A Joseph Chang i-miss-u post

Oh how much I miss you Jie Xiu! Where have you been and where are you?! Why are you not striking the iron (when it’s all glaring HOT) doing dramas and CFs and films? You were at the peak of your career, riding on soaring success after the big hit that was of Drunken To Love You. But why is it so hard to spot you nowadays? Odinyagu?!!

Gah, I really miss him heaps. I miss his hilarious banters and jokes in DTLY, his goofy interactions with Rainie, and most of all, his adorkable and cute shyness which made me an ardent swooner in the first place. I wonder if he’s still as uncomfortable in front of the camera as he was before. I wonder if he still stutters in front of the media. I wonder if he’s single. I wonder I wonder I wonder…. JC, please come out and show some face please?! Prettttyyyy please? You’re not doing your career any good by being so friggin damn low profile. New drama please!!

Some random JC stuff..

Gotta love that expression…. and that pretty obvious boobsies in red? LOL XD

Oh mama, this is not helping, AT ALL. Facial hair, lips and fingers… please get me an oxygen cylinder, need one immediately STAT.

Those sexayyy stares, I think 1 cylinder ain’t gonna help. I need CPR.

Phew, casual and normal pics work better for me. I feel so much better. lol


Given his elusive kind, it took me by surprise, when he appeared in SS小燕之夜 talk show with his buddie Tony Yang 楊祐寧 recently. He’s still as awkward shy and quiet as ever. And to think he’d be more talkative or comfy with his buddy around haha, Tony is almost exactly the same in character as JC is, albeit a lil more unguarded and open.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


And before I scoot, for those who miss Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru…

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13 thoughts on “A Joseph Chang i-miss-u post”

  1. Should I watch Drunken to Love You? Can you please enlighten me about this drama? Hihi 😀 I believe in you so if you say I should, then I’ll give this one a go. ^^

    1. Awww, thanks for that compliment, very sweet of you ~~ My drama tastes vary in degrees, and being the fickle-minded person I am, I’m not sure if my recommendation would be convincing enough for you. But yes, you totally should watch DTLY, just for Joseph and Rainie’s
      amazing sizzling chemistry together. They were just pure AWESOMESAUCE, PURE!

      Plot’s as old as yesterday, not the most original, pretty much a recycle of the contract marriage guy-girl-bicker-then-fall-in-love theme. It’s also got a lot of OTT/slapstickish comedy going on (but that’s a given in TW rom-coms I guess). But it was the male lead character Jie Xiu played by the hot hunky Joseph Chang which made it for me. His endearing personality, thoughtfulness and deep concern for Rainie’s character. It was my first time seeing JC act as a lead, and was immediately smitten on spot. Became a fan right away.

      For a rom-com, it’s mediocre at best. But OTP chemistry wise, it’s all worth the watch.

    2. Watch it, watch it! Everything ripgal said is true! I rarely watch twdramas, only those in which I know the actors or find their chemistry so palpable and this is one of the lucky ones to survive my big list of dramas-not-to-watch. Haha! :))

    3. MsPurpleLee — yes, yes, yes, you have to watch it. I love it! Ripgal, you my girl! Thanks for featuring him. I miss him too!

  2. Rainie looks adorable in that last picture! Not a big taiwanese drama fan and only followed DTLY via recaps…but is it weird that Joseph Chang reminds me of Eric?. Especially the first picture with the eyebrows?

    1. Finally!!!I thought I was the only one who saw some Eric in JC, nobody really agreed with me back then. lol I don’t think they look alike (maybe so from some angles), but they certainly emanate similar macho vibes. The manly and innately charismatic type? The type that you’d wanna do dirty stuff on?

      See Eric-ness here?

  3. Jie Xiu is like one of my fave TV guys. He’s not an idiot and he does not take words at surface level and actually think first if someone means what she’s saying. Hihi. He’s very patient too and Joseph Chang just nailed the role and more. Sigh. I hope to see Joseph Chang soon! I actually read recaps of DTLY whenever I need a dose haha!

    1. Absolutely, for once the main guy isn’t just an arrogant and insolent jerk who thinks highly of himself, for once the main guy is thoughtful and considerate. Like you, Jie Xiu’s also set the bar threshold – as one of the smartest and sensitive main lead characters I’ve ever seen in TW drama (not that I’ve seen that many lol, but you get me).

  4. Hey rip,u just rekindled my LUST for JC!!guess the embers of love n desire were still smoldering under my seemingly cool n ‘out of sight outta mind’ demeanor the last couple of mths with a (temporary distraction fr that dude from Brain)….but dis post has just unleashed all the months of longing n missing JC n SJX.thanks for the reprieve,rip ol gal!

    1. Oh Queen chinggu, hello! It’s been ages, what have you been up to?

      Haha, I knew at some point in time you’d surface out of water. JC’s too huge a draw for you, you’d sniff him or any mention of him within inches radius mile. hehe..

      1. Haha,..u know me well…u must b a clairvoyant…I ve been lurking around ur haven and koal s playground for any whiff of my fav celebs n reviews of good stuff n I haven’t been disappointed..thanks pal..

  5. Actually I saw many of his information recently due to his new film. He also attended Cannes Festival 2012 with the director of Boy friend Girl Friend. I’m waiting for his new movie and hope to see him in lots of project. Wish him win award this year.

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