K2Hearts 7&8: Heart ripped

This is something totally unexpected, something which totally took my surprise, swept me off my feet, body, mind, soul and sent me into drama cloud 9. I was truly expecting K2Hearts to disappoint. I was expecting it to be a failure to be honest. I wasn’t entirely intrigued by the concept of 2 individuals of extremely drastic backgrounds (from NK and SK) falling in love, and I certainly didn’t see any working potential in LSG and HJW making it work as a couple. Even the trailers turned me off. Everything was just plain cut out to be a drab in the beginning. Or so I thought.

But I was wrong, so wrong. Ep 7 and Ep 8 just reaffirmed that. That no matter how flawed the writing, directing and editing have been and can be, no matter how I’m bothered (still) by HJW’s NK accent, this is a drama that I cannot hate. This is a drama that will tug at my heart and trigger my tear glands. This is one which will move me even with the slightest laugh or smile. This is a drama made for me.


So yeah I didn’t just cry my eyes and gut out watching the Royal Family crumble and struggle to get back up after the demise of their beloved (and my beloved) King Jae Kang. My heart wasn’t ripped no way, after watching a certain scene of a younger brother break down in tears mourning his most respected and loved hyung. And no, my heart also didn’t ache for a newly pronounced King Jae Ha, who had to take over his deceased’s hyung’s job immediately after his death. Nah, I didn’t. NOTHING happened to me.

The actors, especially the 4 main leads, did a wonderful job in these 2 episodes. But it’s my Seung Gi babe who took me by surprise the most. I was dumbstruck, left in a state of awe. o_0 The immense rawness and intensity he showed in this episode was next to none, even HJW couldn’t match.  He showed a very controlled and nuanced restraint in scenes which required him to keep his calm and poise as the new King, and when he finally broke down, he lost it. And I lost it with him. Seung Gi totally hit the ball out of the park and blew everything out of the water in those scenes. I’m so affected that the scenes are still vividly etched in my mind as I type now. He still has tendencies to overact, but if this overacting gets me into an ugly snotfest or makes me heart pain like shit, I’m more than willing to put up and see him overact for the rest and remaining of the drama.

Preview of Ep 9 shows some major angstfest, and I’m dreading and wanting to watch it NOW at the same time. Dreading because I know my beloved OTP will be put to the test in the worse ways possible (seeing Jae Ha deal with this will break my heart immensely). Wanting it now because I know I’ll be rewarded with Princess Jae Shin and Shi Kyung scenes. So far they’ve had pretty minimal scenes together (except for the lovely scene in Ep 7), but I know the drama will give it to us. They’re so compatible and lovely together it’s impossible for anyone not to WANT them to end up together. I foresee some major angst and roadblocks ahead of them too, but I’m willing to wait for it. Because I know when it happens, I’d be swept off my feet romantically into the heavens of love above. I know it.

But of all, it’s the main OTP I care about the most. Their gradual understanding and growing love for each other, the dilemmas and obstacles hindering them from accepting each other, for who they are as individuals, regardless of their backgrounds and political differences. It’d be good to see their relationship tested in waters. What better reason than a rift induced by political discord? For once, we’ll see how much Hang Ah means to Jae Ha, and how far he’ll go to make her his. Truly and genuinely from the bottom of his heart.

Whoever made the decision of casting Seung Gi and HJW as the OTP in this, I’m forever grateful and indebted to him/her. Because he/she must have eyed or spotted that magic in both of them, in that they can click with practically anyone and spark chemistry as hot as fire. And so right was his/her decision now I’m crazily thinking that I’d be OK if LSG and HJW dated in RL too. Just look at them, their interactions on and off the set, they’re just like a redux Wookie-Sunah from Scent of a Woman. I might even go as far to say that they’re each others best drama OTP partner ever!


Sharing a beautiful moment by Princess Jae Shin (Lee Yoon Ji) and Eun Shi Kyung (Jo Jung Seok):-

And K.Will’s amazing voice in the OST (w/ Eng lyrics):-


Last but not least, you will be missed King Jae Kang!

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4 thoughts on “K2Hearts 7&8: Heart ripped”

  1. This episode left me an emotional wreck, Lee Seung Gi was amazing as was all the cast. The camera work and directing still just blows me away. When the casting news first came out I was like wtf , thats the weirdest combo ever, it will never work. And boy am I eating my words right now.
    These two are just perfect- but particularly Lee Seung gi, in his acting projects, hes never given me the level of emotional connection to his character as in King 2 hearts. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Lee jae ha, it would just be wrong.

    Ok Eun Shi Kyung is OMG hot, and man can he act. I love his scenes with Jae Shin and I can’t wait for more of their interactions too!!

    I love that you have similar drama tastes as me, I feel like I have someone to gush about my dramas who would actually care/understand what I am saying lol.

    1. K-drama has done us wonders no? 😛 You’re more than welcome to join my spazz and swoon fest, sometimes I get so carried away I worry I might be scaring ppl off LOL

      Jo Jung Suk is very handsome, but it’s not his look which matters. It’s the charm and charisma has, the kindred-ness he possesses. I love his endearing touch on the straightforward Eun Shi Kyung and I adore his innate naivete and love his awkward cute interactions with everyone in the drama. Especially Jae Shin..<33 how can you not love them together? When she sang that song for him.. my heart pounded like mad!! Match made in heaven!

      I have to agree again with you on Seung Gi. I'm so proud of him I have no words. I don't think he's really great as an actor yet, but I love the effort he's put into Jae Ha. The last time I felt so connected to a performance of his was a brief moment of anger/anxiety showed in BL (when Hwan saved Eun Sung from the truck). It's really good to see how hard he's trying and how much he's improved. What else can he NOT do?

  2. I didn’t expected the king would died…. He is one of my fav character.. *cries a river*

    I love Lee Seung Gi here. I didn’t expected there will be one day I will admire him in one project… I have watched All three Lee Seung Gi’s drama from BI, MGIG, and now this… And K2H is my favourite LSG’s role so far.
    As for the OTP.. okay.. It’s official I’m the weird one…. Maybe I Don’t know about the chemistry thing, I’m not emotionally invest with them
    there is something wrong with me right? lol

    In scent of a woman, I root all the way for Eum Ki Joon to get the girl because I love his relationship with Kim SUn Ah the best …

    1. Nah, there’s something called “we see whatever we wanna see, and hear whatever we wanna hear”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. hehe.

      Jae Ha is also my fav char of Seung Gi’s yet. Bratty and jerkass are easy for him, but it’s the flickers of intensity and depth thrown in here and there which draw me in. A typical stereotyped K-drama main lead, but I’m so totally fine as long as he and his story make me care. 🙂

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