Girlfriend. Boyfriend. 女朋友 .男朋友. Trailer

I’m not so much a TW film frenzy. The only ones I’ve seen have been more so the hyped up and recommended ones, along the lines of 7th Cape Town, Monga and the recent hit, You’re The Apple of My Eye. I believe there are more subliminal ones, more quietly understated and underrated ones which deserve a gander or two, ones with buried gems and brilliance of performances that I will never get to see on TW dramas. I love good films generally, regardless of the language and genre, but it’d take a major gush and push to make me watch a TW film – reason being: notime cos all spent on Korean drama and everything Korean. 😛

But this film I’m definitely going to check out when it comes out. Admittedly out of sheer shamelessness and shallowness for Joseph Chang, I’m just like that.


Trailer’s quite explicitly explanatory of the plot – two guys, a girl and their coming of age friendship/romance. It tackles an entanglement of relationship between 3 friends spanning a period of 30 years, from adolescence to adulthood. Definitely not your most original friendship-lover story out there, but trailer does exude a very nostalgic and comfy feeling with understated tension between the characters brewing beneath the surface. Premise can be prosaic and unimaginative on paper/script, but with the right touches and performances, I believe we’re in for a good score here.

And hey, it’s Joseph Chang! With the ever so talented Kwai Lun Mei and hottie Rhydian Vaughan. That raises the bar of hope a notch higher. At least out of the 3, we have 2 people who’re not mere pretties on screen. They actually have the chops.

Girlfriend. Boyfriend. 女朋友 .男朋友. premiers this 3rd August 2012 in TW. Who knows when it’ll get to my place, but I’m SO willing to wait.



8 thoughts on “Girlfriend. Boyfriend. 女朋友 .男朋友. Trailer”

  1. I’m watching this in 2 wks, it’s showing in my woods. Have you seen Blue Gate Crossing? Still the best I’ve seen Kwai and Bolin.

  2. I ‘ve heard that Joseph Chang is doing another movie with Jimmy Wang, called LOST. I love his acting sooooooo much!!!!!! Have U watched Eternal Summer, Prince of Tears?? He was born to be a super movie star.

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