DH2 random + plenty of Jin Woon magnae stuff

Yes, I’m talking about you Jin Woon…what did you do to me?!!

Yoo Jin ah Yoo Jin, why are you so FRIGGIN’ adorable?!! <3333 Do that to me and I will forever be yours (if you’ll take me that is.. hehehe).

I’ve been reading stuff everywhere about DH2, from Soompi, to tumblr to several Chinese discussion boards these days. Weird because tho I don’t think DH2 is anywhere near good quality wise (it’s still very messy after 7 and 8 albeit a lil bit better than the previous eps), some of the scenes and dialogues in the drama get to me real hard. I actually cried in some of them o___0 (believe me, I can’t believe myself too, cos DH2 is really really NOT a good drama). For instance, scenes with Yoo Jin spouting all those harsh words to Hye Sung and scenes with Hye Sung’s dad (he’s an awesome character, probably my fav after Yoo Jin and Hye Sung).. they all made me teary.They’re pretty much the same ol’ K-drama cliches used to bring out the dramatic tension between the characters, but somehow or rather, they just GOT TO ME.

Ep 7 – Hye Sung @ bus station cut

HS’s appa is so awesome I LOVE HIM. And Kang Sora, way to go there, amazing crying scene – her acting showed how scared and insecure HS was even with her father and friends around to support her. How it wasn’t easy for her to pick up her already stepped-over confidence just like that. Of course it’d have been great if she did sing it, but I’m glad she didn’t because it was more realistic that way. Many have been picking on her weak and passive attitude all this while (so did I in the beginning), but I have slowly come to accept that she’s just not perfect and isn’t meant to be likeable.

Yoo Jin and Hye Sung

Ahhh, my OTP of the drama. It’s so obvious that they are the ONE. Maybe I’m weird or I just can’t stand JB’s acting, I really couldn’t… or rather, failed to see any real connection between JB and HS. Their scenes in Ep 7 and 8 were cute no doubt, but other than that, something major is lacking. They just do not have the spark and chemistry that both YJ and HS share when they’re in a scene together. I mean, they don’t even look good together (just my opinion). o_0

DH2 isn’t going far in terms of the DREAM HIGH plot right now, but Ep 7 and 8 did show some premise and potential, with the Super Idol thingy going on, and with YJ’s back-story being highlighted. I know the show deals with the dream pursuing thingy in a very much different way compared to DH, but I wish the execution had been or could have been better. They better pick it up next week or else I’ll be watching solely for the romance (I know, I’m such a sucker for the lovey dovey angsty stuff). The reason why I’m so firm with the Yoo Jin-Hye Sung ship because 1) I love Yoo Jin and he has to end up with someone (obviously that someone HAS to be Hye Sung); 2) their interactions are filled with so electrically charged up emotions (happiness, warmth, anger, frustration); 3) Yoo Jin cares SO MUCH for her that he wants to be there for her every single time she’s in trouble; 4) he knows what Hye Sung wants and tries to encourage/push her to break thru her inner barriers and insecurity (albeit a lil too mean at times); 5) of the way he looked at her while spouting those harsh words to her (didn’t anyone see his teary eyes?); 6) Jin Woon has better chemistry with Kang Sora than any other person in the drama.

JB? He’s cute and he understands Hye Sung’s predicament, but other than that, nada. It’s till Jin-Sung for me. They just need to open up to each other and face their TRUE feelings man.

And Rian/YJ? NO WAY. If my 15 years of watching K-drama has been of any use up till now, I am pretty sure NOTHING will happen between Rian/YJ. Or at least, YJ will NEVER fall for Rian. It’s so obvious that they’re both hung up with other people, so yeah. I don’t have much to say about Rian or Ji Yeon (not a fan of both character or the actress), but if writer makes YJ fall for her all of a sudden in the next coming episodes or so, it’s gonna be my ultimatum for this drama. DROP.

This is how crazy I am for this OTP.

It’s such a pity that most forums and discussion boards focus more on Rian, Rian/JB, Rian/HS and JB/HS while YJ is neglected most of the time. Chinese boards are swamped with Rian (or rather Ji Yeon) and Rian/JB fans, many are going giggly and swoony over JB/HS… such lengthy discussions and analysis are devoted to them that I can’t help but feel bad for Yoo Jin and Jinwoon. T_T His character may not be the best written, but no doubt, at least in my highest opinion, is the better acted one. The way he switches from funny playful cute to the angsty frustrated, very natural and no signs of trying too hard at all. The way he controls his tears whilst arguing with Hye Sung, my heart bleeds. He’s just soooooo good…at least as a rookie actor to begin with.

I dunno, perhaps it’s just me. Shallow me. I find Jinwoon very VERY attractive in here. I love his slightly ruffled hair, I love his oh-so-cute and infectious smile, and I love his eyes (they light up when he laughs and get teary when he’s frustrated or angry). He has a mix of Choi Daniel’s innate boyishness and Jae Hee’s “Delightful Girl Chun Hyang” warmth/playfulness. In short, he makes me noona heart flutter to end in here. <33 Sure, I realize that this may be a temporary crush, and it may fade away once the drama ends and once I move on to other dramas and characters, but at least right now, he’s owning me heart and soul (you realize I’m contradicting myself now? What about Wookie? What about my ajusshi Shin Ha Kyun? lol that’s how much I’m taken with and smitten by Yoo Jin.)

10 reasons why I ❤ this guy and why you should as well:

1. He’s a hottie and a cutie ^^.

2. He’s talented.

3. He’s kind, caring and thoughtful.

4. He’s righteous.

5. He’s passionate about music, knows what he wants and is not afraid to pursue it.

6. He is straightforward, honest and genuine.

7. He makes me heart flutter when he smiles.

8. He breaks me heart when he says hurtful things to HS unintentionally (and with tears in his eyes at the same time T_T).

9. This


10. What’s NOT to love about him?

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10 thoughts on “DH2 random + plenty of Jin Woon magnae stuff”

  1. I echo your sentiments. For a newbie, I think his portrayal of the character is rather good. Considering I forgot 2AM existed, this show has made me look at them again. Jinwoon is quite gifted since he can sing a different style of music and play the guitar. I told my boyfriend that I have a new crush. Unfortunately, my crushes are getting younger these days…LOL!

    1. My crushes range from ajusshis to 15 year old boys (yeap Yeo Jin Gu, it’s you I’m sayin’ :P), so you’re not alone in this. haha.

      I never follow K-pop that much either, but have always been a fan of 2AM’s music. I’m glad I gotta discover a new side of the magnae I used to (kinda) ignore in the past. hee~~

  2. cant believe this is his 1st drama. love it wen he dies of jealousy tat jb went 2 find hyesung. love it tat he calls 2 check on hyesung as soon as he wakes up. yoo jin better get hye sung.

    1. I loved loved loved that part too! He was soooooo ADORBS. I hope Hye Sung’s sister will be a bridge to their relationship in the coming episodes (tho she fancies JB more). I can totally see her pwning Yoo Jin haha XD

    1. Maybe you should check DH2 out for him hehe..:P but beware of the quality that awaits you. The first few episodes were really MEH.

      But if you’re not planning to watch, just youtube Jinwoon or 2AM vids, they’re such a hilarious and talented bunch.

  3. haha…i hate to say this, but kdrama watchers tend to be quite fickle when it comes to male actor crushes. out of sight, out of mind (am i right? but i’m the same.) and i totally agree with you about Yoo Jin (or Jin Woon). I’m watching this drama because i want to see where the story goes (in terms of the Dream High aspect, not the romance) and if it improves, but this doesn’t mean I don’t love Yoo-Jin and Hyesung. I mean, any scene between these two feels important and necessary, and really warm (even the scenes where YJ is scolding her for being a dormat) because there’s always a sense that they genuinely care about each other as classmates who want each other to succeed, as friends, and possibly (if we’re lucky) as romantic partners.
    even if they don’t end up together (which would be a travesty!), i hope the writer gives these two good, compelling storylines/journeys because they’re the best thing about this drama. thanks for the post…your constant gushing about anyone always makes me laugh.

    1. Ooops, a bit too obvious on my part eh? I’m always uncontrollable when I come across peepz whom I love or adore. And usually the love or obsession fades once time passes, so I write them down, go back to reading them when I’m free.. at least I know I’ve been there then. 🙂

      I’m with you totally. The only characters I care about are YJ and HS. But only if the new writer could gear it up a bit and give us some more meat to their stories rather than just circle round and round the romance plot? The last few eps were definitely better, but I still need a better hook to get me to care about the characters’ dreams and aspirations a lil bit more. If it doesn’t happen, I’m going to be so so so angry and disappointed.

      As for Jin-Sung, you’re so spot on. They have such a comfortable vibe together, it’s so apparent when they’re together in a scene. I actually think it’s due to the fact that they’re acted better? (*no offense to JB/Rian/Ji Yeon fans, just my opinion*) The way they interact with each other, be it during a happy cheerful scene or an argument scene, I always feel the gush of emotions with them. If that’s not chemistry, I do not know what it is.

  4. I actually got a shock when Hye Sung ended up with JB in the end 0_o I thought they would pull a last minute Dream High thing like they did in the first series. I sincerely thought JB was intended to be a distraction for the mid-series, and that Hye Sung was intended (and written to) end up with Yoo Jin. I’m also surprised when you say discussion boards (and I’m guessing, in Korea as well) talked about all the other ships. I thought the chemistry between Jinwoon and Kang Sora was palpable and indisputable. So to me, the poorly written ending was a result of the producers pandering to fan comments rather than sticking to the logical story trajectory and relationship between Hye Sung and Yoo Jin.

  5. for me… actually… falling in love to him. for the first time he came out in DH 2. Nitzen said if yoo jin not good as sam sam dong. thats funny!
    they must know if DH2 is his first drama. and sam sam dong is an actor!!!!
    (sorry for my english. i’m Indonesian)

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