Namgoong Min rawks hotness in SINGLES

Jun Ha oh Jun Ha (Can You Hear My Heart), where have you been? What have you been doing? Partaying and having fun? What are you doing with the sexy ladies when you should be coming back with a drama already? Just to let you know that you yourself and your performance both are still very much fresh in my memory (in fact the whole of CYHMH), and if you don’t want to be forgotten anytime soon, you’ve gotta get your arse back to DRAMALAND!!!

But I forgive you now, knowing how much you understand my lust for hotness galore.  Next time please gimme some warning beforehand ok. Girl’s heart is pretteh weak when it comes to stuff like this.

SINGLES Photospread

You know what’s handsome?

That’s handsome.

credits: singles/


6 thoughts on “Namgoong Min rawks hotness in SINGLES”

  1. KYAAAA NAM Goong Min!!! Seriously, HE is TOO HOT! 🙂 I loved him since CYHMH… Please make a comeback soon, honey, I miss you already.. hahah
    I love the third picture … when he is alone.. I like his hair better here… WHy he didn’t use this haircut in CYHMH…?

  2. miss him dearly… he is such a great actor and i think he needs more opportunities in drama and movies.. he needs to come back to dramaland very soon!

    1. I miss CYHMH dearly. Everything about the drama just tugs at my heart. T_T But yeah, NGM definitely deserves more drama and film opportunities. I actually thought he’d be riding on soaring success after CYHMH, but it seemed like he’d chosen to stay low out of the limelight. Hopefully his next will be as solid and good, you don’t want a trainwreck to ruin what you’ve achieved and built on earlier. His character Maru/Jun ha was a classic villain with a layered touch, he should work on taking more complex roles like these and prove that he’s not just a pretty face.

  3. Holy smokes, nam goong min is gorgeous. But all this bad ass is totally blowing my mind, I still have sweet/vulnerable/dangerously complex Bong Ma Roo in my head. Thanks for the pics.

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