K2Hearts First Impressions: WIN WIN WIN!

I love this show. STATTTT!

I don’t care if Seung Gi is playing a recurring character (Hwan in BL and Woong in Gumiho), I don’t care if Ha Ji Won’s doing kickass AGAIN, and I already don’t even give a damn about how I’m slightly bothered by the leads’ sorta OTT slapstickish acting, and how irritating HJW sounds in her North Korean accent (she still sounds annoying). Because all I care about the show now – is that I’m enjoying it SO SO SO MUCH. I love it.

Of course I’m not oblivious to the flaws eithers, it would be better a watch if the drama downplayed the music and if the actors toned down their acting a bit more. But what I love about the show – the story, the characters and the sparkling chemistry between LSG and HJW. The story, I love it for its effective blend of elements entailing romance, thriller, action, comedy and patriotism. 4 episodes in, and we’ve already got everything, the laughs, the intense and the moving. The characters – I love that they’re just human and they do not pretend to be who they’re not (especially jerkarse Jae Ha). The bold, the weak, the aggressive and the scaredy cat, we have a taste of each. And thru the episodes we discover their traits, positive and negative, and we see how they grow from being foes and adversaries to friends, to compatriots.  And the chemistry between the leads? Who could have thought they’d click right off the bat and come off so compatible together? I frankly don’t or can’t even see their 9-year age gap anymore! They’re practicably LOVE together.

Right now my favourite character has to be Seung Gi’s Jae Ha. I admit it, I have an incredibly soft spot for him. Not just because I’ve liked the singer/actor since forever, but also because his character gives me more to think about. A lot have commented on how he’s so similar to Hwan and Dae Woong – pretty much jerks, over-confident (but in fact are weaklings inside), have temper issues and require much growing up. I totally agree 100%. But you have to agree with me that Seung Gi really kills those characters (tho his acting still needs to be upped, you can see that he really puts in a whole lot effort). Which totally blows my mind because I’m sure we all think he’s a sweetheart in RL.

Jae Ha has a sense of naivete and over-confidence which annoys, and I do admit that it drives me up the wall sometimes. But what I love about him is that he’s very firm and stands his ground in unexpected situations in the drama, right or wrong. I’m not saying it’s a great thing, considering how his actions do and would have a trigger effect to the whole of the N and S Korean relationship, but I appreciate how he stern and sturdy he is when he voices his views and opinions, however unpolished they may be. His relationship with King Jae Kang is also one of the main reasons I’m so drawn to his character. He loves his brother, and his brother loves him so. It pains to see how much burden and responsibility they have to bear for the nation, as the royal family torchbearer. But I’m glad they both love each other to death, and would do anything for each other. One particular scene in Ep 4, the confrontation scene between Jae Ha and the King, that scene blew me away. It was one of the most heart-tugging scenes in the entire drama – a test of sibling love and love for one’s country. It must have been like a jab in his heart – the King’s heart, to see his brother do such an act of defiance (of his orders and against the whole NSjoint ally). Vice versa, it must have hurt Jae Ha so much to have his loyalty to his nation tested in such a way, and to have his brother be so disappointed in him. Those exchange of emotions, ahhh, it was so heartbreaking.

The K-drama norm: you need a tough girl to slap some sense into the kid and make him grow up. Here we have Kim Hang Ah, played by the ever so young-looking and kickass Ha Ji Won. I’m not particularly impressed by HJW’s accent in here, to the extent that it hinders my enjoyment of the drama at times. But like I said earlier, the development of the story and the interactions between the characters make the drama so much more for me. I like that she gives her best and goes all out in teaching Jae Ha. She may be a tad annoying when teasing Jae Ha of his incapability and whatnot, but compared to what he’d done to her, his insensitivity and tactless acts around her, she’s isn’t a problem at all. At least her character’s important to his growth as a person, that’s what counts.

The same with Seung Gi, HJW plays Hang Ah with the same spunk and vulnerability that Chae Ok and Ra Im had in Damo and SG, there aren’t much differences. But what more can I ask when she’s already doing what’s best with the material given to her. Her chemistry with a dongsaeng 9 freaking years younger BLAZES, and she still cries beautifully, that’s good enough for me.

Direction and music are pretty good so far, tho sometimes less can be better. I could without some of the crazy camera work (not many, but it’s there) and the over-played scores (tho they sound great, especially those played during Jae Ha-Hang Ah scenes and those creepy scenes involving the Club M baddie). But ultimately, they’re not what I’d consider major gripes.

So far, I’ve already laughed with the drama, cried with it, and ached for the characters in it. And what does that say?  I’m already done for, body, heart and soul.

Have a creepy K2H MV to excite!

And mind you, it’s really really really VERY CREEPY!

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6 thoughts on “K2Hearts First Impressions: WIN WIN WIN!”

  1. i love it so much too. Though i’m more invested with equator man (okay maybe I’m the weird one who just invests so much watching Equator Man despite it’s flaws, sue me for i’m in the mood watching a dark character). Unlike in MGIG where sometimes I cringe over his OTT acting… I Love Lee Seung Gi so much here. I think it’s his best acting so far. He give his character more depth than he’s ever done in the past. In this drama, actually his ott acting works because of the situations and conditions. He gained my respect here as Jae Ha.. And he’s my fav character in the drama, too.

    1. I’m watching Equator Man too XD (2 eps so far) and I liked what I saw, despite the bad acting by the 2 young leads, the predictable plot and the horribly wall-banging music. I think the adult actors will do better with the characters, and knowing UhmForce, he will definitely give his all here. Nobody can do revenge and intense together any better than him.

      I agree with you on the depth that LSG’s bringing to JH, tho I wouldn’t say it’s his best acting yet. I still think he needs to work on refining his emotions and expressions, I never noticed it earlier in BL and Gumiho, but it’s pretty darn obvious in here. However I do love the occasional ferocity he brings to JH. His eyes bulges, veins show, and most importantly, you feel the intensity and earnestness in his voice, and it makes me tremble along with him too. The character doesn’t need to be mindblowingly great, he just has to affect me, and I can proudly say so that he has. 🙂

      1. I have never been affected by LSG’ acting before, until K2H come along. and weird enough, i’m not feeling the otp, though i know they have awsome chemistry. I love his chemistry with his Hyung the best! Their scene is awsome to me…. I hope This drama will keep the momentum till end….

      2. HWAT? You don’t feel the OTP?! Something wrong with you?!! j/k j/k

        Brotherhood FTW! I hope he forges a good one with Shi Kyung too 😛

  2. I like this to an extent. I just finished episode 3 and it was cute to see his jealousy but this might sound shallow but I’m tired of seeing them in army fatigues. Plus the annoying plot of that crazy guy and random bombs and attacks (real or fake) in every episode.

    1. I actually like the annoying crazy guy lol I think he’s just a tad different compared to the usual villains/antagonists we see in K-dramas (who are usually just cardboard cut-out bad and evil), whereas the guy here’s mental and psycho? That makes for a more refreshing change for me.

      But more than anything, it’s Jae Ha’s growth which intrigues me. His relationship with his brothers and his compatriots are so interesting and endearing. And not to mention, his squabbles with Hang Ah. 😛

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