If you haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet…

… you should be doing so right now at this very moment. NOW!

Okay, I’m exaggerating and going all hyper over the board right now. I didn’t even know about the film until just recently, and have never ever read or heard about the book. How sad huh? But then again, it’s been quite some time since I’ve truly finished a book from beginning to end, I shamelessly profess my lack of knowledge thereof. :/

But yes, back to film. It was so very much DAEBAK!!!~ I have no knowledge of the original source, and didn’t expect anything out of it going in. Frankly, I only knew that Liam Hemsworth was playing one of the leads inside and decided to just check it out for him. But I was instead rewarded by other more awesome lovely stuff. The battle for survival story, the romance (yes, I’m a Katniss-Peeta lover!), and more than anything else, the kickass performance delivered by this young lass Jennifer Lawrence! Can you believe that she’s just 21 years old and has never taken ANY acting lessons in her entire life? She totally rawked Katniss and nailed every single emotional parts required by her character. I mean I can’t say for much whether she’d successfully embodied the Katniss portrayed in the book, but what I saw, I was very very impressed! Like WOW impressed. The rawness and vigor she inserted into Katniss, that’s a whole lot of  a-m-a-z-ing in there!

I had a few problems with the unstable and shaky camera in the beginning (it made me dizzy), but otherwise, everything about the film was A game for me, considering the genre. Think Twilight or Harry Potter, this adaptation is far more superior and slick IMO.

I frankly feel quite left out that I’d  never really gotten to join the fandom when it begun 2-3 years back, when everyone knew and was crazy about it. I trust I would have been crazy mad too. But never too late to begin right? I’m already thinking to get the books just too start on this amazing journey.^^ And since I’m already a Katniss-Peeta shipper just by the movie, I suspect the book would have LOTS more stuff on them. And that’s a super PLUS for me cos I seriously adore them in the movie?

I’m in a delirious mood overjoyed that there will be 3 more films to this adaptation. Because it means there will be more PeeNis / KatPee OTP (they have the most hilariously pervy OTP nics EVER!~~~) for me, and more kickass Jennifer Lawrence. I read that Gale will have a heavier role in the 2nd book and I more than welcome that since Liam had like what, 15 mins of screen time in THG? But as long as I get my KatPee moments, I’m good.

Overall, a very enjoyable and kickass action film about survival and what it takes to get there.

Rating: 8 / 10


12 thoughts on “If you haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet…”

  1. I’ll be watching this soon! Can’t wait! The book is awesome. I went out and got the book after watching the trailer in the cinema. No regrets there, the book totally set me in the right mood for the movie. You definitely have to get the book – it will be a very fast read. You won’t want to put it down once you have started it.

    1. I’ve already placed an order for the trilogy lol can’t wait to get started. 🙂 I’ve read some reviews about the first 2 books being awesome and the last being a bit too rushed? So I’m not holding hopes too high. I’ve also never been much of a fantasy fan-fiction lover (Twilight), so I’m hoping THG will change my mind. The only perk is that I can’t believe I’m getting obsessed with an adult teen sensation when I’m almost a decade past those years lol

      But the movie truly reached out to me. Not sure if book lovers will find it as good, but as a standalone movie, without having seen the original material, it was really good. Totally worth all the hype.

      1. You won’t regret reading it! Not the first one anyway. I liked them all but I sort of marathoned through them all. By the time i reached the final book I was quite worn out but Suzanne Collins’s writing is good. Better than Twilight by miles.

        Hunger Games is more of a young adult series but I think it covers a lot of issues that older adults would understand and feel strongly about. After reading it you’ll get a clearer idea of Katniss as a character which wasn’t as clearly shown in the movie because the book was written in Katniss’s point of view. There’s also a lot more of Katniss-Peeta in the book which obviously had less screen time in the movie haha.

  2. I watched it today and yeah . . . I LIKED IT! I’ve read the book (two times!) so I am pretty much familiar and well-informed about it to the point that I’ve even memorized some of the lines. Hihi 😉
    My brother who didn’t read the book told me the movie was awesome for him. As for me, setting aside all the expectations and book-faithfulness, I think it was great but still not as epic as the book. I know it’s unfair to compare the two given the limited time the movie has but what bugs me is the shaky and brisk camera work. In the book, the fight scenes are ruthless, gory, violent and nail-biting but because of their intention to make the movie suitable for kids (Yeah, it’s PG13 but I’ve seen 6 or 7 year old children inside the cinema.), they compromise the shots and editing.

    But still, I think it was a great experience. Seeing my favorite kick-ass heroine on-screen filled me with glee. ^^ Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen is casting gold. She nailed it! I’ve seen some of her movies such as X-MEN : First Class (she played Mystique) and Winter’s Bone (in which she earned her Oscar nomination for Best Actress ; that marked her as the second-youngest person to date to be nominated for the category.) and she surely left a strong impression in both films.

    1. I knew Jennifer from X-Men First Class, but honestly only remembered that show for the burning bromance between James McAvoy and Fassbender. Did think she was cute tho hehe. So have to check out Winter’s Bone now, heard it was a really good film.

      I’m reading that opinions and comments are divided as to whether the book or the movie was better. But either way, I was really satisfied with how the movie turned out, Jennifer totally rawked it out. And her chemistry with Josh Hutcherson? Blazing on fire, soooo adorable and cute together. I almost forgot that Liam was in the movie (but then his screen time was scarce).

      I’m eager to know how much of Kat-Pee’s been left out in the movie, it’s one of the main reasons I’m getting the book. Hopefully I will be rewarded with more?

      1. OH YEAH!!! You should really read the book if you want a profound history and about the OTP. The PEETA “in the book” totally erased all the lingering fantasies I have for Edward Cullen. Hahaha 😀 He is such a sweetheart I’d wish I have someone like him in school who loves (and stalks) me from afar!

        In all honesty, the movie kinda deprived me of PEETA. He is soooooooooo much more than what you saw in the live-action. After you read the book, I’m sure your love for him will get multiplied 100 times. His lines (especially the “cave confession”) in the book melts my heart.

        Oh by the way, there were some points in the book wherein Katniss irked me and those were all related to Peeta. It wasn’t shown in the movie but actually, Katniss thought/believed that everything (including the televised confession) Peeta did for her in the game was just an act so she just went to the flow and played her part believing it wasn’t real.

      2. Thanks for the heads-up, definitely more geared up for the book now. ^^ I’ve never had anything for Edward Cullen though I thought Rob-Pat did OK in the movies. Josh Hutcherson on the other hand, in spite of his cute-ish sorta nerdy naive look, makes me happy and all giggly.

        So in the book Katniss manipulated the whole situation in the cave to gain Peeta’s trust and played along with him? Hmm, in the movie I certainly didn’t feel so. Could have been Jen-Law’s acting that made me resonate with her in a way that I shouldn’t have. Or maybe director just took out that part. But either way, it’s still my fav scene in the entire movie hehe.

  3. Saw it this weekend. First movie I’ve gone to in a while. It was pretty good and I enjoyed it. definitely recommend seeing it in the theatre.

  4. I saw the movie and loved it. But then I read the book and now I am a fully fledged Peeta shipper. I found the second book online but Im just so mad at how Katniss is treating Peeta when he is such a sweetheart. Yes I understand shes only 16, but the girl needs to grow a pair and face her feelings because with all the hesitating shes hurting Peeta. And come on she is clearly in love with him!!!
    Ok aside from that I love Katniss and her bravery and wit. Finally a female heroine in a popular fiction series with spunk!

    1. How can anyone not be a Peeta shipper?! XD Like you I was also annoyed by Katniss’s attitude and treatment of Peeta in the books. Her being oblivious and suspicious over his motives and intentions just made me mad, her refusal to accept Peeta for who he is (tho I understood where she came from, RL is brutal and cannot be trusted)… it helped that we weren’t given full knowledge of her inner thoughts in the film, otherwise I’m sure I’d never be able to root for her as much as I did. You’ve gotta give full credit to Jennifer Lawrence for rawking Katniss with such vigor, don’t think the film would have been as successful without her.

      I’m on the 3rd book now, it’s not as exciting and smooth as the 1st and 2nd, but still intriguing enough to get me by. Katniss has grown up a bit, but I’m still not seeing her being appreciative enough. Like you said, girl has to open herself up a bit more and not take every gesture or action with doubt or suspicion. I hope by the end she realises that and I get my happy KatPee ending. I do worry abt the not so good reviews I’ve been reading about Mockingjay, but alas, as long as I get the ending I want.. I’m OK.

      1. I heard about thoes reviews too, but like you as long as Katniss is able to love Peeta back the way he loves her, I’ll be happy.

        And yes Jennifer Lawrence, shes is so awesome, shes the reason the movie was such a win for me.

        Also in terms of storytelling, I felt like the movie was a better medium to portray the desperation of the hunger games. Also loved the directing and camerawork, I think it was about 20 minutes in and I felt reassured we wouldnt be disappointed.

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