Wacky Jung Gyeo Woon for COSMOPOLITAN

COSMOPOLITAN has been giving us plenty of fan-service lately huh? Have you seen the recent Kim So Yeon and Lee Min Ki spreads for the magazine?!? You better if you haven’t. They’re like so full of awesome?

A truckload of celebs are being featured in the latest edition of the magazine. And our favourite cutie villain Hang Woo from History of The Salaryman isn’t losing out either. He wants us to know that he can do CRAZY WACKY just as good.

Check out his latest photos, where he goes from nerdy to loony…to just looking all clowny. LOL

Jung Gyeo Woon has already played a good amount of serious roles to-date, I’d love to see him attempt on a crazy unconventional role for once. Just like the photos above, just plain stupid and silly. Hang Woo in HoTS has bits and pieces of comedic brilliance, but I want more more more. heee~~~

credits: Cosmopolitan website / krdrama.com


3 thoughts on “Wacky Jung Gyeo Woon for COSMOPOLITAN”

  1. I must give a big hug to you for sharing this! I’m totally loving his Hang Woo portrayal..I think I could never love a antagonist in a drama, but he’s making Hang Woo an adorable character! haha~ again, thanks a lot!

    ah, what do you think about the extension? I’m not that fond of the word itself, but I think the production team can do it! hihi 🙂

    1. No probz, anything for HUNKS and peepz I love! ❤ Hang Woo is certainly one of most adorable K-drama villains I've ever seen. Love how bi-polar he can be when it comes to dealing with different people (esp his precious Woo Hee). 😛

      I'm actually quite OK with extension. But I hope they'd delve into the core issues of Cheonha and Yeo Chi a lil bit more in the last 6 episodes. The last 2 episodes were solid but lacked a certain punch compared to the earlier episodes. More HW-WH and Bang-Chi are welcome, but now I want more action and substance in the plot. After all, we can't just keep going on and on and on with the cute eh?

  2. this is awsome!! I love every pics..! Why he is so adorable..

    Oh btw… I have promise u if I make an MV, I will share it … This is my MV for History of the salaryman… Just for the cute moment for 4 main lead.. I don;t want to spoiled the entire story and just capture the cute/funny moment, so when Someone see it they won’t get spoiled…

    here’s my MV

    Sorry I delayed an MV for Wild Romance…. I’m so behind…

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