Jung Ryeo Won dazzles in PILGRIM

Jesus Christmas! Tell me, who doesn’t love Jung Ryeo Won nowadays? Just tell me and I’ll knock some sense into that person.

Girl is rawking balls and blowing stuff out of the water with her unabashedly loud and spunky performance as Yeo Chi in the recent crack drama History of The Salaryman. Never considered her a serious actress until her last film Pain with Kwon Sang Woo. I did expect her to give in a good performance in HoTS, but didn’t know she had so much more. In here, she’s just downright filled with all kinds of awesome. From her fashion statements, to her gallant swearing, and to her amusing affection for Bang (have you seen Ep 14? EPIC!) she’s KILLING it. Every single bit of it.

I think the actress is quite an eccentric type herself, judging from her fashion and the way she carries herself. There was a point in time when I was so horrified by how skinny and pale she was that I felt she was onto some things and that she needed to get herself together. Tho I still think she needs to meat up a bit, she looks much more healthier and glowing now. And better, having loads of fun playing one of the most interesting female leads in K-drama history.

Check out her latest spread for S/S PILGRIM jewellery/accessories:

Ain’t the girl lookin’ FABULOUS up there?

credits: naver / JRW baidu bar


7 thoughts on “Jung Ryeo Won dazzles in PILGRIM”

  1. Oh I love her Yeo Chi… HEr Yeo CHi definitely is one of my favourite character leading lady … When She is on screen unconditionally I get excite want to know what she will do next LOL
    I hope Bang Will love Yeo Chi back… I feel sad everytime Bang concern someone else instead of her.

    1. There is no single doubt in my mind that YC will end up with Bang in the end. If the preview of Ep 15 is what it is, I’m sure it will be a catalyst to speed up Bang and her relationship. All I want now is for YC to firm up and to continue being who she is. That’s my girl!

  2. Jung Ryeo Won taking on Yeo Chi has got to be her best career move lol I always liked her because she seemed different and a bit eccentric as a person, but I never loved her in anything she starred in. However, I LOVE HER as Yeo Chi. Yeo Chi is such an awesome character ❤ I'm so sad I have been so busy, but I will be marathoning this drama soon (and possible after it's done).

    1. Yeo Chi gets awesome-er and awesome-er by episode I assure you. Def one of the most original and creative leading female character EVER written. I think her move into films some years back really did her good. She’s more assured and natural than before, and isn’t afraid to go all out. Totally seeing her in a different light now.

  3. HotS makes you fall in love with her even though she’s normally a character you get annoyed with. Its all due to JRW and she looks gorgeous here. Hope you’ve heard the great news HotS has been extended by 2 more episodes for a total of 22.

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