Wild Romance: Cutest confession EVER!

Park Yeon Seon, ahhhhh, you blow my MIND! That cliffhanger at the end of WR14, just made me o______0.

Yes, it’s totally sinking in. T__T Wild Romance is ending in 2 days, and I’m sulking bad now because I know that I won’t have Mu Yeol and Eun Jae to laugh along with anymore, no more Robot Manager and quirky Dong Ah to make me roll on the floor, and no more Dong Soo/Soo Young/Reporter Go/and cutie Chuno prince Woo Young. 😦 The only good thing about parting ways with WR is that I don’t have to see Granny Jong Hee anymore.

Ep 13 and Ep 14 kicked major arse, with the various romance plots moving on full gear and with the stalker issue heightened to a climax that I’d totally expected, but was never fully prepared for it to still hit me so hard. But of all, I loved this scene the most:

Major CUTENESS overload!!! <333

Can I have my own Mu Yeol pleaseeeee? Pretty please?

I’d trade anything to be in Eun Jae’s place darn.



13 thoughts on “Wild Romance: Cutest confession EVER!”

  1. I LURVE this OTP. And I think it’s precisely because their lovey-dovey is not the focus of the show. The show is not some lame excuse for cute dating scenes and wish-fulfilment scenarios. Instead it delves into people’s characters. Because I have first learned to care about her and her hopes and her fears, and to emphathize with him and his hopes and fears, I don’t need very much encouragement to jump whole-heartedly onto the OTP-wagon.

    1. Yeap, so agree. I love that both of them got to understand each other as individuals first and then gradually moved on to the next stage. I get why most people are frustrated about the whole stalker thing tho, it’s the romance they want to see (can’t blame them, the title suggested it in the first place). But I’m glad PYS stuck to it and didn’t give in to fan-service and regardless of the low ratings.

      So if ending of Ep 14 blew your mind, what about Ep 15? o_0

      1. Saw this preview before bed yesterday and I was just in the STREET! I mean “Imo? What the heck!”
        Again, I’m glad that PYS resurfaces rational thinking in this episode, all except Imo that is. I really might have to do an Open Mic Post on this drama once it’s over because Imo is a character that needs discussion. Not to mention the route that was chosen for the ladies of this drama, 3 of which have mental hang-ups? What are your thoughts?
        Anywho, can’t wait to wake up to WR! Final stretch? Bring it on!

      2. Totally agree. Otherwise, MY’s affections and feelings for EJ would have been half-baked. It was evident that he still had some hang-ups and unresolved issues as regards JH and he needed to sort all of that out first before even considering starting something serious with EJ. On the other hand, it was necessary for EJ to understand where MY was coming from and come into terms with her own feelings, too. I found it sooo endearing and much more sweeter that by the time MY confessed to her, she was already at that stage of acceptance that maybe he wasn’t her fate. So she was not self-conscious or anything.

        Most importantly, I love how MY’s feelings for EJ is a product of a progressive development of emotions, not just romantic feelings or attraction right a way. He trusts her, and knows that he can rely on her, and I think that’s what’s important. So yes, kudos to the writer for staying true to her storyline until the end 🙂

        That said, I still wish for spazzworthy romantic moments between MY and EJ at least during the last episode 😀

      3. @unnichan,

        Yes please chinggu! I can’t wait to join your WR discussions. I think it deserves more than just plain spazzing about MY and EJ’s romance. I can’t wait to find out what stalker IMO has behind her back. Desire of MY’s affection? Love?


        Chinggu-yah, missed you heaps! 🙂 I still lurk at the Soompi WR thread for goodies and as usual, love your posts (mostly your defense of MY’s actions hehe). ^^

        Wookie is such a tease, have you seen his WR BTS with LSY? Totally loved their interactions off camera, they’re so fun and playful. They all say Wookie’s a quiet person and all, but heck, when he has fun, he goes all OUT! I don’t remember a time when he’s NOT had fun with any of his co-stars before. Really gonna miss them when it’s over. T_T

  2. I literally had tears in my eyes when I watched this clip (for the billionth time) because I’m going to miss these two so stinking much! My thoughts on this confession are endless but what hits me most is MY’s attitude toward his feelings for EJ. He isn’t shocked at himself or trying to figure out why, he just accepts it and trusts himself and the fact that she’s worth it. I love that!

    Actually my fav scenes come before the confession, #1 being the cat catching scene where he leans in, no words no explanation and she says “Wait, this is Yu Eun Jae. Blockhead.” It’s just too cute! Dong-wook has done wonderful with his exasperation with her cluelessness. For, that’s what makes the confession all the sweeter because he was concerned she’d never get it! Which made her all the cuter 🙂 PYS was wonderful with the transition because EJ was finally calm and clear about her feelings, not allowing them to rule her. She was accepting of reality, then BOOM! Ah! I can’t get enough.Then, there’s the elevator when he’s pissed she’s acting like he’s the one acting weird. LOL! Those two crazy kids!

    As for the stalker bit, I was actually quite disappointed in DS’s actions this episode. It’s just mind-blowingly irrational. I get the point but the execution? Naw. It didn’t work for me. I do however, have hope that the outcome will make more sense so I’m trying not to be too irritated. PYS has written some rather perceptive and unassuming characters, for the most part(or at least I thought so until 14), so I’m trying to sit tight.

    And of course someone almost got arrested during a kissing scene! Love it!

    1. Yes, MY’s attitude! It wasn’t manufactured, glossy or sugary at all, but just a comfortable and proper acknowledgement of his own feelings for EJ. It’s just one of the many reasons why I love Mu Yeol. He’s just so open about his feelings for EJ, be it when he thought she was just a bodyguard/friend, or when he finally came to realisation that she’s more than just that. What he says or does, everything’s pretty much out in the open, and just downright genuine from the bottom of his heart. So sweet! ❤

      DS's reaction surprised me, but I kind of expected it. I knew there was something about him and his wife way in the beginning, but I don't know, I'm still holding up hope that there's more to that than him just being spiteful of MY and him being protective of Soo Young. I think PYS has been doing fine with the stalker issue up until this point. Execution wasn't entirely great I have to agree with you, but so far, I'm not thrown off yet.

      And the 3 almost kisses? LOL MY missed his big chance. haha.

      But it will definitely happen, have you seen the spoiler pics? heee~~

    1. I think MY already had an inkling or slight hunch that EJ liked him, after EJ jokingly confessed to him earlier? But he kinda brushed it away since he was still involved with JH and didn’t really know that EJ was already in his heart. But anyhow, it didn’t really matter to me whether he knew at that point in time, it’s just how he’d executed the whole confession thing so breezily without getting all awkward and mushy. It felt very genuine and comfortable, that got to me the most. 🙂

  3. Missed you too chinggu! ^_^

    Darn, I haven’t seen any BTS clips yet. Been so busy at work and at home (esp. with a 2 year-old, haha) that I barely have time to watch the raw video of the drama (which I still manage to do, btw heehee). I wanna see!!! Nonetheless, I agree on Wookie having fun with his co-stars. No wonder he’s been linked to practically all of them 😀 he’s such a funny guy, too. I mean, all he has to do is say something with a straight face and somebody who heard him will definitely laugh ❤

    You know what, I wish there would be a 1 or 2 episode extension, if only to see some lovey-dovey between our OTP without the stalker issue hounding them. There have been talks about a possible sequel but that might be too long, and what would be the story all about aside from their love story, right? All I want really is to see our OTP love in action 😀

    1. a sequel? wow? that would be nice, but then more fun crazy stuff like in the first few eps please…..oops, that may not be possible, since they like each other now.
      yes, more OTP love action would be nice 🙂

  4. Oh I love this really ,MY and EJ lovable couple! MY is very clear and decisive when he makes decisions. A lot of people didnt like the fact that there wasnt a lot of love dovey scenes, but I think the writer focused on their characters that I felt that they are real people. I think trusting each other first in a relationship is first then everything falls in place! Blowing kissess to the OTP!

  5. I’ve got all kinds of love for this show, despite the draggy storyline and weird focus on the ex girlfriend.
    This is my first show with this writer and I must say, she writes good work but it needs to be marketed for what it is, not in a formulaic way. This was marketed as a rom com, but it was more like quirky psycho thriller.
    Am so glad it has found some love here, as the ratings were dismal.
    I need to vent and share the love somewhere so here goes. I loved:
    1. the jock OTP – for once the lead man is not some super smart successful businessman. Instead PMY is written as an almost animal intelligence – he’s physically aware, touchy feely (skinship!), emotionally aware and straight as a stick. His forwardness seems dumb but at other times it serves him well, such as when he got the seductress to turn over a new leaf. Some hated that he had to pick a fight with LEJ in the final ep, but what’s I find interesting is that it still made organic sense to his character. In a way his objection to LEJ doubting him helped prove that in his mind, there was no other love than LEJ, to the point that it would be insulting and hurtful to him for LEJ to suggest otherwise.
    Lee Eun Jae was Lee Shi Young’s wonderful creation. Cute, loyal and fierce. A female PMY but way more vulnerable. LSY can tell so many stories with her eyes. The toughest girly-girl I’ve seen on my kdrama screen.
    In the end it was their common fierce loyalty (regardless of team allegiance) that brought them together. I DO wish that we could see more of this playing out, as some have said, particularly in how they win over EunJae’s family, but oh well, I guess we have to use our imaginations to fill in the blanks.
    2. the counter to the jock OTP – the book smart pair. Kim Dong Ah was almost just another wounded kdrama character (she had no friends, holed up in her apartment afraid of another tragedy, living life through her books), but then she was played so well by the actress (can’t rem her name right now). She had a slightly deranged air which was still incredibly charming. Kim Tae Han was the straight foil to all the extreme characters around him. But I’m so glad these two got their little story in the last ep. The robot-metal scene in the car was SO CUTE.
    3. writer tried to round up the stalker character but she felt underdeveloped still, probably because the big reveal had to come so near the end. And this is where it feels like WR was marketed wrong. It was marketed as rom com. So they had to focus on rom com. But the story is really the stalker’s story and it would have been much more engaging if told entirely from her perspective, but probably not quite as appealing.

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