Music Focus: Shinhwa’s VENUS

Shinhwa is BACK!

I don’t consider myself an ardent or committed fan of them or anything, but they’re a Korean singing group that I’ve known since forever (ever since I got into K-pop?).  From their Xman and Loveletter shows, to their banjun skits, and to their all-out goofy and hilarious interviews, those were the days I missed the most. The days when I’d obliviously skip uni revision just to watch their videos on youtube. The days when I’d listen to their songs repeatedly until I fall asleep. The days when I’d tell my friends about them and they’d look at me with weird glances. Nobody understood my craze or fandom, and I frankly didn’t care. But those were indeed precious and beautiful memories of my adolescence, one of my most enjoyable times, moments which I can turn back to for laughs and giggles. Memories which won’t and will never grow old.

Shinhwa are not in anyway, in my opinion at least (don’t bash me), great singers or anything. And they probably can’t even dance as well as before or any better, if you compare them to the crop of young dance groups nowadays. But what makes them special – their brotherhood. I know this sounds extremely cheesy, but it’s true that they’ve braved through hurdles of hardship to reach where they are right now, still in-tact, still as a ONE, still – Shinhwa. I’m sure they’ve had times of discord and disagreement, but I’m just glad that as an old time fan of their togetherness as an idol boy band, they’re still together now, as close as ever after 14 years.

I’m sure everyone has seen their comeback MV Venus, but I still want to share. ^____^  It’s very much their style, slick with simple choreographed moves (at least compared to dance routines nowadays). And the song’s obviously super enhanced and autotuned. But who cares, when the bunch of goofs are back for good? 😀

Well that’s the hot cool suave and nicely suited Shinhwa.

What about the REAL Shinhwa here?

You just cannot NOT love these guys. <33

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7 thoughts on “Music Focus: Shinhwa’s VENUS”

  1. I’m really blind about kpop thing… didn’t know about shinwa and Eric until I watched que sera sera, I love Eric so much in that drama. thanks for giving this vid…. Love it!

    1. My pleasure, I’m happy that ppl are finding my music posts informative! 🙂
      I never finished Que Sera Sera, mainly cos Eric’s character annoyed me to death (not that his acting sucked) in the first few episodes. Didn’t like his brash and rude attitude, and how he treated the girls. Felt he was arrogant, over-confident and self-centered to the max. I heard he got better towards the end but oh wellz, maybe.. sometime in future I’ll get back to it.

      Shinhwa are a bunch of dorks, and they always will be. I’m glad they’re back in full force!

  2. I recently discovered Shinhwa and I am really liking them. I’ve seen a couple of their old variety appearances and they seem so fun. I would love to be in a room with them as I think my stomach would hurt just listening to them.

    1. Never too late chinggu! ^^
      I’ve had my fair share of time watching Shinhwa vidz back then, and there are COUNTLESS. You really can’t have enough of them, they make you laugh, they make you choke. They’re a bunch of lunatics. LOL

      You should check out the visits they did during Andy’s WGM stint with Solbi. Not sure if YT still has them, but I still remember I laughed SO MUCH watching them tease Andy. hehe..

  3. Me too didn’t know about Shinhwa as a group except from reading some news about Eric before. But I knew some of the group members individually from some variety shows. I never had the curiosity to check their songs until I saw the teaser of their 2012 Concert Tour. I just felt so related to them when I saw them saying goodbye to their fans in that video and now come back.

    How they are determined to be united again, come back to their fans and prove that they still can give and have their own mark in the industry with that competition with younger idols. All this made me admire them.

    And I like the song and that training video is soooo hilarious, hehehe 🙂

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