Da Hae, you make me proud I’m almost crying!

As you know, girl’s been filming her new C-drama Love Recipe/Love Actually in Shanghai these days. I’ve been checking her baidu thread on and off for BTS spoiler pics videos and what not, and efforts have been futile. There were some, but not many.

And today, I found this!

Which made me SOOOOOOOOO PROUD of my girl. Speaking her dialogues and lines in the drama entirely, and I mean, ENTIRELY in Mandarin Chinese! o___0 I’m crying tears of joy as type now… never in C-drama history has a Korean actor/actress ever attempted such a feat. Yes her pronunciation still sux, and her diction is somewhat unclear… but for her to act and speak the language at the same time, I have no words. No freagginnnnn words!



I have a very strong feeling they’re gonna re-dub her voice later on. But it doesn’t really matter because we all know now that she’s pouring everything, heart and effort into delivering her character. Just knowing how much effort she’d put into memorising her lines in a foreign language, you know some people have judged her way beforehand. But I don’t really care now if people hate her or whatnot, cos she’s totally proving herself way beyond words and imagination. Hwaiting Da Hae, you go girl~!

Ahhhhh, I already cannot wait!


13 thoughts on “Da Hae, you make me proud I’m almost crying!”

  1. Wow! She’s beyond awesome! I’ll definitely watch this show! I hope they don’t re-dub it. Or they can but still I want Da Hae to do it until she gets it perfect! Haha 😀

    1. Awww.. thanks, it makes me happy as a fan that ppl actually appreciate and see her effort. She’s been working on and off filming hours practising her dialogues according to some of the staff. Who knows maybe in a few months’ time we’ll be hearing her speaking like a Native Chinese? 🙂

      But the best thing is that she’s having lots of fun with her co-stars. In particular the actress who plays the 2nd female lead, she keeps praising Da Hae on her weibo ^^. Even LYF and JC also tried communicating with her in Korean… 😛 looks like it’s a fun atmosphere all around. 🙂

  2. OOH chinggu, you always get to write exactly what I feel 🙂 Thanks for this post dear.

    Our girl is making us really proud and I think her Mandarin is getting better. And although I still hope that they won’t dub her voice because I want to enjoy her sweet voice as I am not affected by her wrong pronunciation or unclear diction because I don’t know Mandarin anyway, hehehe.

    But I don’t care much about it now too and just hope the best for the drama will be done and also with her speaking the language, the dubbing won’t be very bad because of the lip sync problem.

    Da Hae Fighting ^_^

    1. Aww, no probz chinggu. I must thank you for your constant updates on Da Hae and LA’s Soompi threads too. I’ve been so out of Soompi world now, but I do drop by just to read what’s on. ^^

      I’m actually OK if they dub Da Hae’s voice… because it wouldn’t sound really realistic in a CN drama if they have her speak like that. At least we know she spoke her lines, and like you said, synching wouldn’t be much a problem at all. Who knows she’ll dub her own voice later on? When she masters the language fully in months’ time?

      1. No need to thank me dear, it is least thing I can do for our girl ^_^ and yes, I see you sometimes reading there in Soompi 🙂

        You are right that it won’t be realistic and it will be better for the drama that they dub her voice but you know I am that selfish sometimes because I have a problem with dubbing and want to listen to our girl voice, kkk. But I am OK with it now as well and at least they can give us some more BTS videos like this in which we will hear her cute Korean-Mandarin, hehehe

        And surely her stay in China those few months will make her progress rapidly in her Mandarin.

        I can’t wait for the drama to air to watch my girl acting again and also can’t wait to read your reviews about it ^_^

  3. So do I, Ripgal 🙂
    I anticipate that she’ll be dubbed later on. IMO, they’d better do it because of quality guarantee of the drama. Yep, it’s a bit weird that a mainlander speaks like that, I mean, with Korean accent.
    But what excites me more is her dedication n hard work deserves to be praised! And actually it is! :))
    Thank you, Ripgal 😀

    1. Welcome welcome. There are already news all over that her effort’s being recognised. I cannot be more proud as a fan ^^

      And btw, just checked in baidu, Joe Cheng weibo-ed her to thank her mom for making them sushi. Awww.. so cute. 😛

  4. Awww….. Love her. Her Chinese is amazing….. I am actually running a Chinese learning blog. so I do have this strong feeling. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow, that’s uber cool! Chinese is like one of the most difficult languages to learn, and you’re helping ppl to learn it, how great is that?! Glad you’re able to relate, because I’ve been following Da Hae for so long to know that she’s put an incredible effort into this. 7 years!

  5. wow. Amazing! Does she have a Korean accent when she’s speaking Mandarin?…I’m in NYC and I sometimes see the elementary school kids who ride the public bus to school studying Mandarin. They have workbooks and everything. The other day this little girl who wasn’t Chinese was studying for her test on the bus. Way cute. When I was in elementary school we didn’t even have language courses and in High School it was only French or Spanish. My has the world changed!

    Anyway, what a great effort by Lee Da Hae.

    1. Yeap, her Korean accent is still quite apparent and heavy. But for those who understand and speak the language, you can say she’s on the right track. I could pretty much understand all of her spoken lines in the clip. ^^

      You’re much more fortunate than we are in our country, we know 3 basic languages (English, Chinese, Malay) but never got to learn extra or foreign languages in school. If opportunity had presented itself then, I’d have jumped on Korean or Japanese and I’d be watching mah dramas without subs now. lol

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