QIHM Writer appreciation post

I think many have already squealed and swooned enough (or not) watching the last shot of QIHM10. I thought I was prepared for it, but no, it surprised and shocked me all the same. That stalled moment between BD and HJ, the interspersing of their electrified gazes and look at each other, imbued with such sweetness from BD and wondershock from HJ, their yearning and longing for each other, PERFECTION. Drama’s already 10 episode in, more than halfway through, but it only gets better, funnier (in spite of some angst in between) and lovelier. BD’s as ideal a human as ever, and HJ’s as lovely and endearing as ever. The side characters, they’re an awesome pack of fun. What did I do to deserve such a drama haven of awesomeness?!

I can go on and on and on about how awesome BD and HJ are, how spot on earthy and endearing they’re being conveyed to us by such unassuming actors JHW and YIN, and how whimsical and beautiful they are together (and even when they’re not) as an OTP. A combo devoid of all banal cliches combined, they’re as good as a match made in skies and heavens above, regardless of the time hurdle that separates them. A long distance relationship? Screw that. Drama makes us believe that true love and heartfelt understanding can transcend anything. Realistic not, but hey, it’s a fairytale carved out perfection for us romantics, what’s not to love?!

So writer Song Jae Jung, I decided that you should have a post to yourself. You deserve one. For the drama isn’t working solely on the magic of JHW and YIN and their palpable chemistry together. It’s not just because time traveling’s the latest trend, or that romance is just our cup of tea and that you’ve totally hit all our mushy buttons. Those are amongst the reasons, but none are as close to your intricate, innovative and heartfelt story-telling of a concept so outrageous and so out of this world, that even the insurmountable can be overcome. We’re perfectly aware of the impossibility of having a BD (epitome of ideal) appear out of nowhere, in our car or in a telephone booth (oh how awesome if I could have my own BD sighs), but your story makes us care so much we want to believe that the  impervious can be penetrated,  such a whimsical fantasy can happen in RL. We can fall in love with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Contrary to those who denied you recognition in Coffee House, for the craziness of the characters, the shipping wars (which wasn’t your fault btw) and all, I totally felt your story. It was one heck of an emotional roller coaster, it was crazy mad delusional, and some people hated it to the core. But I for one, felt your story, felt your characters and loved them all. The characters weren’t relatable at all (at least in RL),  but they felt real, I cared for them. Definitely not caricatures of any sort. The same with QIHM, you created a bunch of characters that we cannot possibly NOT care and love. We don’t get people like them in RL, they’re too idealistically perfect, and things likes these in dramas (far-fetched reality), more often than not, irk us to no dying end. But not in this drama.

The awesome thing about writer nim is that she never strays away from the core of her story in spite of all the sub-plots – the romance. She manages to combine both time parallels and the minor political conspiracy surrounding Queen In Hyun in the past together with the modern time love story perfectly. The scenes do not appear disjointed at all, nor are they jarring or confusing to us viewers. We see events unfold before our eyes magically (via the talisman), and yet we do not question the logic behind the mechanisms. It’s a quizzical reality, but we’re intrigued, and we want more. We love seeing BD and HJ together in the modern world, but we’re not bored by the shenanigans in the past. It’s like watching 2 different worlds spin before our eyes, and yet in the 2 worlds, lie 2 indivuals who are so connected through events happening in their own own respective time. It’s sorta unexplainable in the plainest of words.

But that’s not the awesome-est of writer Song. In both Ep 9 and Ep 10, she takes her writing and story-telling to a whole never level of originality (at least in K-drama). I’m not saying she’s perfect, her writing still has holes waiting to be filled (I’m not sure if she’ll get back to that), and she does sacrifices some for the sake of the bigger picture. But warts and all, it still feels PERFECT to me. Somehow she just manages to incorporate stereotypical elements/premises into the drama and executes them in a whole new unexpected dimension. Take for example HJ’s memory loss in Ep 9, I think it’s one of the most originally written and executen amnesia-related sequence EVER written in K-drama history, or I’ll go even further, in any drama history! It’s so refreshing and unique, and yet it’s not without its logic. HJ essentially has memories of HDM being her BF and all, but she doesn’t remember any of it. You get what I mean? In words it sounds nonsensical, but when you see her struggle between 2 conflicting memories, the bigger picture comes to life. It just strikes you hard. It’s an awesomely written and executed scene. Kudos to writer and YIN there.

And need I say more about how writer has carved out her characters? And how she’s allowed them to stay the same and true to their core characters right up until this moment? Here we don’t have the jerk-turned-nicey-guy character because BD’s always awesome, has always been and will continue to be. We don’t have the tough girl cookie turned damsel in distress. Why? Because HJ’s still the HJ we know, kind, quirky, with a slightly weak inside but always with a hopeful outlook in life. And HDM, he’s still the narcissistic limelight lover we know. No character is sacrificed to invoke drama or tears. And no line or scene is wasted to let time pass by. In short, writing’s cut to the chase tight, fast-paced and slick . Writer nim, how do you do that again?

It is evident writer nim has devoted a lot of time and effort into the penning her characters. It’s not only the core and essence of the characters themselves, what’s brilliant is that her characters actually act and react logically to the oddity of situations surrounding them (I’m talking BD and HJ). The quibbles of unexplained circumstances are inevitable (like how BD manages to remember everything right after he returns to the modern world in Ep 10, and how everyone’s in major memory loss when HJ’s remembers practically everything, the time passing in between..etc, I’m expecting some sort of explanation later), and I’m not buying all of it right now. But I’m willing to cut all that some slack, and just indulge in happiness seeing my OTP act so genuinely rational in circumstances which are so out of their minds’ reach. I especially loved how BD reacted to his memory loss and sudden realisation of change in his speech (surging up to him subconsciously), writer did an excellent job in telling and reinforcing the calmness of BD when thrown into the deep end, into something that’s so bizarre and unknown to him. And HJ, everything about her has been pure awesome in the recent episodes. EVERYTHING!

So writer nim, 6 episodes to go. I am expecting things to flow nicely, cutely and adorably in the next few episodes. Like others, I don’t want this combi of perfection to go away any time soon, or better, I want drama to continue its PERFECTION and AWESOMENESS till the very end. With everything that you have given us up until Ep 10, I cannot believe that tides will turn for anything less than good. I cannot in any way predict your next course of action, but I know you will give us what we viewers want.

I know, because you’ve been giving us what we want thus far. 10 eps of perfection.

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26 thoughts on “QIHM Writer appreciation post”

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ I really barely comment… and when i do… they are short posts. Honestly, this is the first time im blog hopping and commenting..

    Anyway, your post is gorgeous. Love it.
    Drama, you're awesome.
    I love how Song Jae Jung brings out the character in Boongdo. The drama can't help but make me wonder if a Boongdo can actually appear in my life, even though it's impossible, i am fully aware of it. I love the realism of the drama, despite the fully unrealistic plot. Basically, Writer song was able to bring the impossible to reality. I love how Heejin is so realistically written… How any modern day girl will react to a Joseon man like Kim Boong do… Perfectly done. A plot regarding Time Travelling that is impossible in our daily lives, SJJ made it so real… it's hard to even think it's impossible, even though it is impossible. She deserves every single bit of our love for her.

    I love how she connects 2 worlds, that we can never connect together, so naturally. Everything is so lovely placed together, we can't question at all, really. And yes, despite all the flaws im noticing, i do not care about them, because i know, SJJ will fix that, and even if she doesn't, it's still perfect for what it delivered to me so far. The best thing is how she made the 2 of them, from vastly different worlds, to overcome the barriers of space/time and fall in love. Especially with Boongdo's line of:" You asked me what will become of us as lovers.. I don't know, but till i find the answer, i'll keep coming back." How 2 people, who don't know what will become of their relationship… How 2 people, who don't know when they'll meet again whenever they part…. But how brave they are in facing this love they want… Writer, you are awesome. Especially when asked if it was really worth it to risk his life to know what was over in the "new world", and the smile that surfaced on his face, filled with contentment, realising how worth it it was when he remembered all his memories with Heejin. I'm so worried for the writer now, cause of the popularity, and the stress she might have because of the popularity, and the benchmark she has to meet now. But i trust writer song will be able to do it. Just like you, i don't want this drama to be flawed in anyway, because it's so damn lovely, i just don't want anything to destroy it's perfection.

    As for what you said about BD and his memory… i was shocked at first too.. when i saw him remembering everything when he went back to 2012.. But i guess it's because the talisman is back to it's owner, and his back in where he is supposed to be(2012), that's why he got back his memory. What i am thinking is that his fate… is to remain in 2012. Until he stops going back to Joseon, he won't live in peace. Whenever his back in Joseon, his fate is to die… So he will keep dying and go back to 2012 all the time.
    He will have to realise that his fate is in 2012… that is where he belongs to.

    And for the world not remembering BD, i guess we can call it a dream.
    It was a dream for HJ…. that was real for her. It never happened, yet it happened. Im sure she will touch on this later, but even if she doesn't i am still fully contented.
    It's fantasy afterall.

    I love how pure the couple is.. They remind me of 4 year old kids, falling in love. The innocence of little kids, meeting their first love, curious about what that their relationship will become of…
    The couple is straight out from a fairytale… Like one of the princess fairytales from our classic disney movies.
    The height difference between JHW and YIN is so perfect… Whenever HJ is with BD, she is never ever wearing heels… The consistency is awesome.

    Heejin, awesomely made. I am so proud of YIN. This is her first lead role, and she perfected it.
    How she struggled between what's real and what's not… All i could do, was to feel her pain.
    Especially when she said… how can a dream feel more real to me than reality?

    This drama is awesome, and the otp is driving me to insanity.
    Perfect cast, perfect directing, and most of all, PERFECT SCRIPT AND CHARACTERS.
    Kudos to Writer song, really.

    All i can say about this….. Perfect.

    1. Drama’s awesome, you’re even more AWESOME chinggu! What a great sum up of the drama and its beauty. And the effort you’re dedicating to the drama? You deserve a standing ovation just as much as the cast/crew of QIHM. Thank you so much for the updates and spoilers (I’m immune to them so dun worry about spoiling me hehehehe). You’re daebak!

      And please do start blogging already. If not for QIHM, do it for KBD your man! haha..

      1. @ripgal HAHAHAHA I plan to actually, after i finish this hectic school term of mine…. Since i really need somewhere where i could shower my love for Kdramas. I shall dedicate my first post to QIHM and KBD. Haven’t been this high for a drama in a while.
        Hahah i know i feel bad whenever i spoil on my twitter but damn it’s so hard to not spazz at times! Thank god you’re immune already!!!!

        Anyway, i really do have to thank you! If i didn’t read your first post on QIHM, i wouldn’t have picked it up since school has been unkind to me. Really thank you chinggu! HAHA!

        Thanks!!~ This drama is awesome, brings out everything we needed. It’s really refreshing… I can’t actually find another kdrama to compare it too. Every element hit the perfect note, and each element is pieced together perfectly. If it continues heading in the correct direction, its going to be a masterpiece.

        Honestly im not a fan of dramas where the leads for in love so quickly, because it’s unrealistic to me… But QIHM, wow…. i’m speechless. The process of falling in love was so quick and natural, before i knew it, i was in love.
        Just 3 minutes into the opening, bam….. 2 people from vastly different worlds, plunged in the middle of seoul, in front of gwanghwamun(love the natural lightings), and yeah without any words, i knew they were in love.

    2. I second ripgal: you’d make a great blogger. “I love the realism of the drama, despite the fully unrealistic plot. Basically, Writer song was able to bring the impossible to reality.” Wow. You just voiced so perfectly a thought I had but wasn’t able to word. In the scene in episode 10 when Boong Do returns to the modern world, what is most defined is his shadow grasping onto the talisman determinedly, and it’s exactly as you said: a shadow, something that isn’t corporeal, is what the writer and director show to us during this really important moment–a perfect depiction of the unreal being real.

      And the ‘two worlds placed perfectly together,’ like Boong Do’s Joseon hat on a modern day back pack! Your and ripgal’s insights make this drama even better!

      1. QIHM is really bringing in the poetic out of us all! haha.. Elle is easily one of the most QIHM info equipped fans out there, ask her anything, she’ll give you the answer.

        That’s the magic of QIHM – when 2 worlds and 2 individuals intersect, they become ONE. The impossible is transcended, we feel we’re in the same world as they are. Even when others are in doubt, both BD and HJ are well aware, and convinced of each others’ existence. There’s the beauty.

        I do hope the writer will be able to explain the whole thing about HJ’s memory vs reality vs memories of the ppl around her later on, am expecting a convincing one, if not it’ll be too far-fetched to buy. I’ve been trying to figure out how possible it could have been for HJ to have memories of 2 different incidents, which in fact, from our perspectives did happen in her life. We’re pretty certain BD’s real and not a dream, but what about everything that’d transpired after she woke up after her accident?

  2. I love everything you’ve posted about this writer! Makes me wanna give Coffee House a chance…but so many dramas! An abundance of awesome, lol. And I love how the writer and the director seem to be working in tandem. It’s like the whole cast and crew have the same idea for what they want the show to be and where they want it to go, so everything they do supports one another and ultimately works to make the show better.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks for such a great post! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Awwww.. thanks! ^^

      I’m sure you can do better chinggu, I love your short write-ups and analyses on certain drama eps in your blog. In fact, I think they’re so much more insightful than mine, you bring a lot of color and different perspectives to what’s apparent on the surface. I’m already expecting a full review when QIHM ends! hehe..

      Direction’s less annoying for me now, I’m one of the few who couldn’t stand the split screens and speedy scene transitions in the beginning. But director has toned that down a bit, phew. Cinematography and visuals are great, tho editing could be a tad better and polished. So far so good, I’m more than satisfied.

      Oh please do give Coffee House a try, but only when you’re free. It’s totally different from QIHM, but the writer’s style is there – in that she tries to turn conventional tropes into something more unique and fresh. Her characters in CH are quite typical caricatures on the surface, but the way she presents them to fit her story (it’s a love story) is somewhat unconventional and unseen before in K-drama. I rem a lot of ppl hated it for many reasons, but I for one appreciated how the writer experimented with her story and characters in it. Some may annoy you, but I think if you look closer you’ll discover something more.

  3. This writer sure has a thing for telephone booths. I ‘ve watched CP and now QIHM and there’s always an unforgettable scene taking place in a telephone booth…

      1. ,yehp, it was red too. And since we’re on the topic, have you seen the recent “date” pics that koala posted on her blog? More red telephone booth epic scenes. Hmm, I wonder where I can find my own telephone booth? Especially if it comes with one hot scholar inside.. 🙂

    1. And a thing for trains and train stations. One of the best kdrama kisses ever. Set my screen on fire. I could literally feel all the pent up emotions from the leads.

  4. Am I the one that thinks that maybe Hee Jin’s memories about her dating DM and all her ‘new’ memories after her car accident (when the the link between their worlds was ”cut” – the talisman) could be her possible ”fate” if BD didn’t appear in her life? You know, if BD never appeared, this would be her history.

    She would go back to DM and all….

    But since BD appeared in her life, her fate was changed. Just like Hee Jin also changed BD’s fate: not to die poisoned!

    So, is not like them meeting and getting together was their ”fate”. And IMO they are changing and making their own history/fate together.

    I don’t know, I think what the writer wants to say is, their love history is stronger than fate.

    That is why HJ didn’t forgot BD even though she should, and that is why BD remembered her after going to the future. He couldn’t remember her in the past – his fate wasn’t letting him, but once in the future, his fate doesn’t have much power over him and he regained his memories.

    I think their meeting and their connection are stronger than their ”fate” and I bet they’ll fight against anything to be together!!!!!!

    So in the end true love will wins, and fate won’t…

    Heheheheh HJ and BD are the cause and effect and shouldn’t never be apart again!

    lol sorry for my confusing post.

    1. Thanks, your explanation makes sense to me, it’s far-fetched but still plausible an assumption.

      Writer still has to make all that convincing enough, cos even though I may come to buy that their love’s capable of transcending their own fates, it still doesn’t change the fact that in HJ’s point of view, both events actually happened to her. She may not remember everything (HDM being her BF and SK not knowing about BD), but she definitely has the memories, and that has to mean something. And if we follow HDM and HJ’s versions, we can even say that for a fact that they had not in fact forgotten anything (because to them, BD never existed from the very beginning, even during the QIH film press con). So how did BD come into HJ’s life?

      Until the writer gives us a good explanation about the workings of this so called alternate universe HJ’s trying to get a grip on, and the possibility of HJ living 2 worlds at the same time, I’m all good.

  5. long time no see! Queen InHyun’s Man reunited us! i’m so hooked. every episode is engaging and breathtaking. true love across time and space, across eras, beyond language (i’m sure we’re missing out on a lot of pun-fun ie. colloquial phrases BD had to deal with in 2012 and which are gonna be so impossible to translate! haha!) my brother asked me how i was doing lately and i only realized on hindsight i had spent 1 hour telling him how gripped i was with QIHM! and we’re half-century old ppl, u know! anyway, i’m glad but sad that we’re half way thru, wish for more but i know the plot will suffer if it had to be dragged out for more episodes. gonna work on translating ep5 now….

    1. An-nyeongggg ai* unnnniiiii, waahh, indeed it’s been a long time! *hugz*

      Totally loving all the love and spazzing QIHM’s getting! Isn’t it precious to have so much of wonderful packaged into one? An ideal hubby material, with a perfectly adorable-without-being OTT and annoying girl, romancing each other with electrifying gazes, hugs and kisses, that alone is enough to propel us to romance haven (I know you still love it! hehehhe). Add the time traveling in between to spice things up, I can’t even ahhhhh…<33

      I haven't been babbling or raving about QIHM to anyone yet, nobody around me watches K-dramas (still sighs). So you're lucky to have your bro listen to you (tho I'm not sure whether he was interested haha..). Glad to have you people around to spazz and swoon with.

      And you're still translating for WITHs2? WOW. I'm so totally out after having stopped for 3 years.

  6. Just give a try watching QIHM’s but got hooked on to this drama after the 1st ep.I have watched few dramas acted by this lead actor but I loves him in QIHM’s he looks so manly and charming.

    1. I actually liked Ji Hyun Woo in Over The Rainbow and Birth of The Rich a lot in spite of the annoyance of his characters in them. I read that he’d actually handpicked QIHM’s script, a first in his career.. think it did him really good. It shows that he’s perfectly aware of his acting points and is milking every inch of that to his best in here.

  7. Wonderful post! I’m not a kdrama watcher, more of a kdrama reader since I like reading the recaps than watching them, and Coffee House was one of the only 2 Kdramas I’ve finished (start to end) up to this point. I started watching this because the recaps at DB for ep. 4 with the library scene just draw me in b/c I’m a nerd like that then 4 hours later, I was bona fide and certified obsessed with the drama. It was only recently that I found out Ms. Song wrote CH as well, talk about knowing your personal like! I think what I like so much about her writings is that she never assume her audience to be stupid, she doesn’t try to pull wool over our eyes expecting for us to go along. No, she works at her scripts, making them into a cohesive big picture with fleshed out details that we only realized till later. Plus she writes pretty great female characters. It’s easy to swoon over male leads since our hormones can dictate logic in the swoon of fangirling, but it’s harder to swoon over female leads b/c our brains are more in charge of the situation. I simply can’t watch a drama where the heroine makes me roll my eyes. In CH, we have the bumbling secretary who sometimes warrant the eye rolling but she has convictions of her own, and Eun Young was just damn awesome for me. She was strong, competent, completely in love but didn’t let that love cripple her self worth or esteem. And I simply adore the love story in there b/c the BIG OBSTACLE actually makes sense in how it shaped their relationship. Plus, ugh, hella hot kisses! ❤

    Sorry for the long post! QIHM really does make poet and philosophers out us all.

    1. Thanks and thanks!

      Love your take on Writer Song. Her approach is somewhat cliche and stereotypical on paper, but the way she presents them, the characters and their lines, they’re so… different. The concept’s there, it’s a rehashed recycle genre, but the way she spins them in order to weave her own version of a retold story, it’s really quite a feat. Totally agree that her story-telling doesn’t poke fun on our intelligence and makes us go, hey, that’s totally stupid OK?

      And never mind with the ramblings and all, waxing poetic is fun! hehe.. ^^

  8. After watching episode 10 I can’t help wanting for more and decided to peek at this awesome blog for some QIHM goodies…and lo and behold…you definitely did not disappoint me!!!! i love this post…..as much as I love this drama…and I love all the comments as well… Thank you!!!! 🙂

    1. the writer of QIHM is also the writer of Coffee House!!! Oh God!!! no wonder…. I just love CH to pieces… not only because of the handsome KJH but I was really drawn to the quirkiness of it all…. I always find myself re watching the drama until now…. WOW!!!!

      1. oh yeah!!! that was the first time I joined Soompi and the crazy ship wars and hound for all the fan fictions by the awesome bloggers!!!! And yes, that was the time I really met all the amazing K drama addicts and bloggers… wow!!!! no wonder am having some deja vu moments here…. this writer deserves this post and a bottle of wine from me…hehehe am giddy with happiness…..

  9. Thanks for the post.. I love QIHM to pieces.. everything about it is so lovely.. not to mention how perfect BD is… really it’s Ji Hyun Woo’s acting that make BD even more perfect… i don’t care for Yoo In Na too much in the past.. but she is lovely here.. of course all the side characters is fun… Dong Min crack me up everytime he is on screen… I think the writer does a good job developing the story and characters.. and i appreciate she spends time to develop not only the main lead but also other characters as well.. to be honest, i was a little bit nervious before QIHM air.. the plot just so confusing… but just watching the first ep.. i was totally hooked. The transition between the old and modern was so nicely done that.. i almost believe it’s realistic in this unrealistic story… i also give credit to the PD for making this drama looks so pretty as well.. not that i expect less from VP’s PD…

    i actually enjoyed Coffee House quite a bit… there were flaw in the story telling for sure… but i like the tone of the drama… the chemistry between the leads was amazing… and of course the classic red phone booth.. i could never forget… also the train kiss… i think Coffee house is quite a fun drama.

  10. I have only watched 2 episodes. I really want to watch more, but unfortunately my internet connection has been giving me problems. It’s so frustrating, but I’m so excited about how much kdrama awesomeness is ahead of me once I am actually able to watch QIHM and probably this will end up being a bleary eyed marathon ending with me going to work late on a giddy kdrama high that I can’t explain to any of my co-workers, but I don’t care! 🙂

    Also, I LOVE Ji Hyun Woo ever since he charmed me in My Sweet Soul. And he really did charm me because by the time I realized I liked him so much, I didn’t know why or how it happened. I just fall for the sweet guys. (I watched all of A Thousand Kisses for JHW- yes, all 50 episodes of it…). Also, Yoo In Na is an absolute sweetheart, so endearing and natural in her acting.

    …Off to beat my internet connection into submission!

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