Dramas: Expectation begets Disappointment

Gah, I should have known, should have learned this lesson earlier on. Aim high, you fall painfully. Aim low, you reach higher. I shouldn’t have written that QIHM writer appreciation post in such an elaborate manner, wherein I’d praised Writer Song to the highest of heavens, for her exquisite writing and approach in the drama. Shouldn’t have done so before drama ends. I’m not going to negate whatever I’d said then, I still stand firmly by my words about the drama, it’d been a lovely haven of awesomeness at least up until Ep 10. But as the old adage goes, the more you expect, the more disappointed you will be. True in every sense of the word, as I feel the slump of disappointment mount on after watching recent eps of QIHM. I feel as if drama has lost its throttling steam, it’s not the same as before.  I hope the last 4 eps will do better plot-wise, but there’s an increasingly annoying and nudging notion inside me which suggests otherwise. I hope Writer Song will and can prove me wrong.


A lovely picture, a lovely OTP, a lovely atmosphere. What’s not to love? Our ever ideal hubby/BF-material Boong Do is back for good. And is planning to spend the rest of his life with Hee Jin, disregarding the mounting burden surrounding his past off his back for good. It’s great, it’s romantic, it’s what we die-hard romantics have been wishing for to happen. Our fairytale love story is coming to fruition for reals. What more can I want?

That’s exactly my point, I wanted something more. I had expected something more. More than just the fairytale romance between 2 individuals separated by time and space. Something more down to earth genuine and honest. Something real between 2 people. Ep 1-10 had all that, everything was imperfectly perfect and natural. The relationship between BD and HJ, the way they interacted, the way they communicated. Watching them bounce words of each other was gratifying and pleasant to watch. They were plain awesome perfection. But Ep 11 and Ep 12, hmmm.. both episodes left me unusually cold. And surprisingly quite unaffected. When I thought I’d giggle and smile with the handful of BD-HJ scenes, I found myself feeling just well, OK. My heart lacked the heart-thumping beat as before, my tummy didn’t flutter at all, and my mind floated in and out of the drama. I couldn’t believe myself either, I thought I was the only one, and I’m going to say it here, I felt bored?

A lot of things changed when BD returned to the modern world, the people around him, the characters, and even some of the dynamics between himself and Hee Jin. I appreciate that the writer/production team took time to develop BD-HJ scenes more, after all, fan service was exactly what they have been doing up until now (the incessant release of OTP BTS pictures are welcoming, but the more I see of them, the more I smell of well-planned promotion here). However, it’s apparent that the writer has somehow been sacrificing parts of the bigger picture and story (BD’s past included) to cater to us squealing-for-OTPlove fans. It’s not that I’m against that, but I can’t say that I’m loving how it’s done, at the expense of our characters.

I mentioned earlier that I love the writer’s take on her drama characters, in that they’re not entirely 100% caricatures of sorts, they’re unique in their own special way. But 11 and 12 showed exactly that (you cannot run away from being typical in Kdrama huh)? BD lost part of his genuine BD-ness, and HDM, became a total immature wreck, what happened to my lovely characters? I’m not feeling BD as much right now because I feel that his characterisation has weakened, in a way that he’s losing a dignified sense of righteousness in him. Some episodes back, I loved him for his righteousness and assertion of confidence on things he believed, but now, it seems as love has shadowed his eyes. He’s becoming a tad too smooth i.e. adapting a lil bit too well into modern BD. So well that I’m slowly losing touch. I know very well that HJ’s important to him, but shouldn’t he have displayed concerns for what’s happening in his past as well? Jasu’s still on the run trying to help his master escape, and he might well harm his servant and the gisaeng his loyal friend (too easily in fact), where’s BD? Hee Jin is still awesome and winning as ever, but BD ah BD, I want your old you back.

Yeah, I’m probably on my nit-picking mode over-analysing trivial details. But it doesn’t change my opinion that 2 eps have been wasted on excessive BD-HJ-ness when issues regarding BD’s past and present could have been dealt with. A chinggu I know mentioned that she’d squealed and swooned so much in the earlier episodes, even when BD and HJ’d failed to share a single scene together. But so much OTP-ness have been given in the last 2 episodes, and she literally felt NOTHING. How ironic. But I totally understand her, do you?

A Gentleman’s Dignity 01

There’s a reason why AGD’s poster’s smack right on top of my post. As you might well have guessed, the first episode was so disappointing it’s not even funny. I don’t think it’s as awful as some of my fellow drama chinggus have suggested, but they’re well ahead of me in terms of K-drama so I won’t judge. But yes, AGD’s pilot episode let me down so so so bad.T_T

I’m saying this with a heavy heart because I have quite a soft spot for Kim Eun Seok. She’s not exactly the most subtle and nuanced writer out there, and most of the time she banks on snazz and style to sail her boat. But she does hit some right buttons for me occasionally, when I care of course. Unfortunately, not even her so called witty dialogues in AGD1, coupled with her star-studded cast (Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul?), could get me to like her characters and her story. Everything about pilot just felt so washed out, manufactured and forced.

First off the characters, the only people I find a hard time liking – the main leads! Yeah, Do Jin and Yi Soo, the characters which I should be loving right now, well just because they’re the main OTP. I don’t have any problems with the bromance because they are quite adorable (and the ajusshis are doing a spot on job). But I have major major problems with Do Jin and Yi Soo, in a way that, OK, I get why they’re acting the way they are, but I do NOT in any way like them as individual characters. He’s a40 year old self-assured narcissist with a temper problem while lady’s your typical nicey nicey lady. Hello, Kim Eun Seok, some originality please? But that’s not the major gripe, it’s actually the acting which isn’t doing anything for me so far. JDG you look perfect, so statuesque and handsome I’m envious of Go So Young, but sadly you are not doing anything for me. I dislike his course voice (can’t change anything about that), the way he talks (it’s too evident he’s trying hard to come across aloof and recalcitrant), and how he tries to look good/pretty when he’s saying or doing something. Vanity issues? I dunno.  And KHN, I think her acting years are already behind her (I really do like her, and have adored her in On Air). But I just cannot buy her as a 30 something unattractive woman who isn’t capable of getting the man she wants. It’s so obviously the other way round.. writer just wants to push it too far.

That said, it’s just the 1st episode. And I certainly did get some laughs out of the funny bromance antics. Just that my expectations have lowered to the lowest of levels after 1, and I don’t think I will expect anything from Kim Eun Seok anymore. I’ll just watch for the sake of eye-candy and the bromance.

Dr. Jin 01

Mr. Hand Towel oh Mr. Hand Towel, how much more awful can you get? I’m not going to sugarcoat or anything, it’s the clearest truth of all – SSH is really blowing everything out of the water in this drama, in a bad way. And Jae Joong? I have never EVER seen sageuk speech or expression done any worse. I did mention that he looked really good in the garb earlier in a tweet, but his acting? It’s ruining everything.

Okay, here’s come the irony. Dr. Jin’s first episode was not a good start. The writing, acting (save for Lee Bum Soo, who’s awesome as always and expected), directing and music SUCKED. I’ve never laughed so much over such an abundance of flaws in a drama it’s just downright hilarious. I know the story’s following the Jap. version very closely, but I’m gonna disregard that for a while now. Just based on what I’ve seen, I wasn’t impressed AT ALL. BUT, the big but hehe…it’s a tad more interesting and intriguing that AGD for me! How’s that? Everything single element in AGD pawns Dr. Jin, but strangely, I’m more drawn to the latter!

There’s the saying that nothing can get worse when you’ve already expected the worse. That’s Dr. Jin for me. I think if writing or editing can be polished or done better, I’d be able to sit thru the drama in spite of the horrendous cringeworthy acting from our lead guys. Having had no prior exposure to the original, it’s true that my interest is piqued from the happenings in Ep 1 alone. Time traveling is a non-issue right now (how many have we had already?), it’s the execution of how over-confident Jin Hyuk grows to become a better doctor in his Joseon ventures which makes me a tad more intrigued, more than anything. I have zero expectations that SSH and JJ will improve, nor do I think they can. Let’s just say that something about Dr. Jin’s keeping me in the loop.

K2H Overview

I promised I would come to this soon, and here it is! But it’s gonna be short, because I believe I have raved and rambled enough about the drama (and Seung Gi!) here.

K2H ended a week ago, some people left with disappointment, some in content, some happy. I understood all because I could relate in all ways. K2H wasn’t a perfect drama, it had major writing loopholes, elements which stretched reality to the extreme, and execution which failed to deliver towards the mid and ending part of the drama. It also tackled an extremely sensitive political issue, and had treaded on a thin line whilst in a not so well defined relationship with their counterpart NK in RL. Overall, it wasn’t an easy drama to make, let alone to deliver or to satisfy. People either liked it, or hated it.

K2H’s extremely special to me (not just because I adore Seung Gi OK?). I wasn’t oblivious to its shortcomings, but the brilliance amongst its imperfection – it was still able to come through and move me, even at the very end. I’ve read a lot of comments lambasting the writer for over-emphasising on the political rift between the 2 countries, and ultimately sacrificing Shi Kyung to heighten the tension and dramatics in the drama. But I somehow felt indifferent to and not so bothered by all of that. Not that I disagreed, but I just felt that somehow those plot devices made a whole lot sense in Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s venture to get together. Some things didn’t have to happen (I know many wailed over SK’s death, I did too), but IMO they weren’t unreasonable and illogical. I actually appreciated that the writers had taken a bold step forward in their attempts to bring to us a forbidden love story set in a modern world, but filled with hindrances of all kinds, and to stretch it even further, stumbling blocks of a political nature. It’s somehow too long a stretch, but somehow it felt possible and believable to me. Direction was mostly good thruout the drama, music lovely (tho a tad too overplayed at times) and pacing, pitch perfect without any signs of dragginess at all.

But amongst all, ultimately, it’s the discovery of a new Seung Gi and Jo Jung Seok which had ended up being the biggest gratification of all. Seung Gi, I’ve said enough, look back at my posts. He’s not quite there yet, in his venture to become a legitimate actor, but he’s slowly marching there, with tremendous improvement with every drama he takes. His performance of Jae Ha will remain a memorable one for me. It’s not perfect or flawless, but I was moved in every single way. He was the epitome of insecure and vulnerable in this drama, and his growth touched me like no other. Jo Jung Seok, he’s perfect, he’s the best actor in here. Stat. And the rest, from the badasss Ha Ji Won and Lee Yoon Ji, to the gritty menace that was of Yoon Je Moon’s Bong Gu (he will always be the most amusing psychopathic villain to me) to the ever so endearing Lee Soon Jae.. to every single supporting character in the drama, kudos for without them, it wouldn’t have been such a brilliant ride of enjoyment and tears for me.

All in all, I had a wonderful time watching K2H. All the joy and tears combined, everything will remain a good memory in my year of 2012 dramas. It isn’t in my top 3 of dramas watched this year, but it will definitely remain one of the most enjoyable and moving. Like I said earlier in my posts, sometimes you don’t need to be dumbfounded or blown away by a drama, all you need is just to be moved.

And K2Hearts, you moved me pretty damn good!

Ratings: 8/10


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33 thoughts on “Dramas: Expectation begets Disappointment”

    1. The OTP sweetness was cute, but lacked something I can’t pin-point quite clearly. Perhaps it’s because they’ve fully acknowledged their feelings for each other and now they know what they mean to each other? Hence the lack of the so called “sparks” that we’ve been showered with earlier? They always say that in any romance, the sweetest and loveliest moments are the “ai mei” moments, moments when things are not clear cut, when feelings are still afloat and not assured by each other. I guess now that we’ve gone past that stage, things have settled down, we feel a bit..empty?

      1. It’s interesting how quite a number of us didn’t feel particularly excited for Ep 11-12 with the same old sugarly-kdrama-sweetness because what was refreshing about the show seemed to be off…BUT after watching Ep 13 and then reading your comments above I find it interesting how Ep 13 sorta addressed your questions above… not gonna spoil you so I’ll wait for your comments after you watch Ep 13.

      2. Yeap just got done with Ep 13, but I’ll prob do the comments a bit later for the fear that some may not have seen it yet. 🙂

        It’s definitely better than the past 2, and did highlight issues that I’d hope for.

  1. QIHM- I have to admit I think you are nitpicking a bit. I don’t think BD or his goals have changed at all. I actually was more intuned these eps to his personal struggle and the struggle for all men to be providers and protectors. I realize there was a lot of couply moments (and sure they were nice) but what struck me was what didn’t happen and why certain things were happening now. I can’t negate how you feel but like with every drama, it’s always interesting how the same events can be interpreted so differently. It’s too bad we’re at a point with dramas that nothing makes us happy, ne? Here’s hoping we can all walk away glad we spent our time with this drama.

    Dr. Jin- I can’t get started on that crap. It took me 3 tries to finish ep 1 and I’m still debating whether to see episode 2. I’m dreading it. I think I’m going to wait and pick it back up in a couple weeks after it gets it’s bearings. I hate to do that to LBS but some things must be done in order to preserve your love of dramas.

    AGD I liked. For all the reasons everyone seems to hate it and it comes down to expectations. I wasn’t at all surprised by what I saw, therefore I was entertained. Boy, I love when that happens! No disappointments, no irritation, no commitment, just a chuckle here and there.

    Still waiting for my fav drama of the year to show up…. I think only one(?) kdrama has made it to my 2012 top 5. Big, Arang? Will you make it? My hopes are low but you never know, ne?

    1. Haha, nitpicky me lol maybe I wasn’t in the mood for couply OTP moments? *how in the world can that be possible, I live and breathe OTP romance*

      BD hasn’t changed dramatically or anything, but there definitely is something different in the way he treats HJ now, and how he’s adjusting his life to accommodate hers. It’s not a bad thing per se, at least from his perspective at least. But I wished writer could have retained the full-on righteousness and dignity he had earlier. Not to say he isn’t who he is now, it’s just that he feels different, and somehow quite apathetic towards everything else apart from HJ. At least old Joseon BD would strive or try to resolve things in Joseon before returning to HJ (but that would cut our OTP off again I get it), but now he’s just like any normal modern man (maybe that’s writer’s intention, but I don’t buy it nor feel it). Or maybe writer just wants to give us the sweet before she tackles the angst later on, who knows? But of course, we can always always agree to disagree, that’s what discussion is all about neh? 😀

      Jin, I suppose you have already seen the Jap version, hence the appalling aversion to Mr. HT’s version? hehe. This boils down to what you can and cannot take from this version (like I said, it’s so bad it’s hilarious), either you live thru it and bear with the cringeworthiness, or just do away with it for good. No forcing. 😀 But Lee Bum Soo is really killing it, I already think he’s gonna steal the show.

      AGD – Yeap, I guess expected quite a bit from it, as the trailers did seem interesting enough. And Kim Eun Seok has always been a hit and miss for me, was willing to give her a benefit of doubt. I do love the side characters good enough, they’re funny and played by really solid actors. But really can’t get myself to like the main OTP, no matter how pretty they are. Characterisation fail for me, can’t help myself. Oops.

      I’m neutral to Arang, somewhat intrigued by Ghost/Phantom (just cos of HV writer), excited for Big, and have some hopes for Bridal Mask to be good. I do I do, the more stills I see, the less interested I am.

      But of all, it’s Nice Guy (SJK/MCW) that I’m hoping to nail 2012. Trying to lower expectations as much as possible. Do not think, do not expect, all will be good. All will be goood.

      1. Hmm. I feel I’ve missed something? Has BD given up on Joseon cause he spent a day in 2012? I didnt get that impression at all. Sure he had his convo with Mr. Monk but I find his issues valid, not disconnected. I haven’t seen where he’s chosen HJ over his actual “real” life. Misinterpretation?

        I did see J-Jin but that’s not my issue (entirely). MY n SSH make me cringe and the execution altogether is just sad, so sad I can’t watch -at least not now. Perhaps Im just not in the mood.
        I Do I Do isn’t for me though I’m sure there will be cite moments. I plan to check in but not for long.
        Bridal Mask? That’s a wait and see.
        I’m actually pretty interested in The Chaser, though I know it’s all been done before.
        Aigoo. I feel I’m going to be spending more time catching up on old dramas or in Japam until Arang, Faith and Big premiere.

      2. Nah, different perspectives render different interpretations. I don’t think BD has given up on Joseon entirely, but he definitely has a different track of mind now. He still has reservations no doubt, but it’s pretty…mild and not as strong as before? It’s just a very off-feeling for me, can’t really explain it, he’s just a tad too modern?. I guess to me, what he’s been doing in the 2 episodes kinda alluded to the point that he’s willing to forsake his past or whatever that came with it (Jasu running loose, his servant and gisaeng still susceptible to being captured..etc) just for HJ. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, it’s a decision and choice that he would eventually have to make sooner or later. But for him to have decided in such a short span of time (I assume it’d have been only 1-2 days since he returned from his memory loss Joseon), it felt a bit too forced for me. And certainly didn’t seem very old BD to me.

        Read some OK comments on BM, IDID and Ghost, hope to catch them soon. Need the newer dramas to alleviate the disappointment that was of AGD and the Jin horror.

        How’s Ep 2 of Jin coming so far? You got thru 1?

  2. I luvvvved QIHM 11. It was fanservice, but I hadn’t felt that way because it breezed by so fast. I thought the moment they found each other again was heart-tuggingly gorgeous. The disappointment, then renewed hope. The way they cling onto each other in an empty park w/ nary another soul in sight perfectly conveys the conflict: when there involves other ppl, they don’t get to exist. But they are sane and real in each other’s presence.
    Ep 12 continues w the OTP giddiness, but what struck me was actually the brief moment of conflicting emotion from BD during their bike ride. How he was unsure of staying, of the consequences, how there was a flicker of fear in his eyes, how he snapped at her in panic. It reels us, and them, back to reality. To the fact that the romance isn’t perfect, that he isn’t perfect, and the solution might not be either. That was the moment that tells us his mind hasn’t been blinded. But like the monk said, although it’s not an easy decision, his heart has already made the cross and I think there’s no coming back. It isn’t just about his love for HJ but also for his own sanity, leaving the world which has literally become the past for him.

    1. Good to have some differing opinions here, that’s the beauty of drama discussion.

      The OTP cuteness was definitely fan-service, no argument. Their scenes were cute I agree, and really did so much as to secure our OTP for good *I’m sure fans ran wild watching them being all lovey dovey*. But I guess it flowed too well and seamlessly for me? And coupled with BD’s sudden morph/transformation into this modern Joseon player, his interactions with HJ just didn’t feel as genuinely affectionate or honest anymore. It became more of a flirtatious play of words between them. I’m honestly nit-picking on this (who says BD can’t adapt to modern world flirtation, HJ has been hinting at him ever since she met him), but I guess his smoothness kinda threw me off.

      I have a similar take on the bike scene. Unlike some who thought BD had actually placed himself before HJ there, I thought it was more of a spontaneous and instinctive reaction – to the fact that something THAT important could be lost forever. I didn’t interpret it as him being cross with HJ that she did something so outrageously out of the blue..etc, but something more of what you’d said, that he may lose his one way back to his past for good (I’m pretty sure it’s the writer’s intention?). HJ just happened to be the perpetrator. If someone else had burned his talisman, I’m pretty sure BD would have reacted the same way. If we’re talking about the scene right after when HJ got the call from Soo Kyung, that did seem more of a MEMEMEME self BD cutting in, because BD certainly didn’t look VERY happy when HJ said she wanted to visit HDM in the hospital. I wasn’t THAT bothered, but it did taint my BD perfection a tad bit there..

      Maybe it was JHW’s acting or expression which failed to deliver the right cut, I didn’t feel it was convincing enough.

  3. Word there Chingu. I threw my cushion which I was previously deliriously biting and harrassing with crazy giggles instead of tears a la JIS’ JaeMin

    I have np with the OTP fanservice IF there r none of those cringy BD WTFs in the mix. IFFF it’s HJ just naturally staying the night instead of BD doing an in your face booty call. It’s not the sex but a HUGE problem with how it’s initiated by a yanban to his unbetrothed love, it’s not acceptable even if the lady is a Giseang back in Joseon. I will be slightly in the judging mood on any moderners in this early stage of a hot romance the day they’ve just rekindled to ask in blatant words the other party to stay the night at his/her place, when I’ll have no problem if it’s the choice of the other party to stay.

    And again we got the point the bike scene is trying to hammer in as @Hamster428 said, but it came across to me as BD being so self-centered and it’s an abrupt 180 considering he’s able to balance everything, including his own interest and safety perfectly while sensible to everyone’s demise he may be affecting or put in trepidation. It’s not whether he’s perfect or not, but his priority shifted from duty and honor before self to totally mememememe. Even in that scene, I see more accusatory blame on HJ being a spoilsport almost….buzzkill of his plans of whatever going back to Joseon he has no care to share with her. I can almost see a disgust and ‘Crap! What have u done silly lass!?!?!’ in the way he looks at HJ….and it absolutely snapped me out of any loveydovey and the subsequent ‘sweet’ smiles fr JHW felt so fake that pt on.

    1. @mookie So if I’m understanding you, you now consider BD as a “hit it and quit it” kinda dude, or a “have my cake and eat it too” character? I considered his reaction based on the knowledge of the damage the talisman can do. HJ wasnt serious but the talisman is dangerous. HJ never changed but he did because of the effect of the talisman. Is it irrational to believe that his indignance was reflective of that?

      1. No, I don’t hold such a horrible opinion of BD…yet. Again even with the bike/talisman scene I can understand him aghast with the talisman burnt and lost forever, and maybe just like last time any harm to talisman = him losing precious memories, but it is not absolutely cohesive with his talk with Monk during the night for him to apparently still desire to go back, at least that’s how he presented himself with HJ. OTOH I’m puzzled y he can not be forefront with HJ, he should know it makes no sense to her why he would rather face an eminent certain death traveling back, esp after what he’s promised her. She’s been taking things very well considering he’s always the one planning the time frame of his stays and when he’s leaving…even as stakes r higher now, I have faith HJ would understand, we saw her having absolute faith in their romance last 2 eps when they r apart and she has nth to hold onto and was told otherwise except her faith in hiim, in them…. and so should he. How is he going to love and protect her if he’s gone and dead?! Even though it’s apparent HJ didn’t burn the Talisman, but even IF she did, I could understand where she’s coming from, the disgust/indignation on BD’s face in his instantaneous snap judgement of her though…broke my heart in HJ’s place. I’d rather take it as JHW having a slip, not spot on that scene conveying the emotions of BD. Again, I get the writer’s intention to induce conflict and portray things not sailing smoothly, which I welcome as it grounds their relationship in a truer light, BUT it’s done very clumsily. That same spat, if it’s HJ having BD’s exact anger and frustration, it will make so much more sense. It’s apparent in the moments after, HJ is hurt, and BD gets that, is it too much to expect the brilliantly perfect BD we’ve spent 10 eps with prior to foresee sth we can immediately feel by adjacent and NOT be hurtful in the first place? Where’s the unspoken trust and rapport they shared ever since they met?! I see HJ putting his concerns before hers but I didn’t see it reciprocating that instant, it’ll be less jaunting IF he’s never shown he’s perfect and absolutely capable of putting her well being and making ‘small’ sacrifices for her (selling sword to buy her car for instance) yet not affecting grand schemes of things, but I’ve spent 10 eps of that and suddenly he’s just a regular joe putting himself and his agenda before her.

        Tbh I’m not liking the jealousy and water bottle childishness much, he has Miss Gisaeng back in Joseon, whom he’s asked for her hand in matrimony out of duty, he didn’t have another amnesia after, he just gained back his 2012 experience, it’s not hard to switch position to think of the scenario IF HJ was in his shoes, the one time-warping, back to Joseon and witness his relationship with Yoon Wul given the fact he is updated her ordeal fr SooKyung and he’s still elusive of the existence of YW to her.

        Did HJ not change?! The old her will perfectly be ditzy and happy minding her business, even if it may not last with DM, in that alterna-truth, I can see her having some happy fun times with him, but instead she has to live like a delusional to all, be treated as a psychotic, losing her mind as to what is simply real or not, and it’s small her, a fraction of her inside her head vs her rational being + the world.

        Tbh I’m not sure if they r intimate, and that’s beside the point y I’m annoyed with BD’s out of character, coyly playing along HJ with hot kisses is one thing because she’s the one initiating even though it is not proper Joseon decorum, but a man and a woman, not betrothed, in the same room at night for any duration is a crime punishable by death in Joseon esp the lady will be dishonored and he has no faculty to assume it’s sth not serious, no? Again, if it’s HJ refusing to leave, offering to stay the night, I’m seriously ok with them going to 3rd, 4th base…homeruns even, yanban no yanban, because the act of asking a lady he’s not betrothed to, even if they r in love, I would say esp when he would care about her honor so much the Joseon respectable way…scratch that, in any era way…..to stay alone in his place just out of him not wanting her to go is mindboggling, It would be easier for me to swallow IF say he’s taken over by jealousy of DM being at HJ’s place and if he’s said so as the reason he prefers her to stay put, instead of back to the ‘arms’ of DM….but he didn’t, he just demand her to stay when she’s about to leave. There’s a tinge of not respecting her wishes and imploding his own interest on HJ which I’ve never ever seen b4 in BD prior. And obviously they slept in the same bed, even if platonic, HJ is scantily dressed, missing his presence in the bed beside her when he’s off doing business in Joseon.

        Sorry for a super long rant…but I loved this drama so much and I need it to be perfect…and am beyond bummed it’s not.

    2. Basically, Ji Hyun Woo wasn’t perfect anymore. He sounded so corny when he wanted Heejin to stay…. and gosh he wasn’t being responsible in my pov i just dont know why… he didn’t give me the sense of being protected and all. Okay why am i talking as if i am HJ but yeah if you get what i mean. He isn’t perfect anymore. T____T

      “They always say that in any romance, the sweetest and loveliest moments are the “ai mei” moments, moments when things are not clear cut, when feelings are still afloat and not assured by each other. I guess now that we’ve gone past that stage, things have settled down, we feel a bit..empty?”
      Yes i really thing this is true. Besides, most dramas that i drop is because once they passed the stage of aimei, and being in love deeply… my interest just drops. Most dramas these days get their couple together too early, making the drama a drag.

      I really wished there was something more to ep 12, especially. I wished that when he went back to Joseon, something happened. NOW WHAT IS JASU DOING!?!?!?!
      Like Mookie and Hamster428, I was super disappointed and pissed with the writer when Boongdo was pulling a im-not-perfect self when HJ “threw” the talisman. Fine, boongdo, i get you… and i get your worry. But you looked as if you were gonna leave her forever if she actually did that. Now, is that really the love you were trying to portray to me in the past few eps? I was just so disappointed..

      If i missed ep 11-12, and went from 10 to 13, i honestly wouldn’t have missed a thing.. Some might say, oh this is important for the development of their love story, and how it will be of importance later… Yes i agree… But with that one bicycle scene….. i beg to differ. I swear if i were in HJ’s position, i did be broken. No matter what BD does in the end… saying he’ll take responsibility at the phonebooth and all.. That didn’t matter anymore. The first and initial reaction, when he thought the talisman was thrown… that is his true and only reaction, his heart wanted to follow. No matter how hard he thought after that, of wanting to take responsibility of her, thats part of being a responsible Joseon man… To me, it wasn’t because his heart wanted it.
      Mookie, fake is just the perfect and right word for BD then and there.

      Dongmin, another one. Oh well, i guess the writer was trying to show us the typical rough korean men… the sweet before marriage then plain idiot after marriage.

      1. woah you guys are thinking too much about that scene!

        Saying he doesn’t care about HJ…. saying he was just taking responsibility later but it didnn’t come from his heart… what?

        It was just supposed to show that yes, he still isn’t sure if he can abandon his past life, but doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Hee jin and all! I don’t see what the problem is, so if BD asked HJ to go to the past and leave all her family and if she hesitated you would say she doesn’t love him and all? lol

        Also, the talisman can cause dangerous consequences, maybe BD was just worried, what if they all losed their memory or got in an accident again?

      2. *hugzzzz* Gosh sweetie, I need to WORD ur every word.

        I’m exactly the same with my drama loves as well, I love to romp and bathe in the ai mei, but when ship is staying afloat by sweet nothings, it turned me off so much. I’m quite shocked he’s stated so obviously he’d prefer living in 2012 instead of Joseon, I’m fine with him if the reason is maybe Monk tells him his ‘purpose’ in Joseon is fulfilled, life’s mission is complete and he can without hindrance move on, but you bring out that white elephant, Jasu! He’s not dumb, he’s already known too much and he’s still out on the loose, I consider him a BIG imminent hazard needing immediate taking care of, AFTER which BD can really wash his hands off and do as his heart’s desire, because a Confucius well-read yanban will NEVER ever put duty before one’s lofty desires…at least that’s so not the BD we’ve spent so much time with and fallen for.

        *sob* isnt it devastating?! I was happily spazzing along with you girls on how my knees turn gooey with a flick of his smile, but now I felt it’s fake and sleaze and Get Off our HJ ewww!

        Lets not start with DongMin, he’s sadly and gloriously writer taking a vacay fr caring. No argument there. He’s not redeemable, whereas I’m still ready to forgive and forget BD if we get our ep1-10 back pronto!

      3. Oh crap that’s obviously a ramble for redpinkboxes.

        No offense Lizzie, but those few scenes r the pivotal ones, what else should I be thinking of?! the 3 minutes plus of Carre making/product placement? 😉 I kid.

        It’s not he doesnt care about HJ, but it’s the first shocking time I see him caring about himself so much so he’s slacking with putting HJ’s feelings first which he has no problem to instinctively do even prior to them in a committed romance.

        I’m totally for BD feeling uneasy or concerned, but JHW came across as snappy and pissed at HJ/YIN, tonally so different.

      4. @redpinkboxes

        Oh I can’t imagine your disappointment chinggu, because if anything, you’re one of the most devoted QIHM followers I know. And when I say devoted, I mean it seriously. *pats on back*

        My interpretation of the scene is more akin to Hamster428’s. Didn’t think he was cross with HJ, but him more worried about a total cut-off from Joseon for good. Different interpretation I guess. I do think that his reaction to SK’s call about HDM’s hospitalisation was a hint of his self-centeredness/jealousy kicking in, but that aside, bike-talisman scene didn’t bother me TOO much.

        The telephone booth scene was pure fan-service, PURE. It was cute but did nothing for me. I didn’t think BD was faking or feigning it to make HJ happy in that very moment only, but was truly genuine from the bottom of his heart. I never doubted his love for HJ, and the extent that he would go to protect her.. but it’s just that, writer could have done better with the execution there. Maybe she ran out of good lines?

        I’d rather have BD tell HJ about his past and his burdens, and make her understand already. Him being all protective and not wanting her to know too much isn’t gonna make things easier for her, him and for them as a couple. So why not just spill the beans? It probably’d have been better if BD didn’t make a full promise to take responsibility of HJ (when obviously he’s not in a position to knowing his circumstances), but just to reassure her that whatever things may be or come to be, his love for her remains.

    3. @mookie – 1st reply (pardon me this reply thingy is confusing)

      Yeap, the 1st scene of Ep12 did bother me for quite a bit. I’m not entirely averse to what they’d done (if indeed they had done it, writer’s being pretty vague here), since it’s normal for man and woman. But it’s the execution and how it happened, that was TOTALLY off. It really didn’t seem very Joseon BD-ish to initiate HJ to stay the night with him, let alone allow her to sleep on the same bed?! I just feel that a man of BD’s class and education (well respected scholar) in the past would not have even allowed a girl that he liked to sleep in the same house. The BD I knew (at least), would not have complained about HJ leaving him in an empty house and instead would have urged her go back to clean up her mess with HDM.

      And on bike scene, we have differing opinions hehe, I’m inclined to follow Hamster428’s view, but we’ll agree to disagree! 😀

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It was nice to see BD and HJ together in eps 11 and 12, but I felt it was somewhat forced, and the whole ‘did they sleep together or not’ issue troubled me. I was not quite sure what i didn’t enjoy about these episodes, but your take on it helped me think through my response.

    As others have commented, dramas usually devote a couple of episodes to the OTP cementing their relationship, and I guess these episodes served that purpose. (can I just say here, while ducking to avoid missiles, that in real life such differing personalities as BD and HJ will need to work really hard at keeping their relationship going over the years – one of the reasons why I don’t fully buy into BD’s intensity of emotion for HJ, or maybe that’s the beauty of instant attaction) But, with 4 episodes to go, I’m sure the pace and the plot will pick up, and that this drama will end on a satisfying note. It had better!

    1. You’re most welcome, good to see some new QIHM new faces! 😀 I seriously didn’t expect my post to get so many insightful replies, you guys rawks!! ^^

      No missiles here, I’ll be your shield! hahaXD But I totally get your point about a BD and HJ coming together in RL hehe, I can already imagine the number of stumbling blocks that they’d have to overcome to make their relationship work. But I guess that’s the point of the drama in the first place, make the impossible possible, and love boldly in spite of the restraints. Totally not realistic, but that’s one of the reasons I liked the drama in the first place.

      I too think, I hope Ep 13 will be better. I read some spoilers, and it seems as if BD’s finally regained his BD-ness back? i.e. he’s back in Joseon? Yay for that!

  5. Alright, alright… my 2-cents:

    the latter half of ep 11 (once they got to the boarding house) definitely felt off to me, concerning BoongDo’s character, ep 12 was 20% brains 80% cute compared to the 80% brains and 20% cute in the first 10 episodes so it WAS a bit disappointing. i stand firm on the side that at most they only snuggled in bed since time-wise it was impossible for anything else considering how insanely busy he was time-jumping that night

    but I would say that the burning amulet thing didn’t bother me THAT badly:

    HJ: she’s a loveable character, but she’s not the smartest one in the batch (not in a negative way), just simple-minded… the whole convo when she was putting her head on his back on the bike was her thinking out loud, and we see her thought-process, which was a very natural one– before she decided to test the waters/pull a prank with the fake burning amulet deal; i.e. it was an action of impulse, she meant no harm since she obviously didn’t really burn it, but it was a bit like play-acting–> ok BD, you seem ok with staying here for good, so why not get rid of the amulet for good too (hypothetically)… right? NOT a WISE thing to do, but it wasn’t an abhorrence either because she CLEARLY was not serious about burning it

    BD: his reaction, the way I read it, was SIMPLY horror at that act, the possibility that the amulet did get burned “What have you done?!” the way he said it, to me, had no indication of disdain for HJ, or wrath/anger… only shock (this is all split-second emotions, as if he has the time to think “HJ you evil woman, how dare you burn my amulet!” (obviously my sarcasm here) and it’s NORMAL because YES, he HAS spoken with the monk about the idea of staying in modern time for good, but HE DID NOT indicate that he was already fully on board with the idea (or else he would have given HJ clear answers when she proposed the idea on his back; com’on, mister sweet and romantic DEFINITELY would have been straight-forward and went “well, you silly, i’ve already decided to do that”) at this point, as the monk has said, his HEART has already pointed to this direction but his HEAD still needed to get on with the idea 100%… he’s still thinking of the implications, checking everything to make sure that it’s ok, if he stays, how he’ll go about doing this in a way that would be best for HJ and for the people he leaves behind in Joseon (which is why we’re expecting him to go back to Joseon in ep 13 and thereby get hurt), and if he doesn’t stay for good, what then. BD is a THINKER– he has to go through this process for his MIND to be ok with it too. And at the end of ep 12, we see that he HAS– hence the confession in the phone booth. in that sense, his reaction to HJ’s “prank” is PERFECTLY normal… dude, you just told me that the amulet’s been burned, before I even got a chance to think out carefully what to do next– that’s like wiping all the options I originally had to ponder/consider, etc. ANY thinker would freak out on that– the freedom to have the options still available for him to think through is important to him and to lose that all of a sudden is hard to swallow, not that if the amulet really got burned he wouldn’t eventually deal with it rationally,,, it’ll just take some time, and those 2 seconds in his initial response IS not enough for him to rationalize the possible implications of his just-now possibly burned amulet

    ^hope all of that made sense XP

  6. I totally adore your insightful review for King 2 Heart! I haven’t finished it, but planning to! Though I’m not emotionally as invested as you did, but I often tear up watching some touching scene…

    I haven’t watch QIHM recent episode, because I’m sooo busy… as of late… aghhh Maybe I will finished all this drama on July…

  7. TK2H has such a special place in my heart. It came out of left-field and possessed my heart and soul. I agree with you re the plot holes but lemme tell you most of us watched the show for the beautifully written characters.

    Whenever the plot failed us we looked to the characters and they more than redeemed themselves. These characters were SO consistent, original, and beautifully developed that it forced us to watch this show. Jae-ha for me grew so believably throughout the series. He is my favourite K-character ever! He was so layered and complex and it was wonderful to do a character analysis with the rest of the fans over at DB.

    Not to the mention: the acting! omigahhh!! Seung-gi killed me! I dunno about you but his performance was so raw for me. Whenever his face would contort like he about to cry mine would mirror his. I’m so glad he took on this difficult role. He owned it absolutely. I would always marvel what exactly had he done in the past 2 years because his improvement as an actor was inexplicable. To nail those nuanced gamut of emotions blows my mind. He should be damn proud of himself for his very successful portrayal of Jae-ha.

    As for the story line & the politics. When I heard the premise I ‘really’ thought they would crash and burn. It was such a difficult genre to master. Yes, there were times when I rolled my eyes, laughed, and shook my head….at the back of my head I knew it was fiction and I still give major props to the writers and the entire team to be brave enough to even attempt such a genre. I remember someone mentioned that at the press conference Seung-gi mentioned that they would not pay heed to the ratings and I’m SO glad that they didn’t.

    Despite it’s glaring flaws TK2H had so much heart & soul that it was difficult to not love it for the sincerity of the cast & crew and the story it was trying to tell. Never have I been so enraptured by a drama as I’ve been with this series. It was beyond memorable for me and it spawned a manic community at DB wherein we’d discuss & analyze the details between consecutive weeks. It should be indicative how difficult it’s been for people to move after this beautiful series has come to an end as people are still lingering on the thread a week and a half later.

    1. Such a brilliant write-up there! Totally summed up my general thoughts on K2H, you did way better chinggu 😀

      Can’t wait until Seung Gi’s next drama, but boy needs some good rest. Such a workaholic yaiks!

    2. And I’m glad I drop here….
      It’s been three weeks and I’m still lingering there, still digging some uncovered facts…this drama is too special..
      you two are great to able to summarize all about TK2H, all I can say is: I stilll don’t wanna apart with this drama!!
      Help, please? 😦

  8. btw, where did you find the subs for A Wife’s Credentials? Everyone’s been raving but sadly I think the eng subs are available only for Ep 1-2. Such a bummer!! :/

    1. Okay talk about ADHD, eh?! Cannot remember everything to put under ONE comment.

      Wanted to fill you in that I read at tryp96 that Seung-gi may be going for a second master’s degree!! As a nerd it totally warms my heart and my obsession with him has reached to an all-time high. heh

    2. I watched AWC with Chi subs (even then they were just sub-par or less, but better than nothing at all). I think subs are being churned out at pretty slow and nicely, it takes quite an effort to actually nail the lines and meanings accurately. You could try Thundie’s blog for recaps if you’re eager.. but for now, you’ve got to wait a bit I’m afraid.

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