On SUFBB and Friendship

SUFBB 13 and 14, waddaheck did you DO TO ME?!?!? T____T

The above is just an understatement, I’m sure a lot more people suffered worse. If you didn’t cry or bawl your guts out watching the break-up of Ji Hyuk’s band, you must have a heart of stone. You’re not from this world. T____T

Pure Eye Candy, can you guys be together forever?! Can you guys, PLEASE? I can’t take it any more, it breaks my heart to see you guys rift apart, from each other and from your love for music. The agony seeing you misunderstand each other, over things which could have been sorted out if you guys had proper communication and mutual understanding. The torment seeing each of you hide your real feelings knowing how much all of you want to be together. The pang in the heart – it’s unbearable. >__<

I love the boys. They’re not perfect in any way, just young boys amidst the process of growing up, transitioning from adolescence into adulthood, not knowing what’s TRULY out there waiting for them. But I love them. They have the sort of friendship and phase that I’d used to dream about having when I was a teenager. Of course, there are conflicts and clashes here and there, silly misunderstandings and all, but I like that all of that feels REAL to me. It’s what real friends do, they fight they bicker and they make up..etc. They pick each others’ faults honestly, and they tease each other comfortably without needing to gauge each others’ feelings. It’s the kind of raw and genuine relationship that Pure Eye Candy has which makes me envious of them. They’re not without their problems, but they love each other, and would do anything for each other (albeit not so obviously).

“When you’re sad, I’ll lend you a shoulder to cry on. When you’re crying, I’ll bring you rainbows and puppies, I’ll make you smile. When you need help, I’ll be the first to lend my hand. But when/if you ever need a friend, I’ll just be ME.” – anonymous and friend.

“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it’s the inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him.” – anonymous.

SUFBB may have kicked off being a drama about music and dreams, but as time passed, as episodes passed, it became more of a drama about friendship and trust for me. The last time my heart cheered and ached so much (at the same time) for friendship/bromance was Can You Hear My Heart, and that drama tore me to pieces, wrecked my brain, killed me and brought me back to life again. I never thought SUFBB could impact me the same way. Albeit not as stellar or as great as the former, SUFBB comes very close. Altho I love Ji Hyuk and Su Ah’s relationship, and think the other minor OTPs  (HyunSoo/YeRim and DoIl/WooKyung) are full of cute, ultimately, it’s the friendship of the boys which always gets to me. When they fight, argue, make-up, poke fun at each other… it’s all about them.

I think trust is such a divine and idealistic idea/concept. It’s easy saying that you trust someone blah blah blah, but in actual fact, it’s not really a practicable or practice-able thing, at least not idealistically. Like the common saying goes, once trust is broken like glass, no matter how you patch it up, the cracks will always be there. It’s exactly what SUFBB is trying to tell us – how much trust do you have in your true-est and best of friends? It’s such a fragile part of us humans that once it’s tainted, it will not be the same again. Or can it be if you learn to trust again?

This is what I eventually want for my boys in SUFBB. I don’t mind the romance much, or whether they actually end up being a real boy band/artist in the end. It’s their friendship and love for music which matter the most to me. It’s my wish to see them go back to their old times, when Byung Hee was around, when music was just their way out of the real world. They can break off and go separate ways in life, but when they get together, I want them to be Pure Eye Candy. Be Pure Eye Candy just for themselves, for their love of music, and for celebration of their friendship.

The drama has not disappointed me so far, especially in highlighting the underlying tension and conflicts capable of arising between friends who have been together as long as forever. I give the writer major credits for he/she managed to bring out the raw and honest emotions in each and every character without relying on over-exhaustive histrionics or dramatic tropes.  If he/she continues to keep this up, SUFBB might end up being my fav drama of the quarter of the year (yes even surpassing History of Salaryman).

Meanwhile, I’d also like to give major props to the boys (the actors) for making their characters so believable. They’re not great in any sense, but they’re believable. And they make me care. Sung Joon delivered the best acting performance of his career (not that he’s been acting for long but I’m most impressed by his improvement – Ep 13 and 14 are both testaments to his budding acting potential), L – a tad off sometimes but palatable and almost believable when he’s really into a scene, Lee Hyun Jae (Do -Il) – a major looker (drummer) and decent enough as a rookie, Yoo Min Kyu (Ha Jin) and Kim Min Suk (Kyung Jong) – pitch perfect and incredibly adorable together.

I’ve never supported a fictional band before but a small part of me wishes that Pure Eye Candy can be a real boy band and continue on forever and ever. Their connection just comes across too real to be true for me. The emotions, the feelings.. so genuinely raw and heartfelt. I’m very impressed.

To each and every character of Pure Eye Candy – Ji Hyuk, Hyun Soo, Ha Jin, Do Il, Kyung Jong and of course the beloved Byung Hee, you guys RAWK AWESOME! I will miss you gusy SOOO MUCH when SUFBB ends for good. I will

Pure Eye Candy’s BEST song (IMO) – “Wake Up” sung by Sung Joon

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12 thoughts on “On SUFBB and Friendship”

  1. I just love SUFBB to bits and I hate to think that this drama will be ending next week… I like everything in this drama… the friendship, the love lines and even the little details like when a song gets through from being raw to the finished product or how the background story of each member was presented etc…. The actors are really good even the newbies…

    Thank you ripgal for this post… I do believe SUFBB is underrated… and I will be missing this band and its members when the show ends… T__T

    1. Me too, going to miss this drama and the boys sorely. Hopefully it’ll end with a bang – with the boys reuniting and sorting out their misunderstandings. Pure Eye Candy, HWAITING!~~

    1. Oops, I missed out the girl haha. Just think I’m too into the boys (seriously, who won’t?).

      I think Jo Boa’s pretty decent as rookie actress, especially as one who has never acted before. She reminds me of Go Ara in a lot of ways, her facial features esp her big round eyes, but she’s a tad more… elegant? And she gives off a very earthy and endearing aura, which I love. I don’t think her character is a particular difficult one, but I applaud her effort in making Su Ah believable and relatable (I can’t hate her at all). And even if she didn’t have the skills, her chemistry with Sung Joon more than made up for anything lacking.

      1. It’s okay, the guys are the main thing of this drama!

        I lvoe Su-ah character! And I liked Jo Boa screen presence. I think she is doing good for her first role and wish to see her more…

        Thanks for replying ^^

  2. Heee I love this show, too.. I did cried when watched epi 13 ending… My heart broke for both guys, Hyun Soo for misunderstanding Ji Hyuk, and Ji Hyuk for his sacrifice.. though I’m not crying when they broke up… One thing I have learn for ep 13, It seems they are not close with their parent.. It sadden me They are more close with their band rather than their family. Only Hyun Soo who I think is pretty close with his family…. Are they even best friend? Because I always get close with my best friend’s parent. everytime.. Everyone in the band except Woo Kyung and Ji Hyuk doesn’t even know Hyun Soo’s family condition. It seems they are all from a broken family or have a strict parent and they were get close because of that.

    1. Off topic, Are you watching Operation Proposal? I love this drama so much, though it’s get repititive, and I hate plot development starting from ep 8 onward… I still heart this drama… It’s not a romance that attract me because I get tired with it. It’s Baek Ho’s character is the one who sucks me in. My love for this character is too deep that I’m willing to finished it eventhough It’s make me frustated. He is not perfect, But that’s a reason I love him. it’s his growth That I root for. Have you ever feel this way? It sucks when you fallin in love with drama that s start going nowhere halfway. I feel the same way with me too flower T__T

      sorry for my rant…

    2. I think that’s the unexplainable charm about the show, it delves deeper into personal feelings and the conflicts of each and every member. In that not everyone is as close to each other as it seems, and that in spite of the tight bond they share, there are holes and cracks lingering around. SUFBB deals with this aspect really well IMO, it doesn’t stretch too far and make it all makjang and dramatic, but instead it maintains a certain level of realism therein, making it all the more relatable to us viewers.

      I think the parental aspect doesn’t play an important part in this drama, to me it’s more of a plot device (esp in Hyun Soo’s case) rather than a character narrative. I wish they’d delved deeper into Ji Hyuk’s family situation for us to connect with him on a more personal level, but then again, we didn’t need that for our hearts to break. His devotion to Pure Eye Candy, Byung Hee, music and Su Ah alone is enough.

      Hyun Soo is a peculiar character. I don’t think he’s incapable of communicating or conveying his thoughts or wants (obviously from the way he promotes Pure Eye Candy and his solo with Ye Rim, he’s pretty much a smooth seller/talker), but I think he does feel some sort of complex in front of his band members altho he’s been with them since forever. He doesn’t want to show his closest friends his weakness or doesn’t want them to think he can’t deal with problems. It hinders him from communicating PROPERLY with them, and that’s what’s costing him his rift from the band. If he could just be honest about his feelings for once, be open about what’s driving him to act the way he is, perhaps things would have been different. But again, if he did, drama wouldn’t be the same, and Hyun Soon wouldn’t have been the Hyun Soo we came to know of.

      @ on Operation Proposal

      Unfortunately I’m not watching this..can’t give you any comment. But I totally understand your sentiments about loving a character so much to the extent that you’d watch anything or endure crap writing just for him/her. Just not long ago, I swear I’d finish watching the terribly crappy Dream High 2 for Jin Woon’s character Yoo Jin (because I loved his character so much).. but ended up dropping it because writing just sucked so bad? To the point that even my fav character couldn’t do anything to salvage the drama or even to ease my disappointment. Aiks.

      However I do hope OP does better, at least Yoo Seung Ho’s grown up now. *saw the hot KISSING clip in AKP wooooot*

      1. Yes, I thought their close is limit just for music, but they never bother to dig up their relationship besides music. It’s music the reason they are become unit, and nothing else… But it still weird to me, Their bond is seems so strong, but everyone didn’t even bother to dig up each personal issues. And I’m not just talking about Hyun Soo. Like share their problem, and I thought it’s one of the main reason they broke up, because they didn’t know their best friend’s problem until the problem arise and become more serious.

      2. oh as for, OP, I love this drama, IMo the writing it’s not bad, it just there is some inconsistency in the writing.. And the plot get repititive and it’s become tiresome. But What I love the most is the way they write Baek Ho’s character. So far, it so well written, His growth to become a better person is the heart of the show in my eyes. It just touch my heart when saw his effort . while his relationship with his leading lady in the present doesn’t change yet, but the most important thing is he become a better person, I’m so proud of him, Each episode I Cried because I’m so touched by his effort, cheer him. Though there is one thing I hate so far, he keep rely on the past to fix his problem.
        Is it even makes sense? I’m not even Yo Seung Hoo’s fan, before LOL

        About kissing scene, Yess that’s what hot…. But while I love their initial bonding , The progression for OP couple is going nowhere, and i know why they do that. Until now, I didn’t even bother they will end up together or not. because each episode it seems the writers want to convince me that they are not meant to be, LOL

      3. @SUFBB

        I think the boys are aware of Hyun Soo’s issues, and also acknowledge the fact that he’s s generally apprehensive about revealing his personal problems to anyone, even them his closest friends. It’s not that they don’t want to care or just don’t bother, it’s mostly cos they’ve been given an impression that HS could deal with it, or in that he doesn’t want them to worry or know. IMO it’s the same with the rest of the boys (save for Ha Jin and Kyung Jong), I think they all know the gist of the problems faced by each and every member, but to me it’s more of a “respect” kind of thing? In such a way that they just don’t want to intrude or to invade each others’ privacy zone? Since it’s not like they have a proud family background (like Seung Hoon’s) to show..

        If anything, their breakup stems mainly from their over-attachment to each other and their lack of trust arising when such attachment is intruded upon. An example of which, when your best friend finds another best friend and ignores you (unintentionally), or when your best friend finds a bf/gf and spends lesser time with you…etc. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling, no matter how you convince yourself to say that it’s OK or it’s fine. It happens.

      4. thank you for responding my though. You’re right, maybe it’s all about privacy…

        I haven’t seen the final episode. I Heard SUFBB end with a BANG! I hope that’s true…
        I love this drama…..

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