Crushing on Lee Je Hoon~

Yes, yes another one of my crushing posts (I seriously have too many this year, something wrong with 2012?) ^^ but no noona-dongsaeng fan-love this time. Instead, it’s a lovely and on-going crush I have for this hot and talented actor LEE JE HOON (of the upcoming Fashion King with Yoo Ah In)! I admit this post came a bit late as I got pre-occupied with other crushes the past 2 months. But I’d actually discovered this gem earlier this year while watching The Front Line and Bleak Night, wherein he blew mah mind body and soul away with his intensely raw and gripping acting. This guy can do intense, and he can do it really really well.

There’s this one thingy about him tho – he doesn’t look very good in pictures/stills. At all if I may say. I’ve been googling up and down high and low for some GOOD pictures of his but to no avail, I can’t find one picture of his that I actually LIKE hmmmmm…. But you never know the real deal until you see it for realz. One has got to see him act and express himself in motion in order to get the deal about him. With a smile capable of melting hearts, coupled with a natural charm and sexiness, I guarantee he will capture hearts in no time. He is one pure talent with the chops and the charisma. Word.

Since he is still quite new to the scene (I’m sure a lot of people are still not familiar with him), it’s definitely a MUST that this guy be introduced to the blogging world. ^_^ Not saying that he’ll be more known after this or anything, but he needs to be shared, and I’m just doing my part. There are not many videos of him online but here I give you the cream of the crop ^^

Lee Je Hoon for Vogue Girl Dec 2011


Samsung’s How To Love Smart Campaign CF – with Han Hyo Joo


Samsung’s How To Love Smart Campaign MV


Fashion King – Solo Photo Shoot


Fashion King – Photoshoot with Yuri (SNSD)


Opening Credits of Gay Short “Just Friends”


I adore Yoo Ah In, I love his spunk, charm and all. But I be honest to say that I’m looking forward to Lee Je Hoon so much more in Fashion King? He’s playing the arrogant and aloof guy in the drama, a character which I think isn’t a problem to him at all (since he’s so good in doing intense?). Don’t think it’d be a complex character to play too, given the genre of the plot. But heck, Lee Je Hoon in suits? White suits? I’m so turned on right now! <33

And did you check out the photoshoot of his and Yuri’s for Fashion King up there? Don’t they just look so incredibly beautiful together?I reserve judgment on Yuri’s acting, but I think she’s gorgeous  and looks even so when standing next to the man. <33 It’s a bit too early to ship anyone with whoever right now, but I’m not hiding my wishes for them to be the OTP in this drama? I mean, YAI and SSK’s characters can get together, I mean, they will end up together I am sure. So pretty please, let Lee Je Hoon have a girl too? XDDD

Okay right, I’m just going overboard with the Lee Je Hoon-ness. Why is a week so far away?!!!!~

credits: Youtube videos uploader / as tagged


18 thoughts on “Crushing on Lee Je Hoon~”

  1. I get curious, He is so handsome. I’ve never seen him acted so because of this article, I anticipated fashion King, just want to see his action 🙂
    About Bleak Night, God knows How frustate that I can’t get a proper link to download it.. GAH…

    1. Try Youtube, the last I checked there are Eng subbed versions uploaded. You can also try google for DL-links, I’m sure you’ll get a hardsubbed version somewhere.

      But yes, you must check out this guy. He is so madly talented. I’m kinda disappointed that he’s taken a step-back to be 2nd lead in Fashion King, but I’m all good just being able to see him on TV 😀

  2. Ha, me too, I’m looking forward to Fashion King (though honestly not in anyway interested with its storyline) solely because of him.

    He kinda looks like Will Pan to me, when he smiles 🙂

  3. My first intro to him was through his adds with han hyo joo, not much to go by, but I know everyone is raving about him, and bleak night is totally on my watch list. Fashion King hasn’t really piqued my interest story wise, although I am a massive yoo ah in fan. But from the cast -YAI, Lee Je Hoon, and Shin Se Kyung, I have faith that they would pick a project with a solid script and well written characters, so fingers crossed.

    1. I’m not very intrigued by the storyline either, it’s pretty much the recycled plot abt underdog guy who wants to climb up the fashion ladder with his talent/skills/determination..ala Cinderalla Man less Yoona. But I’m mad in love with fashion, and love to see people clad in beautiful clothes, so I’m good with the prettehhhh.

      But yes of course, amongst all, it’s LJH and YAI whom I’ll be checking out the drama for. The girls don’t interest me much. And I’m especially allergic to Shin Se Kyung (tho she’s really really very pretty..).

  4. He has a really nice voice. He kinda reminds me of Shim Ji Ho especially around the eyes. He’s definitely a looker though. Kdramaland does not lack in the Hottie category. 🙂

  5. He caught my eye in The Front Line when he first appeared, and by the end of the movie, I was in love lol I’ve had Bleak Night ready to go for a while now, but haven’t had time. I heard he was great in it though. I have been looking forward to The Fashion King ever since I heard he was cast, but I can’t say I care much for the drama itself… Still, I can’t wait to see him on my screen every week (unless the drama is so bad that even LJH can’t keep me interested….*crossesfingers*) Til then, I have plenty of pictures and videos to keep me busy hehe

    1. Bleak Night is his best work. A good story, with brilliant acting (not just him, but also by the rest of the cast) and slick cinematography. It’s not a cheery bright film tho, you need to watch it with a cautious heart.

      I’m thinking Fashion King might be his less serious work to-date. His previous projects (films) were more solemn and dark, and required a lot of deep/intense acting. I think he plays a somewhat antagonistic character in Fashion King, so I’m hoping he shows something different this time around.

      1. Yea, I’ve been saving Bleak Night until I’m ready to watch it. Maybe I’ll have to drag my friends to watch it with me lol

        I can’t seem to gather enough interest in Fashion King to get excited for the drama. The only thing I’m looking forward to is LJH. I do remember he had a cute minor role in Finding Kim Jong Wook, but like you said, his previous roles have been on the dark side. I hope his character isn’t the typical obsessive second male lead. Furthermore, I really want the drama to surprise me and be fun to watch or at least be interesting.

  6. i know i said before that we’re all so fickle when it comes to kdrama male actors, but Lee Je Hoon has been my little crush for a constant amount of time. loved him in Just Friends (his acting with another up-and-comer Yun Woo Jin was convincing and endearing), was incredibly impressed with him in Bleak Night, and now I’m trying to find Front Line and waiting impatiently for Intro to Architecture. yep, bona fide fan here and I’m not even a bit ashamed.
    along with his compelling acting abilities, he’s got a mix of Uhm Tae Woong’s shyness, Kim Soo-Hyun’s eyes, and glimpses of Joo Ji-Hoon…which is not a bad mix at all..not bad at all. He’s got an infectious smile and a lovely-toned voiced. (okay, gushing ends here.)
    not really looking forward to Fashion King at all since the plot does nothing for me, but I’m still gonna try it out for Lee Je Hoon. this might be a second lead role, but I hope his character’s compelling and not one-dimensional. maybe this drama will pave the way for more tv role for this exclusively (so far) film actor, so I’m not complaining.
    thanks for the post! always enjoy your gushing cause I usually agree. (however, I’m kinda getting freaked out that you’re constantly crushing on the same actors as me…we must have good tastes! haha).

  7. Oh no no no, dun freak out! Please do join my incessant and shameless spazzing over our fav men~~ I never stop.. so I need someone to ya know, jolt me back into the real world? XDD

    So I checked out his gay short with Yeon Woo Jin, and holllly mollly, I was SHOCKED for words. o_0 Both LJH and YWJ showed no signs of awkwardness at all doing the gay thingy. The way they expressed their affection and love for each other, so genuine and sweet. And so damn natural too <333 I'm usually quite iffy when it comes to taboo stuff like this, but then the short completely blew it out of the water. Short but endearing. 🙂

    I'm actually quite surprised that not many are looking forward to FK. I honestly thought with the buzz that YAI'd created after SKKS, more people would wanna check him out as a leading guy. But I guess the storyline just doesn't have much to offer? And the leading gals aren't exactly the best out there. :/

    I trust LJH will do well with his character, but hopefully the writer or PD won't ruin or butcher whatever he's got. Cos great actors can also fall flat under bad writing and directing (case in point Kang Sora in Dream High 2) and that is definitely something I don't want to see happen to him.

    1. Ahhhh i juz read negative reviews on both FK and LJH’s acting. Haven’t seen the drama yet but i already feel reluctant. After all his awesomeness on his films, i can’t bear to see him fail at it. Hmmm, i need a positive intervention here, Rooftop Prince? :/

      1. haha…yeah, the drama’s kind of all over the place. i was crossing my fingers the whole time i was watching it, hoping it would be good, but alas, it was not meant to be. though, maybe it’s my unconditional love for all things LJH, but the drama’s not totally unwatchable.
        WHAA! who are these people who are dissing on LJH’s acting?! yes, it’s true his character isn’t the most original (he’s there to fit the requisite chaebol role), but it’s the badly written character, not Lee Je Hoon. in fact, i think it’s the subtle acting bits by LJH that actually makes his character more likeable and interesting. Jae-hyuk (LJH’s character) has multiple facets depending on who he’s with. he’s extremely terse and harsh when he’s working, he immediately becomes a kid seeking approval when he’s with his dad, he’s jokey when he talks to Anna, and he’s sympathetic (sometimes) when he’s with Young-gul. his character is also oblivious to the financial workings of the fashion industry which piques my curiosity. finally, he has these quick flashes of smiles/smirks (so quick that they’re easy to miss) that makes me intrigued. i’m especially interested to see how his relationship with Ga-young and Young-gul develops.
        i admit it, i’m weak when it comes to Lee Je Hoon. he’s one of those actors who i’ll watch anything if he’s in it. so i’m gonna give this drama a couple of more episodes. but i find myself constantly asking “why did he pick FK as his first drama role?” as i’m watching. sigh, i must really have it bad haha, but seeing him dressed in suits is worth it (so far).
        i’m curious as what you thought of the first 2 episodes?

      2. I read LJH was supposedly considered for King2Hearts, but he dropped the offer and went for FK instead. :/ I’ve seen the first episode and sadly, I have nothing good to say about it (except for the pretty). Writing sux to the max, it’s so old-fashioned and downright ridiculous right up to the actors’ expressions. YAI hams up too much, SSK cries too much and has that ONE innocent face from beginning to end (no range at all) and LJH? I admit I’m a bit weak and forgiving when it comes to him, but his performance in Ep 1 didn’t impress me THAT much. I think he’s spot on with his expressions, but I don’t think he’s figured out the rich chaebol character’s mannerisms right yet. I felt that he was thoroughly uncomfy and too self-aware. But you’re quite right about the subtlety in his expressions, they really convey much more than what his character’s set out to be.

        I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching, will give Ep 2 another try just for LJH. But ultimately, if the story continues to be this sucky, I’m out for good.

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