Upcoming kissies galore!

We love our K-dramas, love it when our OTPs bicker and fight, love it when our OTPs are all cute and playful, blissful and happy. But we all know that, deep in the bottomest fanshippy and romantic hearts of ours, there is nothing lovelier than having our OTP fan-fuel their chemistry with sizzling and heart-burning smoooooooches. We’re no more than hungry pervies hunting for that perfectly executed KISS! K-dramas have had their fair share of WOWing and MEHBLEH kisses (it all started from peck on the lips and STILL movement kiss, wth’s that?!!). In all true honesty, they’re still miles behind compared to their Chungmuro counterparts and even TW dramas..  but in recent years, tides have turned, things have taken for the better… we have LEGIT kisses now!

God bless me I think I’ve been a good girl the past week. Cos in return and as a reward for my obedience, the drama gods have decided to shower me with goodies so sweet that may well just catapult me to the highest of clouds and heavens above.  And as a die-hard romantic at heart, you can assure I’ll be walking on air with melting goo all over when the scenes play before me.

King 2 Hearts ROYAL KISS

Finally, my OTP kissing as the royal couple! Seriously, would anyone doubt Seung Gi anymore? *remembering all the qualms and apprehension about him being paired up with HJW in the beginning*

The rabid Seung Fi fan I am, I can go on and on about how he can be just so GOOD in everything? Okay, I digress from the “so good” part, but apart from “dancing” which he hasn’t been able to master for quite some time, in fact ages since he’s become a singer, I literally think he can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Maybe not a master of any yet, but definitely quite near being Jack of all trades.

And kissing? This one’s just mild compared to what he can REALLY do.

I’m such a pervy fan.

Next up, a tease from A Gentleman’s Dignity‘s OTP:

How very typical of Kim Eun Seok. She really does manage to get viewers excited about her drama OTPs every single time huh?

Not that I’m any less interested in the bromance and friendship of the 4 ajusshis. Just Lee Jong Hyuk and Kim Min Jong are good enough. But you know me, die-hard romantic trumps. We’re 2 weeks away from the premier and the OTP Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul are already smooching? XD

Looks pretty fun!

But lo behold, you think you’re prepared for THIS?

Queen In Hyun’s Man – The Cause & Effect KISS

No video no nothing, but you already feel dah tension and chemistry oozing all over from Queen In Hyun and her man right? If you don’t feel a thing, you’ve got some major sensory problems. Cos apparently everyone including the PD, crew, viewers are hyper suspecting that both actors Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na do have something going on and are indeed doing it for REALS. Like for reals REALS?

I rarely ship drama OTPs in RL nowadays, I mean I still do but not as fervently as before. But I’d sure like to know whether this one will happen.

Ahhhhh, give me a Boong Do anytime anywhere. He can devour me for all I care. <3333


Which one are you looking forward to more? XD

I have a feeling one will trump over the rest by miles. hehehe..

credits: photos and videos as tagged / uploaders


9 thoughts on “Upcoming kissies galore!”

  1. Cause and effect kiss for sure!! My heart stopped beating for a moment when I first saw the kiss photo.
    I just finished Ep 7 of QIM and I found myself waiting for the OTP to meet each other again for the whole episode, AND the 2 minutes they spent together was just worth all the waiting… the way they stared at each other behind that menu? No wonder Dong Min kept rolling his eyes LOL
    46 minutes per episode is simply not enough – I want MOARRRRR

    1. They only had 2 mins in Ep 7 (haven’t seen it yet)?!! What atrocity! They should be spending every single hour minute second together, staring and gazing in each others’ eyes, eye-sexting each other, caressing each others hands and faces. *swoons-in-perviness*

      God please send me a Boong Do!

      1. OMG, have you watched Ep 8? Daebak! while i was mid-way thru Ep 8 I was LOL-ing and swooning so much I already said to myself I simply need to rewatch this episode again. I’ll avoid spoilers here, heh.

      2. Not yet, haven’t had the time 😦 but I’ve done myself a favour by spoiling myself with caps and stuff. And twitterverse has everything updated by the minute, so I’m quite up to date.

        Anw, for more QIHM spazzing+eloquent articulate insightful analysis, you guys must must must read mookiehyun’s blog. She’s so awesomesauce with her QIHM ravings you’re guaranteed to run out of words!


  2. I’m only watching QIHM so my pick is the scholar and his actress queen. OMG is that an open mouth kiss I see? Thank you cable dramas. For keeping it real.

  3. See I knew it, I knew this would end up becoming a QIHM spazzing hub instead. Boong Do and Hee Jin, what have you done to dramaville?!!

    1. I’m not sure what they’ve done, we definitely know the cause (ie. them with the insane chemistry) but the effect can’t be properly analyzed until all the spastic hand flailings calm down and frankly, I know that’s not happening any time soon.

      Not an upcoming kiss, but I’m completely enamored with CH kisses as well. In the phone booth and the train. You know I’m starting to see Ms.Song’s penchant for phone booth and moving vehicles when it comes to kisses. With QIHM, she added library as well and god, I love her for that. My not so inner nerd twirl with all the single rewinds of that kiss…then car kiss came and I’m just like dying with glee and swoons. AND I REGRET NOTHING!

      Not even taking time away from my precious studying hours to resurrect an old Livejournal for fangirling purposes =X

      Shamelessly pimping myself out =D http://idlewilds3.livejournal.com/

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