I’m joining the Jo Jung Seok fandom too!

Just cos he’s so awesomely adorable and talented? And so damn versatile an actor you won’t believe it until you see him with your own eyes. I admit I’ve been temporarily occupied with Seung Gi and QIHM for the past few weeks, but I’m certainly not blind or oblivious to not have noticed this precious gem of a performer. I’ve not seen What’s Up (his debut drama), but did watch some of his singing clips to check him out (and yes, he’s a solid singer). But it’s his subtle acting in K2H which has drummed up my interest in him lately. And even more, after watching him tackle a totally different but amusing supporting character in Introduction To Architecture last night, my admiration for his versatility has increased by a 1000 fold. This man is no doubt this year’s breakout discovery – definitely an actor to look out for, more than deserving.

So I went on a YT searching spree of JJS (just as I always do when I’m interested in a guy, the usual), and ended up with these adorable videos/ads which made me laugh and giggle like a loony. In these blueLink vids (I think they’re car ads but I’m not 100% sure), JJS plays 2 characters likened to Eun Shi Kyung (K2H) and his character Napdeukki in Introduction To Architecture (the references are HILARIOUS!). If you’ve seen both drama and the film, you will get what I mean by the stark contrast between 2 characters. They’re so world wide apart different you might need some time getting use to.

But trust me, you will love him even more after watching these vids. And if you haven’t, you will.

[Introduction To Architecture spoilers included (character wise)]




JJS Interview Cut


I’m heading for a wild guess here, since I can’t fully grasp all the dialogues (if anyone’s kind enough to translate? Pretty please!! 🙂 ). In the first video, Eun Shi Kyung’s planning to take the girl of his dreams out, and knowing him (are we all watching K2H?), he’s the stiffest bot ever! So Napdeukki steps in as his advisor, and teaches him the ins and outs to dating. And thereafter, a series of fun and cute entails. The 2nd/3rd videos are mostly about automated control of the car itself and its functions, and heck I will just give it to the Koreans for their creativity and innovations. Talk about driving without a driver! o_0

We get to see 3 sides of JJS – himself, Eun Shi Kyung and Napdeukki. How brilliant is that?

Last but not least, a MUST SEE interview of JJS highlighting all his talents (I’m surprised!). It’s kinda old, but JJS’s just toooooo adorable in it. I laughed like a mad woman watching. Has Oh Man Seok too! 🙂



12 thoughts on “I’m joining the Jo Jung Seok fandom too!”

  1. ripgal, I have to give it to you…you definitely have eyes for the best!!!! hahaha I like this boy too for his acting chops and beautiful voice since I saw him in What’s Up… And am so happy he’s getting all these breaks and recognitions especially from TK2H ( he is beyond adorable in that drama and I’ll really cry buckets if they decide to kill him off)….. thank you for these videos and I hope someone with a kind heart would translate them to us….

    1. Nah, I’m just following the majority.. if not the majority. I’m not sure anyone will NOT fall for this guy after seeing him sing/act/perform. He’s doing really well in K2H, but it was his short appearance in Intro To Architecture which killed it for me. Totally cemented him on my list of must-see-talents.

      And it doesn’t hurt that he’s really really adorable in RL too! ❤

  2. I am looking forward to watching Intro to Arch (I have the vid but waiting for subs) and I am resisting writing up my own blog post about him. I think I will eventulally end up writing one anyway. LOL.

    Yay for more JJS love!

    Thanks for the links!

    1. He’s easily the most amusing thing in Intro To Arch, still have his scenes vividly etched in my mind. He’s just that memorable. 😉

      And of course you should ramble and rave away about JJS in your blog, IJH better make some space for our earnest bot!

  3. You really need to watch What’s Up.. you will love him even more… he is very different in WU then in K2H… He is so amazing in every role he is in.. so much talent… i am looking forwards to see him more…

  4. I do need to right? But I’m so swamped up with current and upcoming dramas sighs. Will probably get to it someday.

    Do watch Introduction To Architecture if you’re able to, I’m sure you will love this guy even more. His flexibility and versatility rawk.

    1. Too many dramas, too little time. Someone needs to figure out the time space continuum..or invent a real time turner haha..
      But since time is not really our friend, and real life intervenes way too much for its own good, if you get a chance, search for his name in yt and it’ll pop up a few clips from What’s Up. Earnest Bot has a beautiful singing voice – very befitting for a musical/stage actor!!!
      Looking forward to watching Intro to Arch as well!

      1. 24/7 is never enough for K-drama fans. NEVER.

        But yeah, I’ve alrdy checked out some of his WU singing clips. Damn expressive singer he is. Can’t believe he’s more a shy and reticent type compared to his bold and expressive side on TV. Def the man to look out for.

        Intro To Arch has my fav performance of him, he totally stole the show for me. SO ADORBS.

  5. Love him too. He seems really sweet, like a good guy in real life and I always, always fall for the good guy.

    Is the girl in the last video in the green tank top Lee Hyori?…

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