Internet is so frigging slow T__T + KJH stuff + CN Blue

This is soooo bad I want to cry! Internet at home has been down for 2 days, and I can’t hide my shameless addiction no more. I cannot live without my K-drama.T_____T The broadband customer service guy must have wondered why I called for assistance, since we do encounter such problems for a day or 2 regularly twice or thrice a year. I used to be able to live with it. You know, I could just go watch TV with mom, go for a movie or 2 with friends and stuff while I wait for them to fix the problem. It’s not that big a deal right?!

Well apparently it wouldn’t be or wouldn’t have been, if SUFBB didn’t just end this week, if Lee Je Hoon isn’t in Fashion King, and if 3 new dramas (with my fav boys/guys – Seung Gi babe, Micky and UhmForce) didn’t just begin airing like yesterday?! I’m messing with thoughts that the internet won’t or might not be able to resume to normal even by the end of the week _u$_)*#)(u_#*#(+#( and I know I will be in a sobfest knowing that I will not be up-to-date spazzing with my chinggus who are all so well ahead of me.

Oh, EIA and Min Ki, I can only rely on you to make me smile and laugh a bit (I have 5 more eps to the ending). 2 -3 days perhaps? Pretty please God please shower upon the internet line or cables or whatever your grace, that whatever problems will be sent away, and it will be miraculously healed before I sink deeper into morbid frustration you don’t want to see or know about. Yes, it can be incredibly ugly if I dun get my K-drama fix.


Happy Be-lated Kang Ji Hwan ssii!!!!

Can’t believe I missed his birthday. >< Even by 2 days I find that an unacceptable excuse t_t. What’s being a fan of his for 5 years? But that’s the thing about having too many crushes and loves, you just can’t afford to remember all their birthdays.=_= The only birthday I remember is Da Hae’s.

But yes, long time no see KJH celebrated his birthday with 500+ Japanese fans in Jejudo just few days back. It was also an event held in junction of his 10th anniversary year as an actor. It’s really great to see KJH doing stuff with his fans and all, as I’d missed him dearly ever since he semi-retired from the limelight (after his contract dispute and all). I really really hope his film with Sung Yuri will do well, and that he’ll come back with a solid drama next. Just dread having to see him do another wreck again (LieToMe).

But boy has KJH taken age-reversing pills or something? He looks so incredibly young-ish his birthday photos! Must be the hair and that make-up, otherwise just can’t see how a 35-yr old ajusshi can look like that?!! And a friend is so right in Lee Je Hoon looking just like a young KJH o_0 see the resemblance in the picture?

Okay, I digress (from lame excuses to mention Lee Je Hoon XDD).


Last but not least, a song I just NEED TO SHARE!

The past month has been a busy comeback month for a lot of singers/groups/boy bands. I’ve seen overwhelming spazzing over Big Bang, 2AM, Shinee…etc. The first 2 I’ve already got a run through of their new songs, they range from average to good. Not digging Big Bang’s music in their new album, but love love love 2AM’s comeback songs (not all, but most of them hit right buttons for me).

But oh CN Blue, how you have captured my heart with Still In Love. <333 Their new mini Ear Fun is scheduled to be released tomorrow if I’m correct, but their earlier released MV of Still In Love has already got me hooked. Yong Hwa, you probably will never become a good actor, maybe decent at best, but boy am I impressed with what you’ve managed to do music wise with your band.  People tell me you composed this song. I am in LOVE.

Song does get a tad repetitive in the middle, but this is such delectable ear-fest don’t you agree? Yong Hwa’s ever unique voice meshed with the harmony of his band, I couldn’t possibly have asked for more. I’m soooo in love~~~~~~

credits:  S Plus / KJH baidu / CN Blue MV


7 thoughts on “Internet is so frigging slow T__T + KJH stuff + CN Blue”

  1. I love CNBLUE too! I’m a huge fan and I love this recently released song. Can’t wait for the whole mini-album 🙂 I’ve been to their concert twice…and I usually don’t attend the same artist’s concert again unless I really like them. I have so many favorite songs, but a few of my faves are Love Revolution, Sweet Holiday, Love Light, & Imagine.

    Hope your internet picks up! I’ve only watched Rooftop Prince RAW and even though it was kinda all over the place…I love it so far! The first ep wasn’t funny like the teasers, but that was expected since they had to set up the back story. Preview for 2nd ep is funny though…can’t wait! ^^

    1. Awww thanks. Must be you good luck charm, internet resumed the minute I got home and opened my blog 🙂 kamsahamnida!~~

      And you saw CN Blue twice? Darn luck you are. Sadly there is only a mere chance of 0.00000001% that CN Blue would ever come to my place to hold a concert. 😦 And traveling out of the country just to see them would burn my pockets.. can only rely on YT for goodies. My fav CN Blue song still has to be their first WAETORIYA~~ but the rest are also great in their own ways. They may not be as popular as other boy bands, but I love that they’re genuinely talented and do hands on in making their own music. If ever I have the chance, I would love to see them perform live.

    1. Thanks chinggu, God must have heard my fervent prayers. ^^

      Unfortunately yeah, FK first. Turned out to be the worst decision (could have continued on with my EIA marathon), 1st episode sucked terrible. Writing and editing were so poor I couldn’t believe my eyes. The last scene of YAI’s character escaping to the States, it was major WTFery! I mean I could live with the sub-par acting (even by my boy LJH), but the ridiculous-dramatic meshed writing? Hello, we’re in 2012 here.

      The site I frequent for DLs hasn’t uploaded RP or K2H yet, seriously need some of Micky and Seung Gi to cure the horror that was of FK. I’ll still give Ep 2 a shot, just for mah boy, but if nothing hooks, it’s BYE BYE.

      And oh, totally forgot about Equator Man. Hope the music doesn’t ruin everything.

      1. so you have watched the 1s epi fashion King? seriously, I can’t take this drama seriously, bcause it’s really ridiculous.. LOL…. But I enjoyed to make fun of this drama, at least this drama is so WTF is that entertained me.

  2. Can’t believe I almost miss your post on 2 of my all-time loves KJH and CN Blue!!!!! OH well blame it on real life getting the best on me… was busy these past few days and was not able to visit your home for awhile… my bad…. anyway, thanks for posting KJH’s bday pics…damn that ahjusshi is so damn HOT!!!! fans self….. and CN Blue got another winner up their sleeve…I simply love their music….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. No dear chinggu, what’s to blame? I’m happy enuff that you remember or even drop by to read. Seriously. 🙂

      Happy to know that we share the same LOVES. KJH needs to comeback soon, and CNBLUE is awesome! 😀

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