Happy Birthday MY GIRL!~

Yeap, it’s MY GIRL’s big day today!!! ^___^

I’ve been a fan of Da Hae for the longest of time, if not, the longest I have ever been a fan of any Korean actor or actress ever. I remember watching her on screen for the very first time in My Girl, and was immediately won over, by her vim and vigor, spunk and cheerfulness. Whilst people lamented and cringed over her OTT-ness in the drama, I adored her character Yoo Rin and portrayal to bits. I rooted for her, cheered for her and vowed to be someone as positive as she was. Yes, there were lots of crying histrionics and drama, but ultimately, whatever YR did for GC, the funny, laughs and everything, she made me happy. So happy and filled with fun that I still remember them so vividly in my mind. I was that in love.

6 solid years have passed, and still a fan at heart I am. Still an avid supporter of her I am. Along the years she has made bad decisions (some of which I certainly didn’t agree with but chose to keep mum about), encountered the lowest of her career, faced enormous backlash from nay-sayers and so on etc. I understood where the detractors came from, I knew because it pained (and sometimes irritated) me as a fan even more to see her act in certain ways or make awful decisions which rendered herself and her career no help at all.  But the fact is that, nooone could possibly please everyone, and only she herself can be responsible for her actions. I can only choose to remain firm and to support her all the way through. And yes, I am still here.

Girl has a very long way to go. She has immense talent and versatility, but those alone do not make her a great actress yet. She’s still far from that. I hope that with growing age and experience, she will be able to take control and discover her true potential as an performer. She needs something solid and transparent, something which will showcase her talent. No more silly slapstickish rom-coms, no more OTT-ness, no more overdone sobbing or crying. Just simple and pure acting with heart. I know very well she has it in her, but it’s really up to her. To start digging deeper and deeper and to pick good stuff which can really make her abilities shine through and through. I believe and have faith that she can do it, it’s a matter of time and decision. It’s a matter of choice.

Today at 28 (29 in Korean), she stands tall and confident, full with aplomb. I’m nothing but happy and proud for her. I just want to wish her all the best, with happiness and good health aplenty, in everything she does. And if God be kind, she be able to find her Mr. Right soon enough. 😀

“Da Hae unni, Saeng Il Chuka Hae You! Mani mani SARANGHAE! ♥ ♥ ♥”

Last but not least, I would like to share with you a wonderful birthday wish video made by Da Hae’s awesome and fantastic Chinese fans from 聆听多海 and baidu. They are seriously the best bunch of all, so diligent and persevering in their love for Da Hae. I can never thank them enough for the endless effort and enthusiasm (I’m embarrassed of my lack of effort aiks).  They are just pure DAEBBAAAKKK!~~


The song was composed, written and sung by Da Hae fans, PURELY ORIGINAL. And the messages and videos included in the MV, mostly fan-taken and handmade. No excessive enhancement or editing, just a lovely combination of their love and support for our girl. How awesome is that? <333

I also read that some of her fans in Shanghai have made and packed sushi overnight (yes, overnight!) together with many pretty pressies and will be delivering them to her Love Recipe set today. Lucky fans, but even more, I’m thankful and grateful to them. For they’re doing what we cannot – delivering our love to Da Hae. Kamsahamnida, whoever you are. Thank you so much!

credits: LDH baidu / LDH baidu weibo / 聆听多海 / Birthday Message MV as tagged


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday MY GIRL!~”

  1. Happened to chance upon your post on LDH’s bday!~~~She stole my heart in MG as well, so for whatever bad decisions she made in her career, im somehow still here… Cause my girl really stole my heart~~! Though im not following her like you now, but please do update more about her, since i love seeing her updates on your blog:) HAHAHAH

    1. Oh Elle chinggu, I’ve known you for too long. You’ve been a fan of LDH just as long as I am, and I’m glad you’re still following (albeit not so often anymore, it’s OK!). Thanks for dropping by anyway, rest assured there’ll be LDH stuff and news here and then. I don’t always update everything, but anything squee or swoon-worthy, I’ll be first in line ^^ lol

      1. HAHAHAH Yes~~ I’m sure you’ll be! hahah Well, not so often mostly because of school, and ive quit following stars altogether, just drama watching basically. I’ll definitely be watching Love Recipe no matter how crappish it turns out. Well i miss LDH in romcoms so DUH!

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