Apparently Gossip Girl is still on air..

and I had no idea (because I’d long given up on the show, also partly due to the strike a few years back) until I stumbled across this clip on YT last night (don’t ask me how, I just did):

which led me to this:

and this:

then this:

and finally this:


I’m like OMFFFFFFNAMEEEE, how did Dan and Blair end up becoming DAIR? With so much explosive sensual and sexual chemistry? The eye-sexting, the real sex-ing.. save me pervy momma. I don’t even remember going this GAGA over the other OTPs back then although they’re sexy (esp Chair). You can’t imagine how many times I’ve watched those clips, on and off, repeatedly and repeatedly and REPEATEDLY.  Mind still can’t compute.

I mean, I stopped halfway of Season 2, and remember little of Dan and Blair (okay, I did feel a slight connection in Season 1, with Blair and Dan sitting and talking somewhere in a hallway or something, I forgot which episode). All I remember from 3 years ago – Serena/Dan an Chuck/Blair/Nate and with Vanessa and Jenny occasionally in the mix.  Dan and Blair? There were literally enemies and were at odds all the friggin’ time! o_0

But I guess the opposite attracts and soulmate thingy always work for me. I’m so game for relationships like that. Relationships borne out of understanding and acknowledgement of each other instead of mere attraction by physical attraction lust or sex. I think I used to be a Nair or Chair back then, I can’t quite remember. But I guess growing up does have an effect on you.  Intellectual chemistry FTW!

Now that I’m sorta intrigued by this DARE to DAIR thing, I’m tempted to download GG again just to watch Dair’s parts. I mean, it’s not like I have the time… but what to do when pics of Dair all over each other keep sticking up my head? Hmmmm…

Or should I just wait until GG ends for GOOD to decide?

credits: video uploaders @ YT (thanks a bunchies)


34 thoughts on “Apparently Gossip Girl is still on air..”

  1. You know what, because of your DAIR tweets, I actually had a DAIR night last night? Haha! I mean, I just heard my friends that there’s DAIR and they’re actually against it since they ship Chair but I never even finished Season 1 of GG (stopped at ep 10 I think) so I didn’t have much to say to them. I was intrigued, yes, so so much, since it never crossed my mind that this could happen since Chuck/Blair/Nate was so intense then. (And that I actually shipped Penn Badgley and Blake Lively in real life which is just my young, young self. Bleh Blake Lively.) They said it would be short-lived so I didn’t bother checking it out and they said that to me when Dair was just materializing in the air. But your tweets really REALLY intrigued me and yes, I watched all the clips you just posted last night. Seriously, they have so much chemistry that I am baffled and amazed and cheering all at the same time. Sigh. Heeheehee.

    I also had that thing where I want to download GG just to see this forealz and not in clips but nope, I think I’m better than that. I can’t subject myself to GG again. Though, it would be nice to have a Dair Scenes torrent. (Now, I hope someone does it because please, how can you not???) Haha! But anyway, thanks to you, I have a ship I am now shipping without practically seeing how it happened. Mehehe

    1. Oh yay we can spazz together! ^^ I’m delighted to hear that you’re into this DAIR fandom, who knows how long it’ll last for me, so at least I get to rave about with someone I know who’s as crazy as I am.

      I remember I was really drawn to Chair back then too, cos they simply exuded HOTINTENSIFIED sexual chemistry. So hot that I would keep questioning – how do those actors do it without actually having feelings for each other?!! Seriously. I had this temporary crush for Ed Westwick too, so it’d reinforced my stance that Chair should be together. Was never a fan of Dan/Serena, thought they were boring as hell. I think it’s my allergy and aversion to Blake Lively? Didn’t see her appeal then, still don’t now, and probably will never. MEH.

      But yeap, DAIR is really tempting me. I know I shouldn’t.. I might not I think, I’ll probably wait until the end to see which OTP’s the endgame of all time. If it’s not DAIR, my heart might just go down the drain. Like you, it’s crazy that I’m shipping an OTP in a series which I’m not even watching, have never seen and probably will not see until it’s concluded. But YT is really heaven, they have every single DAIR moment cut out, from S1-S5. Not all, but mostly the important ones. I’m already done up to S3, but I heard nothing relevant happened until S4. And S5, it totally charged up.. even took time to read some forums of Dair, and they’re like, the writer director are all PRO DAIR now LOL they even did a poll on Chair v Dair, and results: 50 v 50.

      Okay, I didn’t just rave an essay up there. I should sleep now.

      1. I actually think my previous comment was my longest comment ever. You can’t just help to spazz! I know Penn Badgley haz some serious bad hair problems this Season 5 but I don’t know why, I can’t stop shipping them! I know all too well that this fervor I have is gonna die down soon (probably later than I would want) but I just wanna relish in this ship. Haha!

        Well, I haven’t read forums yet but I did read recaps and everything on how Dair came into life so that I could understand it more, if the pairing was even organic to the story yadda yadda. Like, if the writers weren’t just so out of permutations. I think we’re officially crazy for shipping a pair we don’t watch haha! And shipping this hard!

        I do not like Blake Lively. I just had to clear that up because it might appear that I do but I don’t! Certainly not! I think I just like Penn Badgley and so their couple status just rubbed off on me and that I would never have thought Dan and Blair would look good (SO SO FINE) together, with intense chemistry and fire. I couldn’t tweet much about Dair because my friends would probably attack me but your blog is such a safe haven. Haha!

        And good night! Dream of Dair tonight mehehehe 😛 /end of another very long comment XD

      2. Hey, long comments FTW!

        Ditto, I was really turned off by PB’s curls too when I first watched the clip, I was like, what’s that fug on top of his head o_0 but the more I watched their interactions (I only watched the Dair cuts and skipped the rest on YT), the more I focused on THEM instead. I also read about how they’d come to this point, on how their aversion towards each other had blossomed into friendship, to being soulmates, then into something further. And just reading made me heart squeee so hard XD. How can something so out of the blue WEIRD happen to me?!! I stopped watching this ages ago! The only reason I could think of – because I adore adore adore friendship-love plots? And what more when the guy’s the one PINING for the girl instead of the other way round (K-dramas have been too OLD on the girl pining for guy cliche)? Watching just makes me yearn for my own Dan XDD

        And girl, feel free to spam rant and rave here. I’m not totally against Chair I must say, it’s just that now heart’s been dared to DAIR I can’t help it.

      3. Oh my. I love friendship-love plots too! I just feel that it’s organic. Okay, it might not be the best transition especially if it’s not for-evah but if it can be, I think it’s the best. Having your partner as your best friend, sigh. And yes yes yes for the guy pining for the girl! I think one of the reasons why I suddenly ship and love Dair is because it’s everything I love in a couple. Plus, it’s like the characters grew up and matured and that in the long run and in real life, this is the road to go down. Like, you might love Chuck and he’s so hot but in life, do you really want a scheming guy? I’d rather have a bad-haired writer Dan. Okay, sorry, I might not be knowledgeable on the Chair ship so anyone can correct me but don’t send pitchforks my way, please? Haha! 😀

      4. So how far are you into the DAIR ship right now? haha XD I’ve been watching their clips here and there, but there are SO MANY I can’t possibly watch them all in a go. And I know if I continue watching them everyday, I’ll be so addicted I won’t stop. I need divine intervention. GUH.

        Aren’t they just beautiful together? XDD


        credits: as tagged / tvfanatic GG forum

      5. Well, I’m sorta in a book haze now so I only watch clips after I read a book and before I start one. I get immersed in the book’s story then I go back to the reality of Dair. Haha! I also just watch clips and I promised myself I will not download the episodes. But… I will get my hands on a copy of the episodes since my friends have it all. I think that means bad? I think I will watch Season 4 and 5 in fast forward. Save me, ripgal, save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And I followed tons of tumblrs already and gone rampant in gif saving. Sigh. I also need an intervention but deep inside me, I actually don’t want an intervention. This is fun! Haha!

  2. Wow now I’m intrigued. I dropped GG after S1 because it became too much of a soap opera where everyone just rotates sex partner (apparently still does). But there was a DAIR vibe at the end of S1 when they teamed up to help Serena from her horrible old friend. I thought they had a really cute bickering chemistry. They’re doing the Joey/Pacey thing to us aren’t they?

    1. Yes, I agree. Totally get your point abt the sex partner rotations, that really boggled my mind. How many more ppl are they going to throw into the mix?

      I remember loving Chair back then for they had amazing sexual (not the physical one) chemistry. But into S2, I was like, it’s getting old, come on’ are they going to get together or not? The same with Dan/Serena. I honestly got tired and bored. Then all of a sudden, we have DAIR? And I decided to explore….

      Let me know what you think, after you’re done (I mean if you end up watching hehe). One part which blew me away thinking that a girl should always have a friend/a BF like Dan in here:


      1. Lol you guys…
        I spent the entire night watching Dair cuts on youtube. Thank God for fans. He’s such a pillar for her. I love how there must’ve been 5 clips where she goes in and says “you’re the only one I can talk to about this.” Clearly, if that’s not a sign to you, B! I think my heart stops everytime they kiss. Chair was hot but completely dysfunctional. Did you see how B laughs when she’s with D? Flail~ and even when they fight they make up quickly without all the drama that tends to occupy GG plots (or is it because I’m watching condensed cuts?)
        ps Nate Archibald is still so… hot!!

      2. Oh Hamster, forgive us for our incessant spazzing. Can’t help it! 😛
        And so ditto on Dan being such a supportive friend of B’s. Despite how she constantly teases and puts him down, he’s always by her side and always always gives in to her. The way they fight and make up right after, so awwwwww-worthy. A comment on YT was like: Their squabbles are equivalent to an old couple’s fight, and DAIR should just come out and do their own show. lol

  3. Before, I thought that the most impossible and ridiculous thing that could happen in GOSSIP GIRL is seeing DAN and BLAIR together, cause’ they tend to repel. She used to belittle him. He used to mock her. A couple I never thought would hit it off because of their different status, ideologies, personalities and principles in life.

    Honestly, Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad . . . I’m badly hurt! I WANT MY CHAIR BACK! To think that Serena is the real slut as she makes out with every guy is completely untrue. At least she never hooked-up with CHUCK. But BLAIR? Come on! She had NATE, CHUCK and now DAN!

    Because of unfathomable reasons, I fervently love GOSSIP GIRL. I’ve watched all the episodes starting from day one but after the wedding of Blair in season 5, I decided to bury it in the forgotten land! Maybe because a part of me already predicted that the love line is going to head at the DAIR TOWN, and sadly it means nowhere near back at my CHAIR Street. I’m glad I dropped it even before Blair and Dan make out because it definitely saved me from more heart breaks ahead.

    1. Oh my dear chinggu, I hope we’re not adding salt to your wound. I totally understand your feelings, it really sux when your fav OTP’s snubbed and doesn’t materialize after so many episodes. It’s happened to me in the past, twas horrible. Best thing to do is to chuck everything in the bin and never look back. It’s the best medicine. Hope you’re already better now.

      But point is, I’m not against Chair. I’m just more inclined to support a romantic-relationship like DAIR that’s all. Discard the fact that both PB and LM have amazing chemistry together, it’s just their hate-friendship-love story which intrigues me. I guess going in half-knowing about what’d happened in the past helped? But again, who am I to say.

      Anyway, forget GG and go back to K-drama! 😀

      1. Don’t worry my friend, you’re not! Hehe 🙂 Well, I guess I rooted for a wrong couple. I’m trying to be cool about this as much as possible. Hihi . . . By the way, I really appreciate this message of yours above. Aww! Thank you for understanding my sentiment. Don’t mind me and just keep on spazzing about your OTP. This is your blog, and the fact that you respect and sympathize even into an opposing comment of mine means more than enough for me. It just proves how awesome and nice you are! 😉

      2. Awww, thanks.. don’t deserve that there, but it’s really really sweet. ^^
        We can still spazz about other stuff, like how handsome Chace is? Or how sexyhot Ed Westwick is? hahaha..

    2. Purple, I’m also sorry if my spazzing was too much. I dropped GG after 10 episodes in season 1 but I liked Chair then. Actually, I still do even though I don’t watch GG anymore because my friends keep me updated on Chair. (And I have a crush on Ed Westwick even before GG so yeah and I have a srs girlcrush on Leighton Meester.) But it never crossed my mind that Dair will happen and when it did, it just clicked for me. I am actually not the type to be sad and depressed if Dair won’t really end up together because for one, I don’t watch the show so I couldn’t care less. And two, I just wanna live in the moment where Dair is happening. But maybe not watching after Blair’s wedding is best for you, sweetie, because you might bang your head against a desk with all the Dair. And yeap, let’s just go back to kdrama where everything is relatively more peaceful (in terms of pairing permutations). 😀

      1. Annyeong Dianne! ^^ No need to be sorry girl! Just feel free to spazz as much as you want, don’t mind me at all. I do understand you. Hehe 🙂 I still watch some of the parts of GG, or should I say, clips of Nate. But I can’t consider that “watching” because it’s more of “scanning” .. Hehe . . Yeah. I LOVE CHACE!!! If he and Serena will get back together, then I’m sure I’ll be perfectly fine if ever Blair and Chuck won’t. But who knows, GG is always been an unpredictable ride for me. There’s nothing permanent in this show so the best thing to do is just savor every moment that you love. ^^

  4. I’m a crazy Dair shipper. I dropped the show myself in Season 2 and only picked it up after hearing about Dair in Season 4. The show is really awful but Dair is great. I think the Season 4 arc is most fun but the Season 5 arc is when the intimacy and romance really begins. Yes, I wish I could tell how it will end but I will go down with this ship!

    1. Oh look, your avatar! Certified DAIR you are indeed!

      Tell me how can a show be awful when the OTP’s great? It’s kinda unfathomable. I don’t know about the rest of the ppl or OTP in the show, but from the little I’ve seen, DAIR have very good dialogues and lines together. They’re funny, heartfelt and sometimes so heart-tugging they hit you right in the gut. If writer could do so well with DAIR, why couldn’t they have done the same with the rest? I’m just curious. Or perhaps their stories just aren’t as substantial/meaningful or affectionate as DAIR’s?

      1. Gossip GIrl keeps recycling boring storylines and coming up with ridiculous things to shock people which is why it’s so bad. But I think the Dair story gave them the opportunity to do something more character-driven since they had to find a way for enemies to become friends to become lovers in a realistic fashion. Plus they are very witty characters so they can do a lot with their dialogue. It has comedy, angst, romance… It’s honestly their best pairing yet. The only problem is that Chair has been going on for five years and those fans are rather zealous. I just hope they carry on with the Dair story despite the backlash from some of the fans. A lot of people are on the Dair train but there will always be those who want Chair and nothing else. So far they had Chuck trade Blair for a hotel and punch glass over her head that it cut her face but those fans will always want her with Chuck no matter what.

      2. I love their dialogues, been watching their clips here and there on YT (thanks heavens) and they make me giggle, laugh, squee and go awwwww. Dan Humphrey is really an extinct creature, I’m glad Blair has a friend like him.

        I’m not averse to Chair, I haven’t even seen enough of them to judge. But I’ve been reading quite a bit, and it looks like they’re still the same as before, in S1 and S2. How much further have they moved forward? I dunno, I’m not so into the war between Chair and Dair teams, I just support whoever I like and feel for most. And I just happen to like DAIR being soulmates, like how 2 ppl can just be themselves when they’re together.

        Can’t blame Chair fans for wanting their OTP to materialise for good, since thye’ve been on it for 5 years.. accepting change is difficult, but hey, can’t please everyone. And I hear some slight violence on Chuck’s part?. he’s sexy hot alright, but NO way to that. I’d have a Dan any minute.

      3. Like I said, this is Dair haven. Haha! I can’t reply to the more recent comments so I’m replying here. Hi, msclockwatcher! Can you upload a Dair scenes download? Hahaha! Okay, that’s too much to ask, I am crazeeeehhhh. Actually, I’ve been thinking about that too because their dialogues are really witty, with funny retorts and all. Like how friends actually do (well, cool friends). And ripgal, I would love to have a Dan too! Hihi *blush*

  5. oh my gosh…you’re a DAIR shipper too!
    i was never a Gossip Girl fan…watched it once in a while if I was bored (seriously, I don’t even know what happened in seasons 1-3). but then I was watching a random S04 episode and saw potential in a Blair-Dan relationship and I was sold. sure there was a lot of fast-forwarding on my part when the other storylines were on, but I loved these two so much that I was willing to get through those episodes just to see their relationship blossom from two people initially coming together to help out a common friend (Serena) to two people with the same interests who just happen to see each other at the same events to two people who gave each other advice (about work and love), then to two people finally admitting that they are actually friends, and finally to two people realizing it might be more. GG is not the most subtle when it comes to character hook-ups, but they did a fantastic job developing these Blair and Dan. they’re both intellectual, snarky, sarcastic, and good when needed. they complement each other really well and their chemistry (both platonic and romantic) is palpable. i love these conversations…they’re always a hoot. and the fact that they’re together now (i never thought the writers would actually go there because of the fervent CHAIR fans) is just plain awesome. although their eventual romantic relationship in season 5 started in a really abrupt manner (her still married to the prince, her declaring she loved chuck just 2 or 3 episodes before), their interactions in season 4 made sense and was lovely to watch.
    i’m gonna be realistic and say that Blair and Dan’s romantic relationship will last maybe until the end of this season (if we’re lucky) cause the writers inevitably breaking them up is expected. we all know that Chuck and Blair are endgame, but I’m going to enjoy DAIR while it’s here.

    1. Now this is getting weirder and weirder, we like the same K-dramas, the same actors, and now DAIR? You sure we’re not telepathic or somehow connected? haha XD

      Ah, I feel slightly small compared to you guys cos I’ve only been in the craze for about let’s say, 3 days? Right from the moment I clicked on that YT clip? I literally have zero interest in the other plotlines and relationships and here I am going gaga over an OTP I’ve never really seen grow with my very own eyes. I feel like I’m just watching a movie abt 2 ppl growing to know and understand each other. Perhaps most DAIR fans think the same way? When DAIR are together, nothing else matters, and they’re in their very own world?

      I guess I won’t be that sad if DAIR isn’t endgame, but I will be disappointed if they ruin their soulmate relationship or bond that they’ve forged thus far. I’m still debating with my crazy addicted self whether to download the GG episodes just to see their parts. It’s messing with my mind because I know I have no time to spare, what with my K-dramas on and going.

      Hmmm…. God send me an answer please! haha XD

      1. Yeah right? this is getting weird, but it’s always nice to spazz and gush with another person about anything so i’m only marginally freaked out by our similar love for the same k-actors and Dan-Blair.
        i agree, if the writers are going to break up Dan and Blair (which they are wont to do), i just hope that they remain friends and continue on with their nice, friendly banter until GG ends. more than anything, i love their witty conversations so them not being endgame is not a problem for me.
        if you want my advice, i don’t think you should waste your time downloading GG episodes to watch their parts cause it’s really not worth the time. the plots of the others are just dull compared to Blair and Dan’s scenes. just watch their scenes on youtube cause they’re all there (here’s a link:
        trust me when i say it’s not worth it…i already wasted MY time watching the other plotlines for you haha.

      2. Ok, advice taken. Figured that I won’t probably have time for that anyway. But this will be a first for me, shipping an OTP in a drama which I’m not watching. haha can you figure out the logic here? XD

        Anyway, I agree that it’ll be fine with me if Dair isn’t the end and they continue being the best buddies as they are and have always been. Their banters are so enjoyable and fun that it would be a waste if they’re done for just to cater to other OTPs.

        Btw, you watching anything else right now? K-dramas?

      1. You’re welcome! Hi! I think I recognize your name… maybe from couchkimchi or another site 🙂

        I’ll say you can start from episode 4×10 from the second account because that’s where their arc really gets going although it’s very heavily foreshadowed in 3×18 and 3×22. Then you can go back and watch all their scenes from Season 1. It’s really fun to see how much they’ve changed from Dan saying anything with Blair would be sick and Blair being disgusted by “a half naked Dan Humphrey.” No matter what happens with them, I’ll always love their story. But I hope they end up like Pacey and Joey.

      2. I actually needed that! A Dair scenes guide since I don’t know exactly every episode with one. Thank you so much! Really, thank youuuuuuuu! And I am usually a lurker but with the current fervor I have for Dair, I just cannot not spazz in Dair shippers company. XD

  6. (ripgal, i’m starting a new reply cause for some reason after 2 replies, the site doesn’t let me reply to your replies…haha.)
    as for kdramas, i’m watching…
    – Rooftop Prince: it’s my fluff drama right now, but to be honest, there’s a lot more story to this drama than i anticipated. the writer’s pretty consistent, the plot is kinda unpredictable, and the Joseon 4 with Park Ha are a hoot. this drama makes me literally laugh out loud so i’m enjoying it immensely.
    – Marriage Plot (tvn’s new drama): the plot sounded ridiculous but once again, there’s a lot more story here than the promos revealed. love love love the chemistry between Lee Kyu-Han and Kang Hye-jung…she’s career driven and prideful and he’s a charismatic sexist (who also has a hilarious relationship with his father)…seriously, what’s not to like?! i’m also curious about the storylines of the other 3 sisters so i’m sticking to this drama for now.
    – Fashion King: i’m ashamed to admit that i’m still watching this (w/ a lot of fast-forwarding) cause it’s still quite a mess, but what can i do when I love Lee Je Hoon so much?! i’m weak like that. but besides that, I want to see how Ga-young’s relationships with both male leads progress.
    – I really want to try Equator Man, I know that everyone (including you) are raving about King 2 Hearts and it sounds like a great farce drama, but no time means that i have to restrict myself. plus, Equator Man beats out King 2 Hearts in terms of my interest.
    What about you? I’m sure you have limited time too so what are your must-watch dramas right now?

    1. Ah, clicking reply on the last reply will do the job, but no worries.

      I’m watching RTP, K2H, A Wife’s Credentials and Equator Man. K2H is my current crack, for it has different kinds elements combined well, and I love love love the OTP’s chemistry, you don’t totally don’t feel the 9-year age gap between them at all. I’m ambivalent towards RTP, okay, in fact a lil bit disappointed because the writing and characters aren’t doing much for me. I do adore the Joseon F4 when they’re up to stuff, but other than that, it’s not pulling it as much as I’d wanted it to. Equator Man’s just OK (I’ve seen up to Ep 2 but I heard it gets better and better, esp when the adult chars come into play), so I’m crossing my fingers for a good ride later on. A Wife’s Credentials is comparatively low-key and unknown compared to the rest, but it’s really quite a gem in itself. I’m not sure it will appeal to masses because it deals with the 2 main leads (who are married with spouses) falling in love with each other. And that’s kinda a major taboo to some viewers. I’m trying to watch it from a different point of view, from an individualistic point of view, granted that I’m still having quite a time trying to root for the supposed “OTP” in spite of the moral and ethical issues being hindrances to my overall appreciation of the drama. But overall, the writing is solid, and the direction is brilliant, very subdued and realistic, with no overly done and glossy touches.

      I’ve also downloaded 2 eps of Can Money Become Love and Love Rain, but haven’t had the time to start watching yet. Blame the sudden GG Dair thing for coming in between haha.. *I just marathoned all S4 clips this morning*

  7. I come bearing gifts! Or not. Heehee. I just saw this sneak peek of the upcoming episode and it’s just so cute and lovely and sigh. ❤ Dorota's spoiling Dan and it's just so adorable. Aaaahhh! I'm going crazy! Enjoy!

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