Dream High 2 kinda sucks so far, but…

I know LITSFBD, and DH2 is certainly right down there amongst all the dramas I’m watching right now. The writing is all over the place messy, there isn’t a concrete theme, singing scenes are overdone and overplayed, almost all of the characters linger on butthead annoying (yes even Kang Sora’s character AND her performance). And the acting? Cringe-worthy +++. There isn’t anything particularly good or palatable about this drama. So why am I wasting my time on this when I should be watching Queen Insoo or Mushin instead? 😮

Yoo Jin.

Or rather, Jung Jin Woon?

Tell me tell me?! How can one NOT fall for him looking like that? That innocent what-did-I-do look, gahhhh… my heart just skipped a few beats there <33 That’s why I can never run away from Korean dramas and Korean actors, I always fall someone in every drama I watch. And hence we witness the birth of my never-ending list of crushes and ILUs.

Honestly, nothing incredibly interesting or new about his character Yoo Jin. Seen before, done before and just doing the plain ol’ formulaic Korean drama main lead. Has talent chops, tad bit too confident and harsh (just cos he’s good and others aren’t and are getting all the attention), a bit rash at times but not totally irrational, a lil bit childish but has an energetic vibe that spreads round like water ripples. Overall, not a WOW character, but is somehow pretty likeable and nice. And acting wise, he’s pretty much the most tolerable one out of the whole cast. Which is why I can’t help but compare and be bugged by the disappointment with Kang Sora’s performance – which borders between annoying and very annoying. What happened to the spunk that she’d showed in Sunny?

2AM is a bias of mine, and my favourite Korean song of all time has to be their all time HIT song Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die (it’s my phone ringing tone). But aside from the names of the individual members and that Jo Kwon’s a HOOT, I know nothing much about them. Was a bit skeptical when Jin Woon was cast in the first place, since you know idols have nothing much to offer acting-wise.

But Jin Woon ah Jin Woon, you totally surprised me with your performance in DH2. There’s a certain charm in the way he plays Yoo Jin. He can do endearing without going all sugary or greasy. And he can also do intense pretty much right on spot when required. He reminds me of a younger version of Jung Gyeo Woon (whom I also adore and am loving so much in History of the Salaryman), with a similar facial features and a somewhat similar acting style. Still not good, but definitely decent for an idol turned actor.

And like in my earlier post, it’s even better when he CAN SING into my heart and fill every single nook and corner of it.

Check out some of his solos:

This is my favourite number, You Walking Toward Me, a song which he performed on the streets in the first ep of DH2 and I didn’t know it’s his song!


Now or Never




A guy who can play music and sing at the same time earns a bulkload of brownie points from me. Plus if you look might manly while doing it, you’ve got ME! <333

Last but not least, THIS?!! EPIC!


12 thoughts on “Dream High 2 kinda sucks so far, but…”

  1. Haha, Im a total 2am fan too, 2am’s ‘Friends Confession’ and ‘What Do I do’ are one of my favourite songs of all time. Changmin has the most amazing voice, and Jokwon is hilarious. I enjoy jinwoon in dream high 2 as well, but the rest of the cast…I mean JB is just horrid, why, why did they cast him!!. He is even worse than taec, which is saying something. Normally one character won’t deter me, but the numerous musical numbers get annoying and the plot is going nowhere for me. How is this the same writer who wrote Dream High????
    P.S you should watch 2am version of Step by KARA- its pretty awesome

      1. Gosh, you have no idea how much I cringed and rolled my eyes watching JB in the first episode. He’s really terrible, and yes, worse than Taec as you mentioned. But that’s a minor gripe compared to the sloppy writing,I mean what happened to the DH writer? I mean DH wasn’t a great drama too, but it had heart. This one’s just ermm.. I dunno.. an empty case of bling? The only reason I’m continuing the drama – Jin Woon and his char Yoo Jin’s love-line (I admit I’m a romance sucker, at least he has pretty good chemistry with Kang Sora). I’d have paid a lil bit more attention to the rest and their dreams etc, but so far execution isn’t pulling me in.

        And on 2AM’s Kara parody, OMO so awesome! Especially Jo Kwon! He’s such a genius when it comes to all these stuff.. totally a crazier version of Brian. And the rest are good as well? Why aren’t they as popular as 2PM?!!! I mean, they’re such great vocalists and good dancers.

        Jin Woon reminds me more of Jung Gyeo Woon more than anyone, but I can def see the Park Shi Hoo resemblance. I think it’s their eyes… small smiley eyes 😀

  2. so trueeeee… can’t help but agree to everything you said about DH2… i thought I was the only one who finds Kang Sora’s acting so annoying here… and yes, this hottie here is the only one breathing life to this drama… so frustrating…. sigh

  3. I heard the writers for Dream High 2 is not the same writers from dream high 1… So yeahhhh…
    Is it that bad? I mean, I haven’t watching dream high 2, but It seems everyone always talk a bad thing for this drama, That I become curious how bad the drama is.. It’s not that I’m expecting too much for dream high 2, eventhough I Love dream high 1 alot.

    1. Gotta be honest, first 5 eps were quite crappy writing and direction wise. But I heard there was a change in the writer or something? I found 6 to be A LOT better. I actually shed a few tears for Kang Sora’s character Hye Sung, and felt like I could connect with her plight and predicament. In the first 5, she was so annoying (the rest were even worse) that it made me cringe so much. Thank goodness I had Jin Woon to keep me going.

      Ep 6 had a lil bit more more angst (I love angst, manufactured or not, at least if I can feel it, I’m all good). Kang Sora was better in here.

    1. I hate kang so ra’s character, she’s a **** trying to sabatoge the other girl and not having the courage to confess her deed. She’s a scaredy cat ans stupid. I’m fed up with her I thought she was a food person at first but nvm!!!

  4. I just watched Dream High 1 and really loved it, and I didn’t expect DH2 to be as good but I didn’t expect it to be so crappy. I totally agree with everything you wrote in your post. To me, DH1 was like a Korean version of the old “Fame” TV show, but DH2 is like a bad Glee clone. It sounds like it gets a little better at episode 6. I guess I’ll try to stick it out to see if it gets better but really, I’m shocked at how much I don’t care for this show. It’s the first K-drama I thought was actually bad.

    1. Save yourself the time and skip this, it’s really TERRIBLE. Not crappy, but TERRIBLE. If you’ve already seen past Ep 10 (the ep which I’d stopped at), I can only commend your level of endurance.

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