Seung Gi’s tears in K2H16

That should have been Jae Ha. Jae Ha’s tears. T_T But darn, I cannot possibly do this without mentioning what a shocking jaw-dropping revelation Seung Gi was in the most recent episode of K2H. I don’t care what the detractors or naysayers have to say about him anymore.I don’t freaking care anymore. Because you feel what you see, and you believe what you feel. All I care about, and all I can think about right now at this very moment, is how he had blown me off waters with his gripping performance in the very last scene of Ep 16. A show and outpour of emotions so explosive and heartbreaking that the last similar performance I could think of was Jang Hyuk’s tour de force in Chuno (and that’s gotta mean something). So raw, so heartfelt and so real it would have gotten you to ponder on the amount of effort/skill he had to summon just to bring out those emotions.  It was truly amazing because I was totally expecting to be wowed, after having read countless and heaps of praises for him. But when it happened, I succumbed all the same. It rendered me a hopeless drained wreck. Tears kept streaming down my cheeks I couldn’t stop. What kind of magic pill had Seung Gi consumed? For him to have displayed such earth-shattering crying skills?

If you think you’ve seen the best of Seung Gi in Ep 7/8, wait until you’ve seen Ep 16. You will be mindfucked. A 100% revelation of a Seung Gi you have never EVER seen before.

I’m so so glad the WOC arc is over for good, and we’re back to biz with Bong Gu and Bon Bon. I liked the drama shed a light on the team spirit, trust and co-operation between the N/S K teams when dealing with the American teams in the game, but honestly thought the execution fell kinda flat as I found myself checking in and out of those scenes. The actors were bad and the action sequences just stretched things a bit too far to be believable. In any case, I thought those scenes were simply just put there to heighten and solidify the relationship between JH and HA, which kinda was kinda disappointing because it could have been a tad more.

The JH and Bong Gu battle still intrigues me, tho it does seem to have dragged on for quite some time. I wish that they’d rid off scenes of Bong Gu trying to sabotage JH and HA’s plans and functions by violence for once (I bet Bon Bon’s tired of all the fuss and wants to look normal again – her heavy make-up and slurrishly annoying speech makes me barf) and focus on the intellectual foray a lil bit more. It’s in those verbal and sparring interactions when you actually feel the intensity and brewing hostility between those 2. It’s in those scenes where both actors get to shine. And I love it because it gets me into tenterhooks, makes me edgy in my seat without having to witness some stupid kidnap or murder again. I’ve honestly had enough of that.

But gripes are gripes, my heart is still fully in tact with the show. And blame this on Jae Ha, who has made me experience a rollercoaster of emotions with him. If I had to choose between a Kim Boong Do (QIHM) and a Lee Jae Ha (not as a man, but as a character) right now since I’m loving both to bits, it would be the most difficult choice ever. I’d say they’re even. Kim Boong Do because he’s just plain awesome awesome awesome? And Lee Jae Ha because of his human imperfections, his weakness and breakable fragility, which he constantly tries to improve upon despite hurdles of inner insecurity. If Kim Boong Do’s the ideal man I’d want to love, Lee Jae Ha is the ideal man I’d want to protect. He’s the King alright, but any man, let alone a King of the highest, would be susceptible to fear of adversities claiming his beloved and his loved ones. How does one make a choice in such a situation?

One thing I’m glad about this show, is that our OTP has already dispensed with any doubts of their love and support for each other. The only major hurdle which stands in between would be the country that they’d once vowed to protect with all their might in promise to the deceased King Jae Kang. Imagine yourselves in Jae Ha or Hang Ah’s shoes, put in that kind of situation, of having to choose between the front and back of your palm, what would you do? If he chooses his country, he’d lose his loved ones (which would be equivalent to killing him). If he chooses his loved ones, he’d lose his country, the entire nation’s trust, and most importantly, he will lose King Jae Kang for good. This isn’t a choice between 2 lesser evils, it’s a life-changing choice that would affect him all the same, regardless of which route he takes. If there’s anything that the writer has done really well in this episode, it’s the very last scene. It’s a dilemma that you cannot escape from no matter what you do.

See that there? If that didn’t kill your gut, I don’t know what can. Whenever I think of Seung Gi now, my brain will just automatically zoom into this scene The scene with left me in shock of Seung Gi, ze actor. I didn’t see him as a singer or MC, I saw him as an actor there. A legit actor.

But in any case, the adorably heodang Seung Gi is still the Seung Gi we know. Have a cut of Seung Gi, HJW and the cast in their latest MBC Section TV Interview: –



Isn’t everyone just downright ADORABLE?! Love that they’re having so much fun together off-set. At least the angst stays only within the drama. 🙂

credits: K2H baidu / K2H official web /


5 thoughts on “Seung Gi’s tears in K2H16”

    1. Isn’t he just precious, Seung Gi? <333

      And I heard K2H17 just stepped up notched last night, can't wait to get my hands on it!

    1. Seung Gi love will get stronger and stronger ❤ but the latest eps (17/18) belonged Eun Shi Kyung and his princess. What a wonderful discovery this year – Jo Jung Seok. 😀

  1. Seung-gi brought it and how!! He was remarkable, memorable, and nailed the gamut of emotions Jae-ha was experiencing. This will be his breakthrough role and the one that hopefully enables him to tackle more diverse characters. I find it mind-boggling that he’s only 25 but his nuanced portrayal of JH would say otherwise!! So glad the actors who were offered this role declined it. Seung-gi was meant to play JH!! Period.

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