When drama makes you yawn…

…you’ve just got to bid farewell.

8 episodes of MoonSun and I just can’t take it anymore. It’s SO BORING sighs. I know I’m against a hoard of MoonSun/Kim Soo Hyun/Jung Il Woo fans out there, I’m so weird. It’s Kim Soo Hyun + Jung Il Woo we’re talking about, what is freaking wrong with me?!  But in all true honestly, I also have no idea why I’m so out of sync this time o_0 I usually love my share of sageuks, am an ardent fan of romance (cute or angsty), and this coming from the SKKS  writer, what went wrong?!

This drama is no doubt a very beautiful drama. The actors, the visuals, the scenery, everything is pretty much a breathtaking and eye-captivating feast. But that’s about it for me, the story did NOTHING absolutely nothing for me (except for Yeo Jin Gu of course). I found myself zoning in and out of the story, dozing off at times in the 8 hours I spent watching it.

Regardless of the overwhelming response and hooha abt the drama I’d heard prior to watching, I think the main reason I couldn’t get invested rests wholly on my inability to connect to the story or the characters in any way. The kids were great of course, but I didn’t think their love story was that intriguing to get me going WOW like it did to others. I thought Yeon Woo was dull and boring, Yang Myung was just oddly uninteresting (to me), Yeom too placid and flat for my liking. The fated-to-be-lovers thingy with the sun and moon bored me out a few episodes into the drama, I just wasn’t able to feel their so called undying romance.

It wasn’t really that bad initially, NOT UNTIL I reached the adults portion of the drama. I was expecting to be blown away by the cast, well, at least by Kim Soo Hyun or Jung Il Woo. But sadly, they had little to offer. Kim Soo Hyun did well in the beginning, especially when he’s all serious and solemn (he exuded a certain charm I can’t pin point), but he became increasingly annoying when he wasn’t. I couldn’t help but feel that he’s trying a bit too hard, and sorta went a bit far trying to channel the youthful and playful characteristics of Yeo Jin Gu’s Hwon. The parts of him laughing out loud out of nowhere, and suddenly becoming all nicey and sweet made me cringe so hard I’m not kidding. I just couldn’t feel that kingly aura or vibe from him.

And that’s the best part, because the rest aren’t doing any better. Han Ga In’s wide eye acting is so bothersome that I cannot get into her character at all. I don’t know, maybe she’s just too pretty.. every expression she displays (anger, frustration, confusion..etc), it’s all the same facial emotion, so rigid and unaffecting. But I guess I can’t blame her much cos her character Wol is just so downright listless and uninteresting she can’t do much. Jung Il Woo is wasted here because he’s channeling the exact same characters he’d played in his previous projects. No doubt he’s really good at it, but I feel they banked too much on him and sorta went along with what he does best. Even it means having to undermine the core and essence of his character. And Kim Min Seo plus the rest of flower boys (Yeom and Woon), please don’t even get me started. =_=

MoonSun oh MoonSun, you were supposed to make me all dreamy and swoony. You were supposed to make me indulge in romantic fantasy and make me heart race fast waiting for Hwon and Wol to meet. You were supposed to be amazing. But instead everything happened in a zippy I felt nothing, no climatic anticipation, no intensified emotions. Everything just feels flat and cold.

So drama, I’m sorry to say I have to drop you for good. But at least I gave you a worthwhile try (8 episodes) no?

Here’s an amazing Yeo Jin Gu/ Hwon Moon Sun MV to reminisce.



Boy is just so GOOD right? The sole reason I hung on this far into the drama.

Come here, let noona give you a puppy hug. (Aiks, even if it sounds SO WRONG XD)


18 thoughts on “When drama makes you yawn…”

  1. As far as I know, it doesn’t have the same writer as SKKS. 🙂 SKKS had the novel writer as the script writer but for this one, the drama has a different script writer.

  2. This is exactly how I felt about Secret Garden…everyone else was all excited, but I could barely bring myself to hit play by the end of the series. Scratching my eyes out with a used spork seemed preferable to watching more 😉

    1. Oh dear, the mention of Secret Garden sends immense rage down my spine. grrr… 2 hot actors wasted in an unbearable and ridiculous drama. And I kinda like Kim Eun Sook the writer so to speak? Sighs.

  3. Is MoonSun also based on a novel like SKKS or was it written out to be a tv drama?

    I read the recaps on Dramabeans but didn’t really seem compelling, despite the good comments given about the young cast. I’d rather watch Dream High!

    1. Yup, MoonSun is based on a novel, written by the same author as the SKKS novel. But the last I checked and from the info given above, the drama has their own script-writer. So it’s like a loose adaption of some sort.

      I’m like the only one in a million who doesn’t like or buy the show. Very unpopular opinion. hehe..

      1. Nope, you’re not alone, Ripgal. In fact, my blog (unfortunately it’s in different language) has become one kind of anti-Moon, Sun. I’m Kim Soo Hyun fan since the day of his Will it snow for Christmas, I even blogged about him even before Dream High. I’m still his fan (who doesn’t love the boy?) but I can’t digest Moon, Sun.

        I was stunned by the fact that Moon, Sun has received such massive love from audience. Sure, the casts are great, especially the young casts. Even the adults are doing ok. Though I don’t like Han Ga In’s acting but I think she’s improving here. Jung Il Woo is quite boring, but Kim Soo Hyun is good. So far I have no problem with the actors. The problem lies in the main story, Ripgal. And the directing, music, everything is horrible.

        Moon, Sun is the worst sageuk I’ve been watching in a while. The music does nothing to the story (check The Princess’s man to know what a phenomenal music done to a drama!). After 8 episodes and I have no idea what kind of music they have.
        And the story….from the comments above you mentioned Secret Garden, omg, don’t let me start. Moon Sun and SG both have the same ridiculous fantasy effect. What’s with the black smoke killed someone? And the rain transformed man and woman back and forth? Over-the-top fate-destiny love, and freaking cheesy love moments which they supposed to be romantic!

        I quite enjoyed the first few episode of the young, just because the casts were amazing, not because of their love story. Like you said, we can’t connect to the character, and we feel nothing. Indifferent!
        But I may continue watch the show though, until when I don’t know, just for the sake of staring at Kim Soo Hyun, and to see how bad the drama’s going while everybody’s going gaga over it. It’s like a Secret Garden 2012, all over again.

        Sad 😦

        Quite surprised both Dramabeans and Koala love the drama. I was waiting for some snarky comments from Dahee coz I bet she doesn’t like the show. But finding your opinion being the same with me makes me happy ^^ Thanks for writing, and sorry for the rant.

        This is movall@Soompi.

      2. Hi Ginko @ movall, thanks for commenting! ^^

        And no, you definitely don’t have to be sorry for voicing out your opinions. ^^ Personal preference always prevails, why care about others?

        Anyway, I agree with you on the writing/directing of the story. It lacks a kind the kind “stickiness” that DB had mentioned in one of her earlier podcasts. I’m indifferent to the acting of the adult casts overall, in that they’re not doing as good as I’d expected, but I’m not blind to see that the execution of the story isn’t done any better. Some parts felt totally out of place, some scenes disjointed and ridiculous, some were just plain boring, I just didn’t buy most of it.

        Glad that you’re still following thru, I’ve already dropped it for good.

  4. Hi ripgal, Thanks for your thought. Always Love when read someone else review against Popular opinion, though sometimes we disagree with…
    It’s weird since I love Kim SOo Hyun and Jung Il Woo, but since the adult case appear, It lost me.

    I getting curious your thought about Wild Romance, I less excited when Jessica’s character start involved in the storyline… Should I trust this writers to not make her role become bigger.? sigh

    1. Gotta agree that Jessica’s appearance has made WR less delectable and fun. If only a better actress had been cast sighs. But TBH I’m still enjoying the writer’s take and approach towards MY and EJ’s relationship as well as the whole thing about the mystery stalker. There IS substance in the writing, but it’s not very obvious to the eye. One really needs to understand PYS’s style to catch the hints. I liked how she linked baseball to ups and downs of life, and I liked how she’s taking it slow in terms of MY and EJ’s r/s. A lot of people are complaining about how MY’s being a jerkass..etc, but I seriously don’t get it and see it. He’s just being himself, been pining for an old flame for such a long time, you expect him to fall for EJ right away? I feel bad for EJ of course, MY being ignorant and oblivious to her feelings, but hey, he DOESN’T have to fall for her just because she’s crushing on him right? Of course, that being said, I’m firm on the OTP ship, just don’t think all the MY hate is warranted that’s all.

      1. Oh thanks…. I love reading your thought. I have read on Open Thread about this, and suprise everyone reaction for MY’s behavior. I didn’t get their complain, too. Because his character is still in character. I can deal with the most bastard male lead, as long as their character is not one dimensional. It’s not my main issue…. I just getting tired for deal with Jessica’s character. I don’t like this type storyline when the story start focus on ex girlfriend, It reminds me of parfait tic (manga), lol …. My main complain is so shallow… But I still enjoy this show alot… It’s not usual rom com … some part really resonate with me…

  5. it’s a normal thing to be the only one who can’t connect to certain dramas rather than loving it to bits like everyone else 😉
    the thing that I usually did when I encountered this kind of problem was stop watching and concentrate more on books and novels. sometimes our brains just grow tired and weary of the repetitive patterns and cliches of kdramas..

    1. So naturally I did give up ^^ heard that it got relatively better in the recent episodes? But ship has sailed, so no turning back for me. haha.

      And thanks for the recommendation on books and novels. God knows how long it’s been since I’ve touched a novel.

      1. If u ask me, until ep 10 it doesn’t get any better… I have watch preview for ep 11, and it seems finally the story start moving forward.. Really, I was yawning the whole time when I watched ep 7-10 because nothing much happened.

  6. Hi there chinggu!

    Gong Xi Fai Chai 🙂
    My attention is also kinda dwindling as well in MoonSun… why o why??? Sob Sob 😦
    The young actors set the stage up too well and the older cast have yet to sweep us off our feet…
    Wished there were more in-depth story telling other than we know Moonsun thingy…
    I believe the transition from the novel to the drama did not mesh too well together. Nothing wrong with deviation but the drama which is unfolding does not seem to resonate well with me unlike the novel. That my dear lies with faulty execution of the script/producer!!!
    Thanks for posting!

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