Ravishing Gong Hyo Jin in 60s Glamour for VOGUE

Can Gong Hyo Jin ever fail to look glorious and stylish in anything she wears? Can she EVER? Not only is she one talented actress amongst her generation of peers, up in her very own league, she also rawks my socks and everyone’s socks with so much aplomb it’s impossible not to love her. With such ravishing style and chic-nes that not many have or can ever emulate. She can literally wear drab or even rags and come out looking like she’s dressed to kill.

It’s the attitude and the charisma. Either you have it. Or you don’t.

Here’s Gong Hyo Jin pulling off some really gorgeous classical outfits for the June 2012 edition of VOGUE. The outfits are exquisite and lovely, clad to a T on the perfectly fit Hyo Jin. They’re not too gaudy or garish, and emit a very imposive charm on the eyes. And more than anything, our model is rawking the elegance and charm with utmost confidence and sheer ferocity, filling the whole spread with an air of classical and femme fatale beauty.


If looks could kill, I’d have been dead by now. You don’t wanna mess with yer lady up there.

credits: GHJ baidu/ kdrama.com


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