Bidding farewell to SUFBB

What a brilliant way to end, SUFBB. I couldn’t have asked for more, couldn’t be happier. Everything ended the way I’d wanted, but the route it took to get there was unexpectedly different and refreshing. No over the top or excessively dramatic tropes, it managed to stay genuine and heartfelt thruout. Certain scenes made me cry, some made me laugh, rest just brought big wide smiles to my face. A drama which I’d dived in with no expectations whatsoever (ok, well I did expect it to have loads of eye-candy, that’s all), it ended up blowing all expectations and took everything out of the park and water, however and whatever you call it. It didn’t have great or WOW actors, most of them are noobs and rookies (a few have never even acted before). But yet they managed to convey to us such genuinely relatable and real characters. They made me care a lot more than I’d expected myself to. The writing delivered amazingly for such a genre (about friendship and music) and the directing meshed well with everything. I may have been slightly critical and picky about the dramas I’ve watched in recent years, but SUFBB defied all of that (in spite of some flaws, no drama is perfect) and allowed me to focus on how much I was moved and touched by the bigger picture, the story and characters instead.

GF and DB couldn’t have said it better with their SUFBB recaps. They’ve said all that I’d wanted to say about the drama. Every single word, and cannot agree more.

It’s been long since I’ve been this glum bidding farewell to a drama that I enjoy and love. Even History of The Salaryman didn’t affect me this much (the ending was too cop-out for my taste). Tho I’m sad to let the drama and Pure Eye Candy go for good, I’m more than delirious that it’d ended with a huge bang. Yes it was a happy ending for all, but I loved loved loved that it didn’t stretch things too far and make it all sugary or cheesy. It wasn’t overly ideal or perfect, but yet it still maintained the level of realism that the drama has been going for all this while.

Last, time to say goodbye. Not the best feeling ever, but at least I know that whenever I want to indulge in good music, or whenever I feel like having a great time with the boys, I can always go back to PLAY.  SUFBB, is a 100% keeper, for entertainment. And for lessons and values to be learned in life.

Don’t let the PRETTY fool you.

Thank you drama. THANK YOU!

Rating: 8.5/ 10

credits: SUFBB tumblr / aruth007


3 thoughts on “Bidding farewell to SUFBB”

  1. Thank you for this post…. I feel the same way as you…. I just love SUFBB so much and all the cast… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m sure a lot of us are suffering from withdrawals. Cos we don’t always get dramas which move and touche us that much. And that singling out the romance you know? The bromance and friendship of the band made the drama for me, nuff said.

      1. yeah, it’s not perfect and the acting was not that great but something about it moved me more than better dramas I’d watched before. Just can’t let go of the boys!

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