Queen In Hyun’s Man & Ji Hyun Woo

Short and random swooning post.

Saw Ep 1 of Queen In Hyun’s Man, and it’s grabbing me attention pretty damn good so far. Definitely like it A LOT more than Rooftop Prince, it’s slicker, more quick-paced and isn’t too sugary cheesy cliche. Editing is somewhat dizzying and annoying, but plot and acting are palatable enough. I like that the time travel reveal is out in the front right away and we’re going back in time to see how it happened.

Plus, I get to see Ji Hyun Woo alternate between ancient times and the modern world, YUMMMM!~~

I’ve always liked Ji Hyun Woo as an actor despite his tendencies to stay with safe roles. He’s not so much an A-lister or a hallyu star, but has a very genuine innate quality that makes characters he plays charming and endearing. He can play annoying, condescending, obtrusive, flippant or even nicey complaisant, I’ll always find a way or a reason (not a legit one haha) to like him. Maybe it’s his adorably charming and attractive boyish smile. Maybe it’s how he carries his characters and their charms. Maybe it’s his tall lanky look which happens to be my type. I dunno, there’s a very pervading sense of je ne sais quoi about him. He doesn’t forces himself or his charms on you, he doesn’t try. But once you see him in action, you fall for him.

1 episode I’m already all over Boong Do. I think JHW looks might fine donning modern attire, but ohmy I think he looks even better in ancient garb! I already love how he carries his sageukness – full of aplomb and righteousness. When he’s serious, he exudes prodigious confidence and poise. But when he breaks into that trademark smile of his, I LITERALLY MELT. So beautiful. ♥ ♥ ♥

Yoo In Na is such a lucky girl, I envy her badly!

Tell me how can anyone not fall for a genuine SMILE like this one:

Looks very BTS off camera to me, and they already emit sizzling sweet chemistry together. <33

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13 thoughts on “Queen In Hyun’s Man & Ji Hyun Woo”

  1. I wasn’t planning to get hooked by this drama, but now I don’t think I can’t escape JHW’s killer smile. It’s so addictive! With YIN and their adorable chemistry, this is on my watch list right now! ^^v

    1. I’m reading comments about his character being a sweet, patient and smart one? A good change for once since K-drama heroes are usually the other way round – arrogant, confident, aloof or cool.

      He already has a million dollar smile, I can’t wait to be charmed all the way. 🙂 I’m already imagining me smiling to myself and getting all giddy. <33

  2. I actually like YIN more than HJM (one of the reasons I couldn’t enjoy RTP). She’s fresh and she’s cute without overdoing it. And two of them are completely adorable ❤ The only thing that bothers me is the camera work (too fast esp when the characters are talking to each other. I was like, I need to watch the subs, handle the cuteness and hear them talking all at the same time??) and the split screens technique.

    1. RTP fails on many levels for me, not just HJM (whose cute is too forced for my liking). Even Yoochun’s appeal isn’t enuff to get me past the halfway mark (dropped it at 7). I’m glad you mentioned the camerawork, it bugged me a whole lot too. I appreciate the different approach, but hey, you don’t need to do that on the expense of our eyes and brains. I’ve had enough of that crazy camerawork in Wild Romance, don’t need that here.

      But other than that, it’s pretty good so far.

      1. Also, I love the fact that Kim Bong-do isn’t the typical jerk/cold guy we’ve always seen in k-drama land. He is so kind and sweet it’s impossible not to love him ❤ He's my second favorite at this moment, after, of course, Eun Shi-kyung from K2H ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

        Oh have you seen Ep3? So much cuteness.

      2. Just done. And already deeply in love with Boong Do! <333

        I love how he's so so smart and sensitive to the new things around him! He doesn't freak out but adapts and tries to figure out things on his own. A total reversal of the usual K-drama hero. 2nd lead is more like the kind of main lead we're used to seeing (he's cute too!).

        Shi Kyung is adorbs, but Boong Do owns my heart now. Especially when he breaks into that innocent lamb-like smile, ahhhh. save me!

        And Yoo In Na, she's PERRRRFECT as Hee Jin. Her naivete and freshness pawn!

  3. I couldn’t get pass Ep 1 of RTP but I simply got addicted to QINM and Ji Hyun Woo is a new found gem to me. I’m loving every minute of this drama and yes, all the smiles from Bong Do. I swoon with you LOL
    That last expression of Ep 6? SWOOOOOOOOOON.

    1. JHW’s expressions are priceless. All of them. But like everyone, when he breaks into that sweet comforting smile of his, we’re a puddle of goo. So adorable and swoonworthy.

  4. Ah Chinug-ah! Yet another drama we are on the same page about! I’m so in love with Kim Bung-do right now, it’s a little scary! I’ve seen up to episode 6 (and a few eps more than twice) and I can’t get enough. It gives me that Princess’ Man feel though they are worlds apart in content.
    Ultimately, I just feel swept away by whimsy (in a good way) with this drama. JHW is marvelous and I knew he would be. This is his best role in my book, for it plays on all the things he does best. And that smile kills me every time! YIN is too cute and again, I’m not surprised. HJ is an adorable character. Not at all annoying at this juncture, which is so refreshing. Together, they are too precious, it’s like watching elephant calves play in mud puddles on a hot summer day. Aigoo.

    I know it’s inevitable to have the RTP comparisons but I actually kind of hate that (for both dramas). For the tones and approach are so different. I truly like both dramas for extremely different reasons. I like that RTP is OTT and quirky, while QIH is whimsical, suspenseful and heady. It’s true that HMJ is her typical self and at times that is hard to overcome. I always wonder after I begin one of her projects, why I actually like her, for I really never truly enjoy her performances. I suppose it’s always her leading men that draw me in and keep me, whether it’s through their characters or overall performances. No different in RTP. I adore YiGak. Not a Mickey fan but he has a way of making me believe his characters and truly, that’s all I ask for in drama.

    Anyhoo, hope you continue to enjoy this one. I’m certainly having a ball so far 😉

    1. An-nyeong chingu, welcome back to the drama world! Miss your writing so much!

      Fear not, you’re not alone. I know a lot of people who are lining up to claim JHW/Kim Boong Do right now. We don’t stand a chance. hehe. JHW truly shines in this character, he carries the charm of Boong Do to a tee and isn’t awkward at it at all. He’s so at ease. And YIN is just rawking her cuteness like a cute lil puppy/rabbit, no ounce of annoyance or irritation at all. Both of them together = cuteness magnified. 😛

      I dropped RTP after 7, just couldn’t get through the evil sister cliches and other glaring flaws. I like both Micky and HJM, but sadly they’re not giving me the OTP vibes I was looking for (just me). The only scenes I liked were the Joseon F4 scenes. :/

      Will definitely continue to watch QIM. Who can possibly resist such a sweet Boong Do? <33

  5. this is such a nice gem of a drama. love love the storyline, the characters, and especially, the cinematography. the politics in Joseon times is complex and meaty, and the quirky romance in modern time is just plain sweet. the characters are all really unique but meld really well with each other….from Hee-jin’s snarky manager (Shi-Kyung) to Dong-min’s infectious charm and finally to Yoon-wol, who has this mysterious aura and story that i’m waiting for the drama to explore more closely. i echo with you about Ji Hyun-woo. the character Boong-Do makes use of all the great nuances of Ji Hyun-woo’s acting; his boyish smile makes him adorable when he’s learning new things in the modern era, his tall stature and calmness makes him convincing as the bookworm with kickass fighting skills, etc. i love that he’s intelligent and most importantly, that he’s a normal, nice guy who deals with everything in a logical and pleasant manner (seriously, when was the last time we had such an ordinary leading man?!). Yoo Inna’s Hee-jin is cute too and she has fantastic chemistry with JHW, but nothing about her acting is popping out to me. nonetheless, i’ll give her some credit cause she is really good at showing Hee-jin’s subtle moments of surprise attraction to Boong-Do.
    but if i’m being honest, i’m really watching this drama because it’s so gorgeous. the atmosphere and environment created by the director are a feast to the eyes, the special effects (like the dead human disintegrating into thin air in ep. 2) blow my mind, and the music fits every scene to a tee. love it!
    tVN really is stepping it up in terms of the dramas they produce both in plot and in look. so far, the two dramas that I currently look forward to every week is Queen In Hyun’s Man and Marriage Plot.
    (btw, i’m sad that you don’t like Rooftop Prince, but i get why. I’m only watching it to see how the boys solve the murder mystery and get back to Joseon times. also, the trio (not the king) are a hoot to watch! but the romance btwn Han Ji Min and Yoo-chun does nothing for me. haha.)

    1. Cool, I’m watching Marriage Plot too! But it’s not as intriguing and interesting as QIHM for me. The OTP is cute and have wonderful chemistry, but the story is a tad too predictable and there’s just too much overzealous screaming and yelling btwn them. :/

      I like the cinematography and visual effects in QIHM too, but the PD really needs to tone down its speedy scene transitions. It’s not too bothersome but it does hinder my enjoyment quite a bit.. Like you I’m also tremendously intrigued by the plot, character arcs and the direction.. it’s familiar but not predictable, as in we don’t really know what’s gonna happen to the characters and all. The fusion element also blends well into the story tho some scenes do render some suspension of disbelief.

      YIN isn’t blowing me mind either, but I like that she’s not overdoing it? A lot of times cutesy and quirky characters are so overdone that we almost forget how it’s like for chars to be cute in a normal way. And Hee Jin/YIN’s hitting the right buttons so far. And need I say more about JHW? <33 I love that they're both normal (tho not entirely realistic) and so different from the opposites attract/bickering then fall in love type of OTPs we're so used to seeing. it gives us more to look forward to. Since they're such nicey complaisant types, what'd happen if they do really get into an argument? lol

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