INSPIRED by Shin Ha Kyun

Finally, some news and updates on our favorite Dr. Lee Kang Hoon. 😀 You may have noticed that I’ve not been posting or rambling about my fav ajusshi for quite some months. Yeap, my bad my bad. Other than the fact that I’ve been occupied with other drama and RL commitments, Shin Ha Kyun ssi might also want to take the blame for being so low-key and reclusive? He was on the roll, like a ball of fire after Brain last year.. many expected hoards and hoards of CFs and endorsements ads, but as expected, he reverted back to his old quiet stay-to-himself persona right after. Really one of a kind star who doesn’t crave for limelight or attention at all. He’s probably at home drinking makgulli and talking to his cat right now. haha.

But being the passionate actor he is, we know he won’t sit still and tight without coming back with a project. He has already decided on his next, an action thriller titled “Running Man” premised on conglomerate corruption and conspiracy, wherein he will play father to Lee Min Ho (Rooftop Prince) who goes on a quest to rescue his son from the wrath of fire…etc. My first reaction to this: Like seriously?!!!! He should be playing romantic lead in a love story instead of an ahbujji to a 17 year old son! But on the flipside, I know he’s got an acquired taste in roles and that simple conventional characters are hardly his type. He acts according to his heart and lets it take him wherever it wants to take him.

So instead of complaining, I should rejoice and be grateful. Be thankful that he’s coming back with a project. And be content that he hasn’t been forgotten.

Check out the recent spreads he did for INSPIRE.

It looks like he’s still in Dr. LKH mode in the most of the spreads, emanating an aloof and insolent vibe, but still as suave and sexy as ever.

But of all, it’s his Shy Ha Kyun smile which I adore the most. Can never get tired of it. 🙂

credits: brain DC/ SHK baidu


7 thoughts on “INSPIRED by Shin Ha Kyun”

  1. whaaa love shin ha kyun ❤
    I love you always update your blog about shin ha kyun stuff, I like it
    Shin ha kyun in suit *drools*

    Can't wait for his upcoming project

    1. You’re so very welcome. I think I’ve not been as diligent as before hehe but I still follow his news now and then, albeit the scarcity of it. Filming of Running Man will commence in July… another yr or so until we can see it on the big screen.

      Hoping for a drama this year, please Ha Kyun ssi!

    1. I’m pretty sure he’d received loads of offers after Brain, but it seems like he’s only done 1-2 CF endorsements the past 4-5 months? Nothing else?

      And we know him, he’s such an anti of limelight and attention. We don’t even know what he’s up to right now. lol

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