Shut Up Flower Boy Band: First Impressions

Darn Lee Min Ki, why just a friggin CAMEO??!!!!!

I suppose everyone who has seen the first 2 eps of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band would have reacted the same way as I did. Who would have thought a cameo character would be able to garner so much love and attention in just 2 episodes?! It’s so UNFAIR it’s killing me! And it makes me wanna cry T_T because not only have I been missing this guy on my TV for ages, he has to come back in a cameo role, make me fall head over heels for his character Byung Hee, and leave in a zippy (cos he’s a cameo DUH). He just has to do that to us fans huh?!


I didn’t want to check out the drama in the first place. If it weren’t for the Min Ki love, I wouldn’t have touched this flowery boy band drama within a ten foot pole.  The trailer showed A LOT of him donning this strangely attractive ajumma pama and freakishly alluring man-liner. Plus I always love it when he does eccentric and quirky roles (as I remember the real him being somewhat of an oddly quirk, he’s the perfect fit!).

Both episodes had a lot of Minki as the band lead Byung Hee, I was such a HAPPY GIRL! How could anyone not love this free-spirited 3-dimensional character?! It’s the like the character was tailor made for him, it’s SO FOR HIM! Since the rest of the cast are mostly newbies and unknown actors, I have a hunch that they’d purposely cast Min Ki to get the ball rolling from the beginning. He has such a great and alluring screen presence that he’d make even crap look interesting. Seriously, just look at how much of a sensation he, or rather his character Byung Hee has created in just 2 episodes? I’ve seen terms like epic, awesome, brilliant…etc, you can just google em. You’ll get there.

I’m sad that he has to go after 2 episodes, but I guess I’ve gotta live with it. Byung Hee is awesomesauce no doubt, and he’s the main attraction so far (2 eps in at least), but I don’t think the drama will fail without him?! At least Sung Joon‘s character Ji Hyuk has been quite impressionable so far. He doesn’t have Min Ki’s quirks or good looks, and isn’t a good actor by comparison, but there’s this strange charm about the way he carries Ji Hyuk. Maybe it’s the bad boy aura or vibe he has, mixed with a hidden genuineness in the way he treats his band members. Maybe it’s just how his character is written, in that he is the heart and the soul of the band lead Byung Hee? Or perhaps just cos he’s Byung Hee’s beloved bestie and I know he will carry on what he has left behind?

So yeah, admit it. I’m already pretty hooked. Pretty everywhere, who doesn’t love prettiness? Tho I’m not a fan of rock music (not my type or genre, but I can understand the love), it’s  a theme worth exploring in more depth. I doubt the drama would go that far, but I have a feeling that, with the Flower Boy Band being the underdogs pitting against the band lead by Jung Eui Chul’s character in the drama, we’re going to be in for some serious (and hopefully interesting) music rivalry and competition. Something like the battle between rock and RNB? I’m already sold if they really put some effort into showing that.

One thing that I really liked from the first 2 episodes, which I’m sure most will agree with me, the friendship between the band-members. ^^ I think it’s the eye-catching element of this drama at this point apart from the music. I love that they’re all so free-spirited and united together in spite of the not so positive image they’re giving to viewers (at least to students) so far. And I love how they stick through thick and thin, ups and downs together. It’s the kind of friendship that everyone wants and envies. I’m sure the drama will go all predictable and most likely dramatic on us soon, with a girl and an opposing band in the mix. But I really hope they’ll keep their friendship intact till the end and not let other factors break them apart. Pretty please writer nim, eh?

Acting and direction are pretty OK. The boys are doing quite a decent job considering that they’re new in the acting department. Their skills are pretty limited obviously, but I’ll try to cut them some slack and not gripe about it too much. Direction is palatable so far. It has a delightful tone mixed with a somewhat darkish melancholic vibe which I like, and it matches well with the rocker feel and aura the drama is aiming for.

I know it’s a bit too early to pass judgment. But if I were to compare this to Dream High 2 (also another music-related drama), the Flower Boy Band would Shut that teeny-bopper musical Up without even the need to try. I just hope that writing doesn’t go all makjang or ridiculous on us mid-way, and I’ll be good. And for once, I don’t want the girl to break this band apart. She’s pretty and cute alright ( tho still far from being a real actress), and surely the guys will be after her (how boring and typical). I’m OK with that, but if she causes this band to break up in the coming eps, she’ll get it from me for sure.

Byung Hee ah Byung Hee, you know how much we all miss you right? I know the drama will NOT be the same without you, I just know it.  (Min Ki’s probably missing this stint as much as we are right now since he’s so into this rocker thingy in RL.) But your spirit remains.  And your character will forever be remembered! Bring.It.On FFB!~~~

Here’s the song “Not In Love” Lee Min Ki sang in the drama and for the OST:

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6 thoughts on “Shut Up Flower Boy Band: First Impressions”

  1. Throughout ep 2, I was thinking ‘Man, how awesome would it be if Lee Minki can get his own Byunghee spinoff’. But yeah, no spinoff would ever be possible for Byunghee T_________T

    I’m really liking the show so far. I’m digging Jihyuk a lot. He’s got such an apathy for generally everything in the world other than his band. I sincerely hope he doesn’t go all googly eyed for Soo Ah too soon. Sung Joon and Jo Boa have awesome chemistry, from the little interactions we’ve seen so far, but I’d like to see them bonding on a more platonic level first, before ever proceeding to attraction.

    Lee Hyunjae, whom I love and is so friggin pretty, needs to have his acting class more frequently. But other than that, no complain here.

    1. All hail MANLINER LMK! He’s just that full of win. Still sad that he’s gone. T_T

      Agree with you, hopefully drama won’t go too FULL ON with the OTP that fast. Cos we know when romance kicks in, everything else slides to the background. And that is not what I want for the Band.

      Who is Lee Hyun Jae? hehe. I only know Sung Joon from Lie To Me (lucky he’s in a better drama cos he was awful in LTM), and the rest, ZERO knowledge aiks.

  2. I LOVE the music in the drama, its totally up my alley, not that I don’t enjoy the usual Kdrama soundracks. Totally agree with the Dream High 2 comment, I only caught the first episode of it for kim soo hyun’s cameo, but dropped it nearly after. I’ve watched one other LMK drama, Dal Ja’s Spring, which I enjoyed but LMK’s role in this drama is what made me fall in love with him. And who knew he could sing!!!…double plus in my books.

    1. Kang Tae Bong in DJS, who doesn’t want a Tae Bong of her own? Gimme please!

      LMK has always had a thing for singing I think, if I remember correctly in one of his interviews. I’m glad he got to show off some of his skills in the drama despite just being a cameo. Can we like have a drama of him being a rocker in future? I mean, I can already imagine him in Jang Geun Seuk’s role in M3, he’s just so damn JJANG~~

      I’m actually itching for FBB 3 as I type, so wanna see what would happen to Ji Hyuk and the band with the leader gone. Read some comments on DB, looks like he’s now taken over the limelight?! Which I’m totally fine with cos I liked Ji Hyuk from the beginning ^^

  3. OMG!!!!i really love this show….i’m addicted to this show….hopefully one day i can meet them….i will pray 4 it…LOVe you!!!godbless all..

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