Lee Da Hae and her Weibo frenzies

Ahhh, great news today.

News reported today that Lee Da Hae has just signed up with a new agency Forest Star! Weeeeeee~~~ Not that I’m familiar with this management company or that it has plenty of other huge stars or hunks I can pair her up with, but I’m just glad she’s found a place to settle down for good. 🙂 Since she has always yearned to break into the Chinese market, so hopefully her new company, which apparently also has Jung Seok Won (Kim Je Ha in Ojakgyo Bros?) attached and is deemed to be quite a renowned company responsible for marketing celebrities in China, will be able to help her achieve her dreams in making it big in China. I used to be very wary and uncomfortable with Korean stars venturing into foreign markets, especially China, but now I’m totally fine with it (save for the drama dubbing part, but that’s inevitable). As long as I get to see her on TV, or on anything, CFs or whatever, I’m all good. ^^

She will be going to Shanghai in 3 days to join the filming of her upcoming Chinese drama “Love Recipe” with Joe Cheng and Lee Yi Feng (2 HOTTIES!! <3333). I’m a bit iffy about the plot (it’s pure cliche rom-com), but a fan does crazy unfathomable things. I’ll watch it for her no matter what. But oh wellz, at least I have eye-candies to look at, and perhaps I’ll get some nice cute photos of her with her 2 hot co-stars along the way…heee~~

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at her telling us why Weibo is important to her, ENTIRELY in Mandarin Chinese. o_0


English translations:

Q: What is weibo to Lee Da Hae?


What is Weibo to me? To me…Weibo? Errr… A tool which allows me to communicate with my fans. An application that I appreciate very much. And also…I may post photos of mine, allowing my fans to see me more often. But I haven’t been using it (Weibo) these days, I’m sorry. I will work hard on using it more often in future. I’ll post one right now. Wait a second. I’ll post photos of my CF look today… heeeeeheeeeeheeee~~which one shall I use? I’ll choose this? This? (Guy points at some photos) This? This one is a bit… I look a bit fat in here (LOL girl you are stick thin!). Ok this one. My photographer and my boss. 3 photos, I’ll post them all 3 at the same time. I’ll show you guys. I chose 3 photos. Then I shake shake. This one is nice. A lot fans have asked me, whether I’d really written my own Weibos. I wrote all of them myself. Yes, myself. My company can’t do it for me. They don’t know Chinese. So I can’t…errr.. how do I say “order” in Chinese? So I can’t ask them to help me. Oh yes, sometimes my Chinese tutor helps me out. She corrects my mistakes. I don’t know that many Chinese “Han” words, so I often make mistakes. Look here, I do the pin yin first, then check on the Han words.

credits: apqaria / marie mullin official website / LDH weibo


4 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae and her Weibo frenzies”

  1. I’m with U, Ripgal 🙂
    I’ll watch Love Actually/ Recipe for her no matter what 🙂 , though I prefer her acting in a Chinese melodrama like Bu Bu Jing Xin or Da Mo Yao =))
    Thank you for the translation. She’s got an excellent command of Mandarin 🙂

  2. Thanks dear for this post and of the translation :).
    Every time I hear her talking totally in Mandarin, I become more proud of her and the efforts she have done (and still doing) to reach this.
    And about the script, I totally understand what you mean. And surely agree with you. But I am still excited to see her in Rom-Com again and the “2 HOTTIES” surely add to the fire to that, hehehe
    And I will watch it for sure because I know I will be happy just by seeing her my screen and also to support her in her first overseas project.

    1. Awwww… thanks and welcome guys. Anything for our girl! ^^ I’ve been meaning to watching her RM episodes but haven’t had the chance yet. But saw caps of her and OJH… wow they’re like super close?! haha XD

      Let’s hope Joe, LYF and her they all can be good friends too hehehe..^^

      1. Really, You MUST watch them. It was really fun 🙂
        And yes, our girl and OJH are really really CLOOOOOSE more than I imagined, hehehe

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