Can Love Become Money?

Now who wouldn’t love that?

And with The Woman Who Wants To Marry crazy buddies Uhm Ji Won and Wang Bit Na battling for the suave Vampire Prosecutor Yeon Jung Hoon?

You know you want 3rd March 2012 to come like NOW!


4 thoughts on “Can Love Become Money?”

  1. So excited for this drama! Can’t wait to see YJH back on my screen, even if it’s not as a yummy vampire prosecutor. Guess I’ll just have to wait a few months for that one.

    1. Yeah, I can’t wait too! But hopefully this will keep me happy for a while, because I can TOTALLY imagine YJH rawking that shrewd and arrogant CEO character.

  2. Ahh!! I loved him in vampire prosecutor!! I haven’t even seen a soompi thread for this drama yet, I’m kinda bummed there isn’t much rave about his new drama. Still can’t wait for this to start!! Thanks ripgal!! =)

    1. No probz. 🙂

      Uhm Ji Won can be a hoot if she wants to, and Wang Bit Na totally rawked eccentric but funny buddy in TMWWTM.. I’m sure they’ll have some explosive chemistry together, and with YJH 🙂

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