Gimme a Kwon Ji Hyuk please!

Ahhhh… just when I thought Byung Hee’s absence would kill me…

Apparently NOT, when Sung Joon‘s Kwon Ji Hyuk is doing such a great job filling his void. His genuine love for his members makes me smile so wide, his thoughtfulness towards Su Ah renders me a crazy swoony loony, and his caring nature behind his rough exterior? Be still my heart. I fear by the next episode, I would have totally forgotten about Byung Hee aiks (miahne Min Ki ssi) and my heart ===> solely on Ji Hyuk ♥. Of course we  also have Sung Hoon, who’s equally an intriguing character with so much more layers than just being the saggaji and arrogant leader of Strawberry Fields. But oh, when heart’s already chosen, it stays. heeee~~~

It’s kinda ironic because I was one of those went all out bashing Sung Joon in his previous drama Lie To Me. Not that the drama had any good material to offer, but apart from the leads’  chemistry (which many loved but I’d failed miserably to detect), I guess you could say that the drama was an utter downright crappy failure. I even considered him a miscast in it. o_0

But hola, in just one turn, I’m actually loving his performance in this flowery boy band drama?! It’s not a mind-blowing performance by any means, and he certainly isn’t what I would call a good actor (yet). But I guess charisma-wise, he definitely has it. And spunk, gimmmeeee more baby Ji Hyuk! ❤

PLUS, you don’t mess with men…err…boys (I just realized he’s younger than me by half a decade o_0) who can sing! ^^

(Jaywalker by Sung Joon – Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

credits:  AsianDreamOST


6 thoughts on “Gimme a Kwon Ji Hyuk please!”

  1. I love his performance in Shut Up.. He really indeed surprise me… since I saw he was horrible in Lie To Me.. How much I love his character… I really hope his rival Sung Hoon will have more depth and can compete Ji Hyuk’s char.. Since I’m really a sucker for rivalry storyline..

  2. I haven’t stepped on the Shut Up bandwagon, but my drama buddy is smoking the Flower Boy pipe, big time! I’m really not interested, though I hear good things about it, almost daily.
    I agree that L2M was a utter crap but I actually grew to like him as time went on. But I’m sure this is based on my conviction that I still feel the best thing about that drama was the material they could have built on between the brothers. He isn’t a strong (versatile) actor, yet, but I find something intriguing about him, and if he can fill LMK’s absence, I believe that’s a pretty big feat.

    1. I wasn’t the least interested too when I heard about this drama, but out of curiosity, I caved in. And ended up liking it so much more than expected. 🙂 The music’s pretty good, and the direction’s spot on (kinda cinematic without being too slick), plus the boys are PRETTTY!! ^^

      In any case, just give it a try for Lee Min Ki’s cameo? He’s just so daebak awesome in it. And Sung Joon, you will be surprised.

  3. I was waiting for this, but Im surprised I actually disagree, and I’m the new Lee Min Ki fan. After watching ep 3&4, it lacked that buzz that Ep 1 and 2 had, which I’m putting down to the awesomeness of the LMK. But then I didnt hate Ep 3 and 4, it was more than decent. Although I wish LMK had stayed on, Sung Joon is doing an o.k job, but he still has a way to go yet. Of all the characters, Su Ah is the least interesting, I wish she had more sass, but I guess when you have 5 pretty boys in one drama, you can’t have everything your way. But I do love Sung Joons voice, and loved the song they entered into the competition.

    1. Lee Min KI’s awesomeness cannot be duplicated, he was the reason why I began watching in the first place. ❤

      And it's totally fine that we're disagreeing on Sung Joon's acting or his character. That's the fun of it, we can agree to disagree. 🙂 I think SJ's doing fine filling BH's void as the leader, but of course, he can never be Byung Hee, and def has miles to go to reach LMK's level. it's just how his character is written, which gets to me. I love it when characters go extra miles in dramas, and no, it's not the whole noble idiocy thingy when conflicts come up and all, but just the pure genuine intention in wanting to be there for that someone. And Ji Hyuk is really nailing it so far.

      Have you seen 5 or 6 yet?

      1. No I havnt- should I keep watching or just switch to recaps???- You know I think I’ll give it a try, your defence has convinced me lol

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