Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won for new Lee Kyung Hee drama?

Oh momma, this better be true!

A Lee Kyung Hee script + 2 talented and charming actors? I SO WANT! I love love love Lee Kyung Hee. Tho I’ve had some gripes with her writing in recent years (her latest When It Snows For Christmas), it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a writer who writes with passion and heart, and had penned several of my favourite melodramas in the past (MISA, Thank You and Sang Doo). She tends to overdo the melodrama and histrionics, and glosses on the deluge of tears a bit too much. But knowing the crybaby and rabid emotional-freak I am, I’m going to be perfectly fine being the complaisant lil fan of hers. Drama tears and all, bring it ON!

News reports today mentioned that Song Joong Ki has already confirmed his participation in the drama titled “A Good Man / A Kind Man“, while Moon Chae Won is in talks, this close to closing the deal. I for one, pray so hard that this will come to realisation. It MUST. Cos seriously, this is a heavenly OTP waiting to happen. You’ve got the talented SJK who has been utterly underused (all these years) until his recent stint in Tree With Deep Roots, together with Best Actress MCW who just came off a hot and souring success that was of TPM. I really can’t ask for a more perfect casting.

A Good Man is scheduled to air on KBS in August right after Bridal Mask (omo, after Joo Won we get SJK?!!!) and production will be under the helm of IHQ. No director/PD has been secured yet, but a potential Kim Jin Won (Ordinary Love) has expressed great interest. A gist of the rumored plot has also been circulating online, which will get fans of both actors reeling from excitement for a bit until things are set and confirmed on paper.

SJK will play a character who intends to exact revenge on an ex-girlfriend who betrayed him and left him for an older man. If MCW is confirmed to be on board, she will play the daughter of that old man, whom SJK’s character will be using and manipulating to carry out his revenge. And… go figure out the rest. Other sources say that the girl will have amnesia, or is blind, but so far no concrete info on that yet. So yeap, you have a combo of MISA + IJUKSA here. Very much a typical revenge story with a dash of romance and melodrama. But SJK playing vindictive and revengeful guy? Ooooohhhh, I can’t wait to see that.

I hope IHQ manages to find a good and solid PD to do this. The last thing you need is a brainwrecked and short sighted PD who lacks what it takes to convey Lee’s story. Perhaps someone like Mawang or Alone In Love’s PD? *I’m asking for the impossible here* Anyways, more than anything, I’m most looking forward to the writer-actor combo. And truly earnestly sincerely hope it won’t falter or disappoint (like Equator Man or Rooftoop Prince – MEH).

Last but not least, have a lil of SJK’s best pal Yoo Ah In hamming up the cute with his to-be co-star in their latest Soju CF:

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14 thoughts on “Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won for new Lee Kyung Hee drama?”

  1. /crying tears of joy ;___________;
    gaaahh…SJK has been away from dramaland for too long already! this news totally made my MCW?! this has to be true! *silently praying to kdrama gods*

  2. ahhhhh, so many awesome casting news lately (first I Need Romance 2’s Jung Yumi and now this)! I agree that Lee Kyung Hee does tend to go overboard with the over excessive histrionics, but I’ve always tolerated them if they’re consistent with the characters she creates. and the one thing that LKH does well is creating complex characters with real and compelling backstories. she is one of the few LEGIT melodrama writers out there so i’m confidant she’ll deliver. WISFC was not her best work, but it was a real melodrama that moved me and made me care about the characters, which is really all i ask from any drama, so i’m hoping she does the same for “Nice Guy”.
    plus Song Joong Ki (sqeeeel!!!) is long overdue for a leading role in a drama and his character already sounds so meaty, so i’m anticipating how he’ll portray a jilted, revengeful man. SJK is fantastic in lighter roles, but when he takes on serious roles, his acting shows a lot of depth and subtlety. just seeing SJK in this role along (no matter who the female lead is) is worth it.
    and although i do like Moon Chae won, i’ve only liked her playing sassy characters rather than demure damsels, so if the female lead is even remotely snarky or feisty , then i’m all for it. SOO EXCITED!

    1. Aww, another Lee Kyung Hee lover?! What else do we have in common chinggu? hahaXD

      I agree with you that Lee Kyung Hee puts a lot of effort into characterization. More often that not I care about her characters more than the OTPs in her dramas (tho I love them too), and it’s exactly why I’m always willing to forgo her flaws and shortcomings in her writing. Melodrama is actually fine by me, cos I cry at the slightest things lol as long as it moves and reaches out to me, I’m all good.

      I’ve never seen SJK in a serious or tense role (nope never saw Tree With Deep Roots wherein I heard he’d given a mindblowing performance?), but he’s wonderful when doing melo/sad, which is why the more I’m excited abt him in this. I remember his short stint in WISFC and he totally impressed me as the loving and endearing brother o_0. It was then I thought WOAH, this guy should totally lead a drama on his own. Then came SKKS, the rest history lol I think a dark character would be perfect, to test and harness his acting abilities? If he can do this well, which I think he can, he can do anything (if he wants to).

      MCW on the other hand, is a very charming and charismatic actress. I don’t think she’s like really amazing or talented, but she knows a good amount of control in her acting. So far we know nothing much about the character she will be playing, so I’m not judging first. If anything, she has proven her worth in TPM and The Bow, Ultimate Weapon (she’s brilliant in here). I have faith in her, in that if she’s able to understand Lee’s characterisation, she will do more than was lacking in her first 10 eps of TPM (she improved tremendously in the latter half).

      1. You really should check out SJK’s performance in TWDR even though you are not into the drama which is pretty good in my opinion… .all u need to do is to check out the first 4 episode with SJK in it… his performance was superb. Without seeing him in TWDR.. I was actually a little hesitant about SJK being the lead in a super melo drama because he looks so cute and mostly does rom-coms… but I saw him tackle angst and serious and emotional character as the young king in TWDR.. I am totally on board…

        MCW i like. seeing her performance in TPM and Shining inheritance even though she was the second lead.. she stole the scene whenever she was in it.. i have faith in her in melo… she is a very technical actress.. meaning that she can control her emotion pretty well… and she is also very pretty and full of charisma.. so the pairing of MCW and SJK .. i am actually looking forward to it…

        I like the writer, MISA has to be one of my fav melo and with SJS in it.. helped a lot… of course, ‘Thank You’ is more than a solid melo… made me think of little spring and choco pie whenever i think about this drama… the writer has a way to develop characters very effectively and make people care about them… i do find the write sometime write the story’s plot and people’s emotion are a little bit force.. and make it a little too melo… but with strong characters in the story.. somehow make it work… and don’t ask me why, but everything i think about the writer.. i always think about Jung Kyung Ho.. even though he was only in MISA… but i miss him… is he still in the army?!?

        now is this drama going to go against LJK and SMA’s arang? and VP2 is in aug too? it will be very busy august and it seem so far away.

      2. Ok, I will come to it someday. It’s just that I’ve been hearing negative reviews ant TWDR, I’m kinda apprehensive. Also heard that Han Suk Kyu was phenomenal in it, so someday.. one day.. *at least for Jang Hyuk too*

        Right, I think it’s gonna pit against Arang and VP2 in August. I’m neutral with Arang, but adored VP so expectations for VP2 are high. The good thing is that I don’t have to choose any one over the other. Downloading FTW! ~~

  3. Moon Chae Won just blew me away in Princess Man. Rather than the technical acting itself, she has this ability to connect with the audience in an emotional level, and she draws the audience to the character she plays. She did the same in Painter of the Wind, where she convinced us of her love, and in Brilliant Legacy, where she drew sympathy from us. I PRAY that her character has the spunk in this role as well, it plays well with are as it did in Princess Man and in My Fair Lady. She is just so lovable, and I can’t get enough of her roles. I adore Song Joong Ki who is one of the few actors who chooses scripts based on the role, and his passion for it, rather than how large the part. He puts his all in his roles, studying and improvising, so we can be sure to expect a phenomenol portrayal in his first lead role. The script must have been amazing for him to choose, because he’s been offered numerous lead roles before, but chose meatier roles over than the lead. I just hate when dramas are dramatic for no reason at all, but I have faith in this drama, being that the writer from MISA (my all-time second favorite drama after Princess Man) wrote it. This is ultimate DRAMA HEAVEN.

    1. I adored MCW in Painter of The Wind, considering that it was her first major role. The rapport and chemistry she had with MGY was totally out of the world for a non-conventional pairing. I also hope her char (if she’s cast, please please!) will have a spunkier and feisty side, she’s shown in some of her past stuff that she’s more than capable of doing it. But just to say that no matter how gallant or spunky, the melo will always be there ala Lee Kyung Hee lol

      And you’ve said it all about SJK, cannot agree more! 😀

      1. I have full confidence that she has agreed to work on this project. But her agency can’t make the announcement because they are not directly involved in the investment (unlike SidusHQ..- SJK’s management co). So they have to wait for KBS to make the announcement for her. She had said during her interview last month that she will make an on screen comeback in Summer and has picked a project. So this must be it!

  4. Yes! I love both these actors, I think they would be great together! Why are all my fav actors (Kim Sun Ah, Ha Ji Won, Gong Yoo) coming out with dramas this year? Is it my year-lon birthday?

  5. I’m in the mood for melodrama genre… I LOVE MISA! I love WIll it snow for Chrismast despite it flaws! This writers always success to make me cry endlessly with her drama.. Her drama it always gets me… She is one of my favourite Melodrama writers!!! MCW+SJK+ LKH ??? BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope it will a hit rather than a miss!!! I have high expectation with this show! so YAYYYY!

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