Kim Kang Woo & Kim Hyo Jin in Taste of Money Trailer [R-rated]

Ooolaaaalaaa, ain’t that blooodaaaayyy sexayyyy?

Right, I’m not one to ramble or rave about such suggestive “things” on my blog, but guh, I just can’t stray my eyes away from the poster. It’s so strikingly sensual and alluring, imbued with… such an iniquitous and mysterious feeling that it’s difficult for me not to feel aroused (oops, mind me perviness here). And it doesn’t help when both Kim Kang Woo and Kim Hyo Jin look incredibly HOT in it. o_0

Taste of Money is Director Im Sang Soo‘s follow up to his much hyped up “Housemaid” (starring Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Jung Jae) last year. I was largely unimpressed by the film for many reasons , Eun Yi and Hoon’s characterisations being one of them, and I didn’t really buy the so called affair between them. The film was also so artistically filmed, that me being the mainstream viewer as I have always been, I was almost always sleep-induced thruout. I’m expecting Taste of Money to be somewhat similar direction wise, and am not trying to get hopes high that I’d like this right off the bat. But the trailer does exude a good amount of intrigue and sexiness, which if done right in here, may turn out to be interesting enough for me.

The synopsis of the film is brief at best. It’s a film which deals mainly with the world of Korean conglomerates known as “Chaebeol” families and their desires,  encompassing elements of love, hatred, sex and murder. My take on the film, in particular Kim Kang Woo’s character? He sees money and loves money, and he will do what it takes, by any means, no matter how unwilling he is, to get it.

Have a look at the R-rated trailer:

I said KKW and KHJ are hot earlier, but they’re nothing compared to veterans Yoon Yeo Jung and Baek Yoon Shik. The part of the former going all out to seduce KKW’s character, ommmmmaah mommy. Is there anything that she cannot do? o_0

Taste of Money premiers this coming May 2012.

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