Happy V-Day! ♥ ♥ ♥

A year has passed. And again, it’s still single Valentine’s Day for me. ^^

But this year I’m surprisingly not too hung up about not having a hot guy to date or dine with, or that I’ve not received any flowers, chocs or love letters while others are busy bragging about how they’ve got roses and stuff from their BFs on FB. Totally fine with that as I think happy and lovely things are worth sharing. It’s just that I’ve learned to see through stuff and just let the wind take its course. ^____^

So to those who’re celebrating V-day today with their loved ones, partners, family and friends, hope you all have a sweet and lovely one. ♥ ♥ ♥

Have nothing to share but 2 lovely MVs from my recent crack dramas, Wild Romance and History of The Salaryman.

Mu Yeol and Eun Jae in WR


Hang Woo and Woo Hee in HoTS


Love can be painful, love can be fun. But the important thing to remember:  Before you love anyone else, love yourself first! 😀

credits:  WR MV by DAMNNPERFECT // HoTS MV by via Youtube


9 thoughts on “Happy V-Day! ♥ ♥ ♥”

  1. happy valentine days Ripgal ^^

    Thank you for sharing WIld romance MV…. I’m about to make an MV for WIld Romance…

    And Woo Hee – Hang Woo couple… How much I adore them… kekekke

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Chinguah!
    I couldn’t agree with you more. This life is riddled with love galore but if you miss out on the greatest loves in life, well, you’ve missed it all.
    And I love the WR video! With my favorite song too! WAH! I’ve decided that WR is my drama nemesis! I just love that stinking drama. it’s ruining my life!

    And WH and HW? Are there words to describe how wonderful they are on-screen together? I’m concerned about their future but I love every step we’re taking to get there 🙂

    Have a wonderful day.
    *Boy, I used alot of exclamation points 😉

      1. Interesting. I was thinking that it’s HW’s attraction to YC that will ultimately make him think twice about his goals. I don’t think that WH will really effect his intentions. He wants WH in his corner (which shows emotional vulnerability, that I like) but I don’t see him changing to make that happen. He wants her to accept him for who he is, the way he does her. I don’t see him taking any pangs to “change” to deserve her love or see things from her perspective (not that I find this a negative thing). Rather, I see YC’s effect on him being the catalyst for his rethinking things, reassessing his methods. I want to be clear that I don’t think that he’s going to become mush or sacrificial or fall in love with YC seriously, but I think that his feelings towards her will effect his overall reasonings for this spiteful “revenge” plot of his. I think it will be YC’s evolution or rather excavation that may perhaps cause him to think like a man that’s reflective of his father (or at least worthy of his legacy).
        I also don’t see he and WH ending up together but who knows? I think major developments would have to occur for that to be plausible to me. He needs to change, she needs to change, etc. The lines need to be better defined, and I just don’t see the writers giving us that (not that I’m complaining). I definitely hope for more scenes. I think more scenes would help me be more precise on how I view both characters. Their romance and connection is very interesting to me because I don’t think that it’s clearly defined. I thought that it was one thing but this past ep made me reevaluate my thoughts.

        And the epilogue? It’s the one thing getting me through what happened the last half of the ep! Utter genuis! YC is definitely blinded, but someone has to be, ne? I love that she’s totally smitten but not stupid. She still functions and makes sound decision, not entirely based on her crush.
        Ah, I adore this show. Seriously.

    1. Thanks chinggu, I’ve had a good one, ate Korean BBQ with a bunch of friends, raved about Korean dramas and Korean hunks. Life is good. 🙂

      And ditto on the song! It’s the only song that I like from the WR OST, and whenever it plays during EJ and MY scenes (angsty ones mostly), my heart totally aches for them. T_T

      Have you seen Ep 13 yet chinggu? Was totally HW’s episode with the girls. I am concerned about his future with WH too. One side he’s so affected by her, the other he’s so against her buddy Bang. I still can’t imagine what will WH do. Will she remain neutral? Will she go against Bang for HW? But but.. she’s so kind she won’t do anything to sabotage Bang. Arrhhh.. it’s frustrating me because I love them so much. ❤

      1. I’ve seen both eps now. I really don’t know what to say about HW and WH. I think that he likes her but he’s highly attracted to and aware of YC. I always knew that it was going to happen, (1) cause it’s the one thing he doesn’t want, (2) cause YC warned him he would, (3) he had preconceived ideas that were inevitably going to be crushed.
        But my concern over he and WH is birthed from his integrity. WH is a pretty basic girl and I think that she’s basically morally sound. He on the other hand, isn’t, in my book. He makes rules and has convictions but they are extremely grey. To the point that I can’t respect him at all. I think that for someone like WH, it would be hard to reconcile to that.
        And counting this last episode, I’m really confused about WH’s feelings. Does she like him or playing with him? Is she attracted to him cause he’s hot and has money? Or does she see the man we all wish he was? I don’t think that she likes YB but, I don’t think she “likes” HW either. Not yet anyway. I think she wants him to notice her and hasn’t decided what that means yet.
        As for the other two, we know what the deal is with them. It’s only a matter of time…

      2. I just got done with Ep 14, and surprise surprise, my focus was on Bang. President and Mogabi instead of HW and WH. 🙂 The scenes of Bang defeating HW and of the President uncovering Mogabi’s schemes were totally daebak. Loved them so much! And the epilogue with grandpa and granddaughter, PRICELESS! <333

        I get your point about HW being the baddie in here and that it's difficult to side him, but that's what I like about WH being in the mix. HW is certainly revenge and jealousy driven to an extent that nobody can stop him right now, but I'd like to see if WH can make a difference. At least if she doesn't end up doing so, I'd like to see him get all angsty or frustrated with WH actually taking YB's side as well. As for her feelings, I am pretty sure she likes HW (for whatever reason I'm not sure, but she sure IS attracted to him // and I need no explanation either cos I like her scenes with him LOL). But I think the fact that HW keeps alternating between treating her like a secretary AND a woman (at times) makes her confused, she doesn't know why he's acting all hung up or jealous when all he does is put her down.

        Sure thing it will be Bang-Chi at the end, but can I hope for a Woo-Hee ending as well? Everyone loves them (the last I read on Naver, viewers are craving for more of their scenes), so why not? hehehe..

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