I have nothing to say or write about…


Think I’m having writer’s block or something. Booo T___T

But I did watch some stuff the past weekend, Dancing Queen being one of them. It’s not the most original or creative piece I’ve seen, typical plot with predictable execution and somewhat sloppy direction. But let’s just say, it has a wonderful and loveable Hwang Jung Min in it, who has crackling adorable chemistry with his queen Uhm Jung Hwa, who has really hot dance moves (and a hot bod given her age). It made me giggle, laugh and stream a tear or 2, and actually made me appreciate and love myself, as a woman, a lot more. Who says that we have to live submissively with utter complaisance to men? GIRL POWER RAWKS!

Want a something to chase away your blues, Dancing Queen might do you some help.

Ratings: 7.5/10



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