My girl and Joe Cheng @ Love Recipe Press Con

Awwwww… how cute and adorable of our Love Recipe co-stars <3<3 Joe Cheng weibo-ed a pic with Da Hae just before the press con, and she also replied teasingly by uploading one with JC on her twitter. How sweet! Totally made my super duper brain-exhausting day so so so much better.

Don’t they just look SO PRETTY TOGETHER?!! I’m not expecting nor am I banking for the drama to be good, or heck, even decent. But how can I pass over such crapload of eye-candy? No freaking way. And you know when it comes to Da Hae, it’s definitely MUST WATCH no matter what.

So all 4 leads, including cutiepie Li Yi Feng and the other female lead Fang Anna gathered together for the press con of Love Recipe this morning. They talked about the drama plot, their characters, their relationships and whatnot. But ultimately, the limelight fell much on the leading stars JC and LDH (evident from the bunch of interviews focused on them), so much so that I felt sorry for the 2nd leads. I guess I can’t complain much either, cos I get plenty of LDH goodies in return, so much that I feel that it’s too good to be true!

Press Con Clip # 1

JC has nothing but praises for our girl ^^ (as usual, who doesn’t love it when co-stars can actually goof around like friends?). His impression of LDH is pretty much expected – bubbly funny and so talkative, so totally different from his impression of her from her dramas (he used to think she’s serious and strictly professional, he must have either seen Chuno or Ripley or Robbers, and has obviously not seen My Girl?). He was also very impressed by how she could just practically cry on cue and continue doing it for one whole day (accordingly Da Hae had to cry the whole day on the first day of her filming).

Press Con Clip #2

So I’m going all giggly and swoony over how COMFORTABLE both of them are together in this clip! The vibe’s very friendly like and really comfy, and they showed no signs of awkwardness at all talking about their MANY kissing scenes! o_0 Da Hae started off by saying that their kissing scenes were sweet, and JC followed on by saying that DH’s the tallest actress he’s worked with and kissing was really really comfortable (I know, height can really be a problem when the gap is too huge). And according to both of them, they have a lot of kisses in the drama, and so far, they have not NG-ed even once yet? (Arhhhhh…why not? Director, are they just too good or you’re just so easily satisfied?)

Press Con Clip #3

Da Hae talked about her preference over Li Yi Feng’s character in RL, because his character’s loyal and faithful to love (ermm.. is she implying that JC’s char isn’t? hehehe..). It’s kinda cute when JC automatically volunteered to assist Da Hae by explaining to the reporters about Li Yi Feng’s character and Da Hae praised him back by calling him “clever”. 🙂 Reporters also probed JC on his habit of carrying 600+ masks with him during filming, to which he denied unconvincingly. He pushed the question to Da Hae, to which she answered in a jokingly manner, “I’m natural” (we all know and she knows it’s not true hehe).

Interview Clip #4

One of the media portals visited Love Recipe’s kitchen set and crashed on the cast’s culinary practising sessions. JC and DH’s cooking skills are MEH as admitted, but it seems like he has an upperhand over DH as the teacher praised him for being a fast learner. DH, on the other hand, messed up a lot and kept playing around with LYF, teasing him that it’s his fault that she’s not doing well. Both co-stars also praised DH for her commitment and sincerity, in insisting to deliver all her lines in Mandarin Chinese. JC even teased her and asked her to answer the host’s question about their relationship in the drama, forcing her to answer all her questions in Chinese. lol DH replied teasingly by saying that JC’s character liked her character Xiao Xia secretly (which in fact’s the other way round). JC went on to comment on DH’s communication skills, and that she’s perfectly fine when conversing with the crew and cast (albeit a lil bit slow). It looks like JC has become her ad-hoc translator when ppl don’t get her questions/lines (apparent from the way he tried to explain to the teacher about her questions about the flour earlier). HOW CUTE?!!! :p


They showed the trailer and some BTS clips @ the press con and I’m itching hard for it to be released/uploaded in YT soon. Tudou and others just do not work for me, but I’ll include the related clips here for viewing.

Before I scoot off to dreamland to dream of my girl and her guy JC, here are some of the trailer captures: –

And finally, the KISS!

If there’s anything that CN-dramas can do right and better than Korean dramas, it’s kissing alright. And who is Da Hae kissing here?

ETA: Unofficial blurry trailer embedded below by our beloved goodange from Couch Kimchi! Thanks soooo much! ^__^

credits: weibo / LDH baidu / as labeled and tagged


11 thoughts on “My girl and Joe Cheng @ Love Recipe Press Con”

  1. OMG!im loving this!Thanks Ripgal…been lurking on your blog and patiently waiting for all da hae’s related Da Hae and Joe Cheng 🙂

  2. Holy crap! I should have visited your site first before creating a post on the press conference! These are awesome pictures. I’ve been looking for the trailer that was shown at the event, but so far, no luck 😦


  3. Thank you for these adorb pics! I’m proud of her. Forgive my ignorance, but when does this start airing? From the clips and pics, I think Joe and LDH have great chemistry and the drama will be worth watching just for them. Also, hope you don’t mind – I’ve been following your blog since I found out you’re a LDH fan and kdrama fan. I’m in and out of the kdrama world, but I appreciate all the updates you post 🙂 Kudos to you.

    1. No probs! Drama is scheduled to air around this coming August, which is a torture 4 months wait for me :(( but I’m happy to wait if we continue to have our co-stars shower us with many more cute pics of theirs hehe.

      You see the blurry trailer below? Story seems like a My Girl-plot all over again minus the YR scheming/lying part. Not very original or intriguing.. but the things I do for her. haha.

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