I’ve also been downloading some old Korean ballads lately, will share some of em’ here in the near future.^^

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