Song Chang Eui and Han Hye Jin’s medical drama “Syndrome” Teaser


Another drama about brains and neurosurgeons?!!! Seriously? Didn’t BRAIN just end like about 2 weeks ago?!! And why does the teaser resemble BRAIN’s initial teasers SO MUCH?  (Check Brain trailers here:  01   &  02 )

I really don’t know about this. I don’t even know whether I’ll watch it when it comes out. It’s just so BRAIN that I can’t help but think it’s gonna be a copy of what I’d just finished weeks ago. But then again, I know it’s a bit to early to throw judgements of any sort.  I do adore the lead actors, Song Chang Eui and Han Hye Jin, but I’m not sure the writer’s capable of delivering anything solid or even decent yaiks. Remember the so I heard awful Heading To The Ground by Yunho and Go-Ara? Yeap, he/she wrote that drama. o_0 That enough a reason to turn you off? Surely for me. But aigoo, maybe for Song Chang Eui……. >.<

Plot synopsis suggests that we’re again in for the typical medical drama story.  Check HERE for more detailed insights into the premise of the drama.

Syndrome premiers on JTBC this coming 13th February 2012, taking over Padam-Padam when it ends.

credits: Plot synopsis from Dramabeans


15 thoughts on “Song Chang Eui and Han Hye Jin’s medical drama “Syndrome” Teaser”

  1. OMG the trailer it looked just like that of BRAIN.The effects and the dialogue style.
    Sorry but looking like totally a copy of brain

    1. I’m OK with the English title of the drama Hangulised, it’s pretty common in korean dramas anyway. But the way they presented the teaser, especially the beginning of it.. it’s like a total copy of BRAIN’s o_0 so obvious. aiks.. still debating whether to watch it. hmmm…

  2. I’m not big on medical dramas but I really might check this out. Not because of the trailer though. I don’t have to watch Brain’s to see that the dramas have been marketed in the same exact way, However, I may like this one better so it doesn’t seem to be going the White Tower route and I like that. Brain was like White Tower: The Parody. Loved SHK tho 😉
    This drama has a stronger ensemble that I actually see working in cohesion that I just never got from Brain (since we’re comparing). But like you, the writer makes me go… THE HECK!
    Ultimately though, with dramas you never know. Great actors, great story, great everything doesn’t mean it will be successful or that I will like it enough to see it through.
    I propose we swing and see how far the ball flies… kekeke watching entirely too much WR 🙂

    1. I’m sure Song Chang Eiu and Jo Jae Hyun will do a great job, they’re such charismatic actors to begin with. But it’s the writing which worries me. Not that I want anything as good or nearly as good as White Tower, but something meaty for me to hang on to. Brain wasn’t great or good in any way, but at least SHK carried his character all thru to the way to the end (thus minimizing the focus on the Brain surgeries..etc). Hopefully we’ll see something watchable in Syndrome, it’s the pull that counts. 🙂

      1. Happy new year ripgal n unnichan!feels great to b back on board again..oh yes,I was besotted with SHK n loved Brain!!I thought it to be a brainy drama as long s u allowed a willing suspension of disbelief in some parts..I wasn’t too euphoric over the Otp,wishing he ended with ruby s gorgeous mummy instead..still,SHK had enuf brawn n brain to keep me rooted to the end.. I m looking fwd to this next medical series starring Han hye Jin..I ve seen her in a doctor role in one if her earliest dramas n she looked real good!There s something riveting n brain stimulating abt med dramas like Brain n grey s anatomy,so bring on the next,please!(copy cat or not),like u,I think moonsun s an absolute borre..gulp..did I just
        say dat??I m outta here! Ta.

      2. Omo Queen, missed you so! ^^ You still hot with SHK fever? lol

        I think the main leads will be a tad different to that of Brain’s. Here Song and Han play resident doctors, thus not as experienced or as hoo ha-ed as SHK’s character in Brain. But Park Geun Hyung will be playing a cool and arrogant-ish doctor in here I read, so perhaps we’ll still get a glimpse of some SHK-ness in him?

        Brain sort of cut down on its brain surgery scenes mid-way (in order for godly SHK to exert his charism and prowess), so hopefully Syndrome will focus more on that?

        And as for MoonSun, you said it all. ^^

  3. From newsarticles, we know that Song Chang Eui’s character’s parents are doctors, but I didn’t expect that his parents are to be played by Jo Jae Hyun & Kim Sung Ryung…not to mention the twist as shown in the EP 1 Highlights clip (7min39sec).

    1. Oh hi there creidesca! ^^ Didn’t expect to see you here 🙂

      Jo Jae Hyun plays Song Chang Eui’s dad?! Ermm… I always thought Jo Jae Hyun could pass as someone just slightly older, but not old enough to play SCE’s dad? Haven’t seen any highlights or trailers other than the current one, so not harboring any expectations or whatsoever..

      1. hi ripgal!

        And Kim Sung Ryung will play his Mom! Well Jo Jae Hyun is supposed to be 57 in the drama and Kim Sung Ryung 54. SCE gets to play 5yrs younger than himself. With my very limited understanding of Korean, you can imagine how I reacted when I heard SCE call her “mom” and then Jo Jae Hyun call her “Honey”, this happening within seconds of each other in the EP 1 Highlights clip provided by jTBC.

        Since I didn’t watch Brain or the Korean version White Tower, Syndrome starts off in an unexpected place I think. Unlike Brain and White Tower where we see one of the lead head surgeons/doctors needing surgery on himself towards the end of the drama, with Syndrome, we get it right in EP 1 and the consequences/problems that arise from that operation, not to mention the person is family.

        For anyone interested in the EP1 Highlights clip (7min39sec):

  4. Finished viewing EP 1, and though I did not understand much, I have to wonder is Jo Jae Hyun’s character that vindictive or diabolical enough to do what I think he did to his wife?! Was it also the desired outcome? And was the brain surgery really done without any anesthesia?

  5. After 7 episodes (EP 4 really did it for me), I will say this drama is a keeper! Song Chang Eui fans will not be disappointed, that’s for sure. Furthermore, the drama focuses on 6-7 main characters (and does it very well) I believe jTBC is now currently marketing the drama as a “medical thriller”? Very suspenseful storytelling. It seems to have worked because ratings are edging out Hanbando.

    I’m guessing the writer must have learned her mistake after Heading to the Ground.

    1. Ahh… nice of you to drop by. I’ve been waiting for the Chi subs to be released… finally today, FOUND THEM! Will probably watch an ep or 2 within this week… 🙂

      1. Saw your comment over at dramabeans. How many episodes have you gotten through so far? I’m hoping at least up to EP 4, since it takes at least that long before both Song Chang Eui and Han Hye Jin become 1st year residents.

      2. I’ve already seen 5 episodes, but decided to bail out because I can’t take the contrived personal/political battles between the characters in the drama. It reminds of Brain in some ways but less the charm of a Shin Ha Kyun character. Prof Min Soon Jun’s kinda interesting, but ain’t enough to get me going, writing just isn’t my cup of tea :/ and acting is disappointing.

        But thanks for recommending, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the show, I’m sure there are good stuff which I’ve missed. Just think I’ve become more nit-picky in my dramas these days. hehe..

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