Music Focus: 2AM comeback MV preview [UPDATED with Full MV]

Dream High 2 may be a sucky mess (I feel bad for the actors, seriously~), but my Jin Woon radar is still so ON! It’s fortunate that 2AM’s comeback is around the corner cos while I may have ditched DH2 for good, it’s in fact a blessing that I’m still able to see him with the boys. 😀 Good music + crazy boys + Jin Woon playing the real lead in their MVs = I CANNOT ASK FOR MORE! <3333

A few days to 2AM’s comeback, BigHit has just dropped a teaser preview of their new song “I Wonder if You’re Hurt Like Me:  Prequel” to whet our appetite. And once again, we see Jin Woon play a man who loves one woman like the world’s gonna end. Yoo Jin (DH2) much?


Sign Text: If you bring me an item filled with memories, I can erase them for you.

Jin Woon: I can’t sleep at all. I should be fine after 1 day right? I should be able to forget everything after a month right? 2 months…1 year… I still am unable to forget her. I’m so tired now it’s driving me mad. The moment I close my eyes, she’ll be in sight. I want all of that to stop now. Is she in pain just like I am now?

Song lyrics: You’re tearing up just like I am right? You….

credits: I x 2AM INT


I just read a news article about Jin Woon coming from a well-off family in RL? So there you go, the perfect FIT for a K-drama lead. Guy who has it all. The looks, the money and the talent (at least in music, and some acting potential to add)? You know you want to have a piece of this guy hehehe..

But sorry, Noona here has already staked a claim. MINED!


ETA: Full MV

credits: / JYP Ent./ BigHit


2 thoughts on “Music Focus: 2AM comeback MV preview [UPDATED with Full MV]”

  1. I love Jinwoon too, even before DH2, but after watching it, it’s making me love him even more. I’m still watching DH2…don’t ask me why, it’s a horrible drama. BUT it has Jinwoon, so I’m watching it solely for him…even though they’ve relegated him to 2nd lead (WTF!) and the plotline is all about JB (who’s such a bad actor). Anyhoo, I actually don’t want him to end up with anyone in the drama, he’s too good for Hyesung (she’s annoying) & Rian (still hung up on JB & super bitchy)…so he should be alone, but be super successful in his musical career 🙂

    So glad he’s the actor in 2AM’s comeback song! He can emote so well…although the girl’s red hair is a bit distracting for me…haha.

    Sorry, off topic, but can’t wait for Lee Dahae, Joe Cheng, Li Yifeng’s new drama…it looks good!

    1. Hi-fives! DH2 made me realize how talented this boy is. I’ve been a fan of 2AM’s music ever since they debuted, but Jin Woon has made me notice them even more. They’re talented, crazy and so fun! I’ve never been into them this much, that I even bought their Concert DVD just now haha.

      I’ve stopped watching DH2 since Ep 10/11, the plot cannot get worse that I feel bad that the actors have to hang on this far. I don’t think they’d expected the drama to be so crappy and horrible. But if anything, I’m glad I found Jin Woon the actor in here. At least I know he has the potential, and if he does want to continue acting, I hope he chooses a solid project one next. ^__^

      The MV’s just okay, but I like the song a lot. It’s not the typical mainstream type of ballad, but has a very soothing feel to it (the usual 2AM style). Though I have to say, my fav song out of their mini-album – How To Break Up Well. It’s been on replay for for a few days now..

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