Music Focus: Hello To Myself by Kang Sora [Dream High 2]

I know I mentioned earlier that Dream High 2 isn’t really going anywhere for me. And yeap, it still isn’t blowing minds, breaking grounds or even doing great so far. The first 5 episodes were so disappointing that I kept asking myself why. WHY did I have to hang on this far, just because of this inexplicable crush I have for Jin Woon and when I don’t feel anything for the rest of the characters?

But sometimes it does happen. When a certain aspect or scene in a drama leaves you with such a deep impression that you can’t help but want to give it another chance. It could be something said, something done or even just a single expression. It could be a song.

And in Ep 6 of Dream High, I think I’ve found something to hang on to, a reason to give this drama another chance. It’s certainly not Dream High (and is no where near it’s level yet). But Hye Sung’s underdog story is starting to pick up better (maybe cos of the writer change?), and I found myself wanting to see how much further she can go, as a singer and a performer. The annoyance I felt from her character lessened significantly in this episode as she showed a more dialed down and emotional performance. Her lack of self confidence still bothers me, but there’s no denying that it makes me want to see her break thru her barriers and succeed EVEN more. I know Kang Sora can do confident for sure, so I cannot wait until she breathes that air of confidence into Hye Sung.

The song “Hello To Myself” she sang in Ep 6 showed that Hye Sung isn’t just one without blind dreams. She just needs the right confidence to show it.

Dream High 2 Ep 6 – Kang Sora’s “Hello To Myself”

I loved this scene so much. Not just because Kang Sora did quite a good job with it (I know it’s an autotuned and edited version of her voice, and she’s not that great a singer, but it came out really genuine and clear), but also because it fitted well with the whole mood and vibe of the scene. The rawness in her voice showed how much Hye Sung had inside herself, and that she just never found the channel and confidence to display it the right way. If only she could be open about what she feels about her singing talent and just go all out, she’d be a BLAST. I know it.

Here’s another version, the original written and sung by WG’s Ye Eun:

MV Version

Both versions are great. Ye Eun’s obviously the better singer and has all the years of experience to add to her credit, but Kang Sora’s version touched my heart a tad more because it wasn’t perfect. It was genuine and heartfelt, just like any song sung by anyone who sings with heart and passion.

I may sound a bit contradictory now that I’m starting to anticipate the next episode of DH2, but sometimes life is weird. Who knows what’ll happen next?

(Okay, I be honest, I want the Yoo Jin-Hye Sung OTP to happen (just love the way Yoo Jin cares for Hye Sung), I don’t care much for Rian (she’s very annoying and rude), and though JB was rather adorable at the end of Ep 6, I didn’t feel that much of a connection between him and Hye Sung. But of all, I want Hye Sung to pick herself up and KICK asses soon!)

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