Boong Do-Hee Jin: Lovely OTP Heaven <3

If anyone isn’t watching Queen In Hyun’s Man, that anyone, yes YOU, YOU! You better get your arse over here! Watch this drama RIGHT AWAY and RIGHT NOW!

Because if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on one of the loveliest and heavenly K-drama OTPs EVER, in AGES! For once, we have an OTP which is entirely functional and normal. An OTP which defies every single cliche and stereotype we know of in K-drama land. An OTP who is just ideal PERFECTION together. With unbelievably sizzling and heart palpitating chemistry, akin to fiery sparks of fire incapable of being doused off by water. The way they interact makes other K-drama OTPs look stupid and ridiculously immature. The level of comfort and natural ease they have with each other, it’s almost next to none in K-drama. Who says love cannot work without bickering, conflict and angst? Who says drama OTPs can’t be all but cuteness and genuine affection? If there were rules, Boong Do and Hee Jin broke all of them.

I’ve raved about how awesomesauce Ji Hyun Woo is in his role of scholar Kim Boong Do earlier. But it seems like I cannot stop, he’s nailing scholar Boong Do’s idealistic bf/hubby traits so fucking good that I cannot fucking stop thinking about how fucking amazing he is in here *forgive me for the expletives, just trying to make a point you get me*. But in the latest ep, it’s Yoo In Na‘s Hee Jin who made me squeeee like a loony. Her performance isn’t mindblowingly WOW or anything near, but the cuteness and adorableness that she’s injecting into the ingenue character  is totally loads of win. So winning and unassumingly affecting that she gets to you and makes you break into smiles. So lovely that she makes you want to squish and pinch her and keep her in your pocket (usually it’s the main guy I’d want to keep in my pocket, but here I’m totally craving for a Hee Jin in my pocket, she’ll make me squee and die of cuteness). She’s cute without being OTT, spunky without being annoying and totally bringing it on with her daebak straightforwardness. Who says the guy has to say it first? Who says the girl can’t do the head-grabbing kiss first? They’re equals together (not literally but you get me), nobody is above the other, and respect and honesty come first. What more can you want from a couple?

2 daebak main characters, imagine the buckets of awesome?

Have an awesome, a brilliantly made MV (spoilers from Ep 1-8):


And oh, did I mention that I adore Han Dong Min to bits too? XDDDDDD He’s such a self-assured narcissist. But I love him all the same, for being so harmlessly fun and silly <3333


23 thoughts on “Boong Do-Hee Jin: Lovely OTP Heaven <3”

  1. Word chingu! ADFSGHJKLJHGFDASsdafsgdhjhjkkl:jhgfdsadfdhgjhjkkjhhgfaAASASDFDGHJKKLH
    That doesn’t even describe the sounds unheard of I’m making.

    I was so ready to count YIN off as sth I need to tolerate in Show with all the little interesting things happening around her in ep1 that’s keeping me going, BUT she got me after another scene or 2. I think what she’s doing here is as hard if not harder than our weakeningnkneesBoongDo or the harmlesscharmingcadDongMin. Even on paper, BoongDo will enslave us all easy, and of course JHW is pitch perfect reigning in his performance as not making it tooo out there saintly and spoil a tiny bit of the OTP balance if that’s the case because our HeeJin is almost our typical ditzy gf with copious amount of forthrightness a swoony hottie 300 years remote fr us could bring out (we all want some of what she’s having…the darnest guts that is…hehe)

    HeeJin, though forward, is still a cute scatterbrain and landmines for the girl every other scene to play up the cutesy to the point of OTT and buggy but she did not, at least not to overboard and I can’t stop pondering the amount of work she’s put in it to make it seems like she’s not doing much, everything coming off as natural when things HJ is experiencing are quite out there. I don’t buy she’s playing herself, because no way she can have any reference of how a YIN will react to all these situation and convey it in front of the camera….except if really JHW is really too yummm and not from this world

    1. As usual, when mookie’s obsessed, nothing can stop her! Senses sounds or what not, bring them all on! 😛

      Totally agree with you on YIN, the way she carries the ditzy-ness and naivette of Hee Jin, so effortless and natural. I also don’t buy that it’s cos of her own personality, but do think that she has a very jovial and cheerful personality RL, and they are somewhat reflected in HJ’s characterization. I’m not sure if she’s going all out, but she comes off as very comfy showing us what she thinks HJ is, and knows exactly what we want in a character like HJ. She clearly understands and has a good grasp of her character and that’s what I appreciate about the actress. As I’ve said earlier, one doesn’t need to make me jaw drop with a performance, she just needs to be effervescent (with her own charm and personality), and I’d be convinced, heart and mind.

      1. Aren’t you afraid of what I’ll become if this keeps getting more awesome?!?! Coz I am.

      2. RAWR mookie, I’m not afraid! I love it when crazyobsessed mookie comes alive! More QIHM spazzing, what’s not to love?

  2. <33333 hehe I am assuming you had to write this up after watching Ep 8 huh?

    I'm loving most of the main characters – Bong Do, Hee Jin, Dong Min and Soo Kyung (haha that scene where Soo Kyung expressed how she felt after spending a day with BD was priceless – but it totally makes sense when I imagined how she taught BD to drive LOL)

    It still amazes me that YIN hasn't annoyed me once (I watched Secret Garden, Best Love and QIM so far), albeit she's totally not my type of female lead (somehow she has the OTT look – but I'm very glad that she's proved me wrong). Now I can't even think of any other person who can play Hee Jin so perfectly – I esp love the scene where she said "what am I now too charming since I'm being shameless in accepting the car?" simply cuteness overloaded LOL How can Bong Do leave this cute lover?? ARRRRRGH I'm so tempted to rewatch Ep 1-8 before Ep 9 is aired. I'm that crazy.

    1. Yeap, I came right after Ep 8. Was a bit hesitant and wary after reading spoilers about Boong Do’s memory loss at the end, but lucky it did make some sense and somehow intrigued me a lil bit more. If anything, it’s better than any plot device out there – created just to prevent our OTP from ending up together. The idea is old, but the execution tallies and blends well with the whole time travelling thing.

      Aren’t the characters just fun fun fun?! I especially love Han Dong Min, he’s such an awfully adorably jerk! How ironic, but true, he’s not a goody goody guy, but he essentially isn’t up to anything bad either? I’m not sure if others have noticed or felt it, I kinda think he’d have something on with the actress playing Jang Hee Bin? She’s not an important role, but I totally adored her constant teasing and ticking off of HDM! So funny! And he didn’t mind much of it too!

      I’ve said enough about YIN, totally rawking Hee Jin and my world. If she continues to be this daebak, she’s going to end up being one of my most fav drama characters (female).

      1. ooh yeah I sorta feel that HDM may have sth with the actress playing JHB. But I guess that may only happen in the last couple of episodes… I love how she teased HDM on the plane haha

        I guess why I don’t find HDM any bit annoying is because in some way he’s as impulsive as Hee Jin. Perhaps they have a similar personalities to a certain extent. And I can feel that he genuinely feels that he still loves Hee Jin and so he just goes for it. Ain’t that the same for Hee Jin who just decides to kiss this handsome scholar from 300 years ago while she still has the chance? Not much hesitation before their action and I guess I prefer this more than being hesitant and regret later on.

        I also don’t mind the memory loss plot since it does make sense to me. Or I should say I simply have faith in the power of love between BD and HJ <33

      2. Yeah, HDM and HJ do have something in common, in that they see the world with an unusually cute innocence. It doesn’t rub off badly on you, nor does it make you want to pull someone’s hair out. They just come off so naturally loveable.

        I’m not sure if HDM’s still in love with HJ tho, as his ways seem to kind of indicate he’s more of an attention seeker, the can’t-bear-to-see-someone-steal-his-show kind of guy? But I’m giving that a benefit of doubt looking at the preview, he’s totally hogging on to HJ now that BD’s temporarily out of the scene. Hopefully the writer won’t turn him into some obsessive pushy guy later on, he’s best being the narcissist cad he is. Stay cute and all, who knows one day I might be rooting for him instead? *which is totally impossible haha*

      3. i am not sure whether it is “love” per se, but I remember seeing him looking like a school kid having his puppy love as he ran back to his mini van after kissing Hee Jin in Ep 1 – and from that moment I know I kinda like this character and that he has genuine feelings towards Hee Jin (but whether it’s “love” or more like a rekindled interest of his “once beloved toy” I am not sure)

        hehe there’ no way i’ll root for DM…except he may incite some jealousy from wuli BD…now that’s sth I want to watch… =P

      4. I actually find that HJ being a little slower on the uptake in the intellect department works for this story and for KBD. And I love it! For when someone more knowledgeable or practical interacts with him (SK), it’s harder for both of them to handle. BD needs a personality like HJ’s for the story to actually work, because though he’s absolutely wonderful, if put in the same situation, it’s unrealistic to think that (anyone a tad smarter) would actually give BD the time of day. I’d definitely think he was crazy or sick and feel sorry for him; not see him as an equal. It’s not that she outright believes everything he says, but it’s easier for her to believe because his arguments sound plausible, while someone on his level would poke holes in the logistics of his story, without taking into account that truth is usually stranger than fiction.
        I also like that though he’s smarter, by far, she knows how things work. She may not know why or care (which is equally great that he does) but she gets the job done without being all smarty savvy-pants. Cause as the adage goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”
        Ultimately, she’s trusting (which BD equates with having a big heart<—precious) and unfortunately the more knowledge we acquire the less likely it is for that to be the case.

        UH! I could talk about this drama all day! I so need episode 9 STAT! Or my heart may burst from anticipation.

        Thanks for the post!

      5. Unni, you’re so spot on! That theory never crossed my mind with me too busy spazzing over their combustible chemistry and cuteness. They actually compliment each other as equals because of their contrasting IQs and intellects (again, not saying that HJ’s stupid, but she doesn’t give things a deeper thought or complicate situations, she sees things for what they are). And I also love that HJ’s just a genuinely kind-hearted and easy-going person, in that she doesn’t think badly of others or whine incessantly about how things are not going her way etc. In some ways she, like BD, also appears to be quite an ideal character in K-drama. She isn’t perfect, needs to toughen herself a bit, grow a better spine (esp when dealing with her job and the JHB actress). But the beautiful thing about her is that she doesn’t invoke the kind of lament we sometimes have for characters like her. She’s precious and has her own identity. Don’t think I’ve seen a character so winning in the ingenue adorbs department as much as her.

    2. I’m quite positive I dont need that extra push of ‘so tempted to rewatch ep 1-8 before 9’ because my inner crazygirl is already screaming that since 8 is done. But ohwells I’ll blame u pushing me into the firepit! muahahaha

      Oh me tooo with YIN, and on top of not being my type of lead I usu gravitates to, I’m allergic to PS and she has some, it’s there but she’s still cute and natural and I LOVE HeeJin. When you are a ditz and next to a BoongDo, you really need to be sooooo winning to get me even looking at your part of screen, but YIN holds her own and some with some of the cutest most earnest line that’s delivered just right, she made the scene as much as BoongDo or DongMin or SooKyung when she can easily be eaten up alive.

      1. Your blame is very well accepted LOL. I have been telling all my k-drama watching friends about this gem and some of them have started to watch. I can’t wait to see them squee and swoon with me, heh.

        And today I started to look up the movies that JHW did – then oh my I saw the poster of him for Mr. Idol – topless. I was like, OMFG he has such a perfect body I was just drooling looking at the poster. Now i’m peacefully downloading the movie… See how he’s turned me into a pervy.

  3. Ok so the expletives were a bit much for me but I couldn’t do anything but smile (my best impersonation of KBD smile) as I read this post! I love these two. EVERYTHING! Gah! Seriously, they just make you want to hug yourself and kiss random people goodbye all day!
    And HJ… That laugh, that pout, those random noises of frustration! I LOVE THEM ALL!
    Honest to goodness she’s adorable and it’s no wonder KBD is so amused by her. What I actually love about this drama is that we as the audience actually truly understand and see for ourselves why these two are attracted to one another. The drama isn’t just telling us, we actually “feel” it.
    When KBD smiles at HJ(for being audacious or adorable), I’m already smiling. When HJ decided to kiss KBD the first time, I’d already figured she would (I actually told my drama buddy, I don’t know how HJ keeps her lips off KBD’s cheeks! I’d truly just randomly kiss him all the time. And I’m not that girl!). The drama makes us feel and hope and yearn with these characters and honestly, I’m ecstatic I get to experience that.

    1. Sometimes I’m shocked by my OTT ways too, I’m a good girl you know, I don’t even swear in RL? But I guess you know the extent of my love-heart injury inflicted by this beautiful (inside out) man now? Even my RAWR-ing and fiery sides come out… I need to get in line you know? 😛

      The car scene, IMO one of the most adorably honestly acted OTP scenes ever seen in K-drama. You know how the usual K-drama romance works, guy girl fights, they push each other away, unwilling to acknowledge their feelings for each other (for the fear that their dignity and pride might be over-ridden), they wait for things to sort out by themselves. BD and HJ totally defied all of that. Not only are they honest, they are incredibly genuine in their feelings of each other. It’s such a beautiful sight you know? Devoid of any manufacture angst or conflict, they’re just themselves, allowing the wind to take its course, letting their feelings flow so naturally.

      Coffee House writer, kudos yeah? For you have created another wreck in me! (CH did make ppl go mad back when it aired… but so far QIHM is doing it in a better way, at least.)

  4. Jo, chinggu! It been a long time since we last gushed about something together. But, QIHM is possibly my favorite thing on TV right now. Words can’t describe how obsessed I am about this show. It’s just so perfect. The leads have explosive chemistry. They’re so cute together that I giggle throughout their scenes together.

    I love the story. I love the characters. I love the leads together and even on their own. I love GBD. I like that he is really smart. I love that he’s a scholar who actually uses his brain to process the things around him and the crazies that actually happens to him. I love that he really figures out things. I must say one of the things that frustrates me about k-characters is that they just take so long to figure out things. And GBD is not that character thank god. I love that Hui Jin is feisty but also cutesy and a girly wreck when it comes to GBD. I love how she takes advantage of our poor naive scholar making him believe customs which are not really customs in the modern time (i.e. kissing, torridly if I may add, as a proper way to bid your goodbye. I APPROVE). I swear I wish she’d do it more often. I even love the antagonists. I love how epic fail HDM is. I swear he’s got me in stitches whenever he does this grand hero gesture and he fails in epic proportion because of HJ. But, what I really love about this show is the pace of the story. I mean a kissing scene by the 4th episode. THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DRAMAS. And I love that from then on they continue to develop more feelings for each other episode after episode. I also looooove the kissing scenes. I love that it has no reservations. It’s both passionate and tender. Guuuuuh I can go on and on about this but I’d stop now.

    HAHA. I missed you chinggu. 🙂

    Hagrid here 🙂

    1. Omona, a long time no see chinggu! Where have you been and how are you? You’ve been away for ages man, are you watching your dramas in secret or something? lol

      KBD is the ideal man, and HJ is perfect for him. They compliment and balance each other out with utter perfection. They’re so genuine and lovely together I cannot imagine them being in any conflict or argument. Altho I’d like to see what it’d be like if they squabble or argue for reals, I’m so for it if drama continues to give us the nicey sweet and endearing. I can certainly do without jealousy and stupid conflicts for once (but given KBD’s personality, I doubt it’d happen.. maybe HJ but definitely not KBD).

      And hagrid has revealed her pervy side! hahahah… but no worries, you’re in the correct line. Every time KBD pulls HJ over and looks so sincerely into her eyes, darn, that’s when I go gaga, I want to be HEE JIN! XDDDD How could Yoo In Na the actress have possibly withstood all those tender but electrifying gazes of JHW? If smiles and gazes could kill, I’d have been dead!

  5. Haha. Law school’s been kicking my ass and sucking all my free time Jo. I was trying to stay away from forums and blogs just because once I get engaged in exchanges it takes me hooooooours without me realizing and the next thing I know is that my readings are staring at me judging me. Haha.

    Anyway, I know what you mean. The whenever JHW gazes at YI amusingly and tenderly I swear my fangirl soul floats right up in the air. I’ve never seen JHW this mesmerizing before! He fits the role perfectly!

    Anyway I’ve been sort of keeping up with my kdramas. Right now I’m watching:
    1. Love Rain – don’t judge me I know Yoona’s involvement should have raised all the red flags but since the earlier eps only needed her to be pretty and demure she was okay but then recent episodes required her to weep and angst out none of which she can do decently which leaves me cringing like a tortured squirrel. Also it’s similarity to The Classic (alnost a rip off if you ask me) drew me in. The stories fine and the sound track is breezy. However, the last couple of episodes were super draggy. Dragging the main conflict (noble-idiot plot device) close to boredom territory. So I’m close to hitting the dud here.

    2. Rooftop Prince – less interesting version of QIHM. While I love the pace in QIHM I very much hate the pace in RP. Everything’s been so slow. The development of the romance between the leads and the plot itself. I swear there’s a point when I was so frustrated thinking when will the leads trump the villains! Also, characters take soooooo long to figure things out. Unlike KBD, which another trait I very much appreciate about his character.

    3. King 2 Hearts – although I’m not really that invested in it as much as most people are. I dunno maybe it’s primarily because of the villain which I cannot and will never take seriously. Also, I do not understand his motives. If I wanted that kind of villain I’d watch a fil drama. Also, their lovers spat is just tooooo petty I swear. They are like kindergartens. I can’t help but roll my eyes. Although LSG and HJW have a sizzling chemistry so no complains there.

    4. QIHM – of course. My favorite by far. It has the perfect everything.

    I wish there were subs for Marriage Plot. I also dropped Fashion King. I just can’t get behind the protagonist there. I can’t understand YAI’s character. I am actually rooting for LJH’s character instead. And also the plot is super ridiculous and the english makes me cringe.

    Haha sorry I think I prattled too much. Like I said I missed gushing with you! Haha

  6. goodness… The otp in QIHM is perfection.. It makes me squeal like a crazy fangirl.. Why not all of kdrama otp like them??? No bickering doesn’t mean you are boring, as long as you make us giddy, as long as there are alot sweet moment between them.. Though I don’t mind bickering OTP because sometimes I’m a sucker for that kind of relationship.. But it kind refreshing… each episode, i keep looking forward for their scene together, because it just so sweet!

  7. U just simply saying all that i want to say about the drama and the awesomeness it brings to the table…im officially Ji Hyun Woo followers now….googling him like every single day and proud to say that im Yoo Inna followers too…hehe…^^ im spreading my love for the drama to all my frens n family now…thanks for sharing…now i just cant wait to hear out their duet for QIHM’s OST ^^ must be fill with full-blown cuteness and sweetness ❤ ❤

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