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OMOOOO how cute are Hang Woo and Secretary Kim together?!!

Poor Sec Kim I don’t even remember his name in HoTS (he appeared in Ep 20), he will always be the memorable Sec Kim of Joo Won in Secret Garden for me <3333 (he and Oska both were the only saving grace of that uber BLEH drama for me).

Some random updates on mah drama watching…

History of The Salaryman

Drama continues to be awesome and kickass. Lost quite a bit of its momentum in the past 4 episodes but picked up again in the most recent Ep 20. Alas, you do need ACTION and some meat to keep the story going. Mogabi continues to force her evil and seductive ways on everyone, Bang-Chi continues to be daebak together (I love their not so overly sugary  or sweet relationship, they’re just super funny and comfy together!), Hang Woo and Woo Hee have been so cute from the beginning now that angst is creeping in I feel so so bad for them..etc. But of all, I love that everything is slowly coming to light. The corporate battles and the romance. Everything’s gearing forward with full force.

This my most favourite scene in Ep 20:

I don’t know what happened, or how it happened. My heart broke into pieces, eye flooded with tears when Bang told HW how much hurt he’d imposed on WH because of his evil deeds. Jung Gyeo Woon surprised me with his acting there because while I thought he was great as the evil-cute Hang Woo, he never blew me away as much as the rest of the actors did. But there and then, at that moment, my heart WENT all out to him. It was such an intensely gripping scene, so raw, so heart-tugging, so REAL. Hang Woo may be a ruthless and evil schemer when it comes to toppling Cheon Ha and battling Bang, and many may not root for him for his evil ways. But when it comes to someone he cares about i.e. Woo Hee, he goes all out. It’s all there. That moment. Those tear-filled saddening eyes of his.

Now it’s killing me that I’d have to wait a few more days to see what happens next. :/ The cliffhanger at the end of the ep was just too much for me to handle. )($y)(#(u$(#*_)# If Mogabi succeeds in her plan, I’m going to go mad. No joke. Although I get it may spice things up a lot more and push HW over the edge, I really cannot bear to see it happen. No friggin way!!! T____T

Dream High 2

Good riddance.


1) Writer ruined my favourite characters Yoo Jin and Hye Sung. Jinwoon’s relegated to typical second lead status while Hye Sung’s generally back to annoying and painfully oblivious of anything and everything apart from JB.

2) Writer has no single idea how to write an inspiring drama about broken dreams. Plot is all over the place messy without a concrete direction.

3) Writer messed up my original OTP – JinSung. The original writer wasn’t any better but at least he/she managed to built up a potential connection between Yoo Jin and Hye Sung and made it believable. Now I’m forced to accept JB and HS (whom IMO aren’t compitable at all *no bashing me, just mah honest opinion*). Yeap I’m sour-graping here knowing that they’ll never end up together. But hey, you don’t just give us those precious JinSung moments in the beginning and take them all away just cos you like the idol-star more? Or just cos JYP wants to promote rookie JB? Have a feeling it’s both.

Oh wellz, I don’t give a damn now. Even if they make JinSung end up together miraculously or something, nothing’s gonna save the show for me. Dropped for good. Buh-bye.

This is probably the last time I’ll ever mention DH2, so here’s something for me to reminisce before I sail away from this shipwreck.

This is likely the last you will ever see of JinSung cuteness in DH2.  If your interest is piqued, rest assured you will be disappointed. They are not the OTP. :/

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Such a delectable show! LOVE IT TO BITS! *some pointers to DH2 writer, this is what you call a drama about music, hope and dreams, broken or what not* It’s not like really great or mind-blowing in any sense, but it feels genuine, deals with conflicts and complexes organically, and doesn’t just go all makjang with excessive histrionics on us. It connects.

I had the least expectations for SUFBB, but am getting the most satisfaction from it. The acting isn’t WOW or anything (just decent at best) and the story, not the most original. But like DB, GF and other avid SUFBB fans, the show just has a very mysterious hook on me. It’s like I’m under a magical spell cast by the boys. The music is a plus, and the romance, icing on the cake. But ultimately, it’s the together-ness of the band which makes it for me. Their ups and downs, their allegiance towards the band and Ji Hyuk, their inner conflicts…etc. Everything about them makes me want MORE of them.

I’m currently still on Ep 10. And the boys are just as and still as ADORABLE together as before. I get the building tension between Ji Hyuk and Hyun Soo (my 2 fav boys! heeee~~~) and I’m increasingly wary about where it may take them. Both characters have problems communicating properly, they seriously need a good talk together. One to one. Heart to heart. Ji Hyuk needs to gear up and think about his goals in life other than jsut following Byung Hee’s footsteps, and Hyun Soo, guy needs to loosen up. If drama ever rifts them apart, I am going to CRY big time. CRY! T____T

Bromance is always a big plus in my dictionary. <333 The fact that Ji Hyuk always keeps Byung Hee close to his heart is enough a reason to love him.  Now all of a sudden, I miss Byung Hee T___T



Ojakgyo Brothers

Yeap drama has ended 2 weeks ago, but I’m still following the delayed version on KBSW. Everything’s pretty much summed up now. The OTPs are all together and the conflicts are all resolved, very much as we’d all predicted. As all weekend dramas do huh? Same old same old. I wish the writer hadn’t added the 10 episode extension, having seen how things had been dragged out for no reason, drama drawn out unnecessarily. But ultimately, I had a great time watching this drama for the laughs and the OTP cuteness. I’d say, quite OK for a family drama.

God’s Quiz

Hah, I’m surprised I started this. Old cable drama, police investigation focused and procedural, no famous actors or anything. I’ve seen 3 episodes, so far just OK. The cases could have been more original (but I get that in reality you don’t get crazy cases all the time), and flow could have been better. Overall, a lil bit under-par compared to TEN (which wasn’t stellar either) but definitely less glossy and than SIGN.

Future dramas

Equator Man > Rooftop Prince > King2Hearts >< Fashion King

Might also check out Love Rain just to see how horrible Yoona is – or how much she’s improved (I hope). Otherwise, MEH. Even with Jang Geun Seuk on board.

Oh yes, I’m also downloading A Wife’s Credentials by Lee Sung Jae and Kim Hee Ae. Heard from a reliable X that it’s really really good. And it’s directed by master Ahn Pan Seok who gave me the wonderful White Tower. Cannot wait to get started!


Last but not least, some filming BTS ofLove Recipe by Joe Cheng and my girl LDH!

Can’t say much about the OTP yet, but why do I feel so giddy seeing them together? hahaha XDD

credits: weibo as labeled / HOTS caption by dramabeans / naver


13 thoughts on “Dramas dramas dramas…”

  1. I never cared for the first installment of DH because I couldn’t get behind the OTP, so I understand. It’s hard when you just don’t understand why writers want to put two people together so badly.
    I haven’t seen the new eps of SM yet so I had to skip over that… Mian. And me and Shut Up just aren’t compatible. It repels me for some reason. The more I hear about it, the more I don’t want to see it. I’m sure it’s a good watch too… Nothing at all against the show, I just seem to have in my mind this emo bromance meets guitar sorrow solo thing… Idk.

    I also was going to watch God’s Quiz for some reason… I think it’s waning for the TEN and VP’s of months past 🙂
    I’m actually taking it slow with kdrama and catching up on Jdrama at the moment and truly enjoying myself. As for upcoming, I’m definitely checking out Rooftop, Equator and Money, everything else gets a little gander here and there as I feel like it.
    That’s dramas, dramas, dramas for you.

    1. Haha DH1 isn’t your cup of tea, DH2 is far far worse. It’s such a horrible mess aiks.

      SUFBB not interesting you? But it’s sooooo GOOD! haha Xd but it does happen, sometimes when people get so over-invested in a show, I end up hating it when I watch it lol SUFBB does have moments of emo bromance, but they aren’t overdrawn or draggy at all. Writer still manages to insert some fun and joy in the episodes. That I appreciate.

      And oh, downloading Syndrome now too. XD

  2. Holy moly!!! JOE CHENG looks stunningly dashing in the weibo photos you got, I’m drooling like crazy now! IT’S OFFICIAL! I WILL SURELY WATCH HIS DRAMA WITH LOVELY LEE DA HAE 😀

    Ripgal, We Have the same sentiment about THAT Scene in HOTS!!! Goshhhhh For a moment my heart broke for him, can;t hate him at all despite his wrong doing… GAshhh those scene is awsome for me BEcause see, They are one of my fav OTP in the drama… I will laugh and cry along with them! , and JGW suprise me with his acting there! His eyes showed so much meaning there.

    and for Yoo Bang and Yeo Chi’s relationship. Am I the only who always got teary eye everytime I watch their heartfelt scene together? When the drama feels lukewarm despite still solid, before kick ass ep, I’m just glad the way Writers built their relationship and enjoy their progression… It so natural and I can see why they fallin in love with each other… Love Jealous YOOBANG!

    1. You know some people have commented on how bi-polar Hang Woo is.. as in one moment he’s all evil and scheming, in another, he’s like a naive cute puppy around Woo Hee? That’s exactly what I like about his character, he isn’t perfect. He’s a baddie in here, but he isn’t entirely inhumane or stinking bad either.. he’s grey, and he’s human. I’d like to think he’s a person who sets work and personal relationships apart, as in when it comes to his work, desires ambitions he goes all out, regardless of the means used. But when it comes to inter-personal relationships he’s just normal. His sudden revelation of his deep affection for WH in Ep 20 came as surprise to me, but it was JGW’s acting which blew me away there. Such a great scene.

      As for Bang-Chi, I’m with you on how natural and comfortable their relationship is. I don’t think sweet or sugary lovey dovey are their forte, cos they’re such free spirited characters, each with their own unique personalities. I think I’d be fine if they just get together as a couple, and continue bickering their way until the end of the world. They’re just that compatible together. 😀

      @SUFBB MV

      One word – AMAZING! o___0

      1. SO true about Hang WOo’s character. In HOTS, 4 main character all potrayed as layer character, U just can’t decide if he/she is black or white, dark or light. If Yoo Bang, can understand Woo Hee’s relationship with Hang WOo who clearly his Rival / Enemy, Why can’t we? 😉

        as for Bang – Yeo chi, I just always got teary eyed everytime they help each other during their hard time, it sooo touching… just compare to their initial relationship.. it make me go awww…

        Off topic:
        thanks for compliment my MV… for can you hear my heart

        I love this show to death.. I have to make an Mv eventhough it’s late, hehe

      2. Wow, your MV making skills are SOOOOO DAEBAK! I love em all! 😀
        It makes me happy that we both love the same dramas, Can You Hear My Heart is one of my most fav fav fav dramas, darn, now I want to cry T___T

        Thanks so much for sharing, next time I’ll pester you for MVs haha..

      3. @ripgaL: wow thanks alot.. I feel honoured.. I Mean it… 🙂 If I make an MV the show u like, I will share it for sure… 🙂 I Like it so far we share the same sentiment about particular show, I can spread and share my love for the show with u is a pleasure 😀

  4. I was watching some of the latest dream high 2 episodes, cos I was missing jinwoon, and my god is it awful. The story is all over the place without a clear purpose. I was rolling my eyes at all the contrived angst which was so badly acted you would have missed it, was it not for the background music.

    I wouldn’t have gone and watched if I hadn’t discovered JinWoon’s solo album…I know this is kinda old but its on repeat on my ipod right now :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRB0x-I-bQo

    History of a Salary Man sounds so awesome, I would already be all over it was it not for upcoming exams. The team from GIANT plus Lee Bum Soo!! its first on my list.

    1. I cannot stress more on how horrible the drama has become. )(Y)(#*)_#* As much as I adore Jin Woon, just can’t bring myself to endure this crap for him. His character YJ had potential to shine, but new ms writer decided to snub him and give JB more screen time. The rest, even worse aiks. Just talking about it makes me all ragey now… I’d rather listen to 2AM’s new mini album, already have the whole album in my iPhone :DD

      HoTS is sublime, must watch out of all the dramas! ^^

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