Monster-fied by Big Bang & Drama Impressions

Anyone Monster-fied by Big Bang as I am? If you haven’t listened, whatcha waiting for?!!

I’ve been listening to their new song non-stop for days now. The MV, the song, the tune/melody, the voices, darn, it’s one heck a plethora of awesomeness. Superlative Big Bang-ness there! Sure, their outfits in the MV rendered me a loony, gave me non-stop laughs I’m sure you’re suffering the same, what’s with GD’s mushroom hair and Tae Yang’s mickey mouse bun?!! XDDD But you can’t deny, when Big Bang comes back, they do come back BIG with a BANG!

I just need to share. XD

credits: BIGBANG YT Channel


I also caught up with the dramas the past weekend. And verdict doesn’t seem very promising. They’re good okay ones, but none comes close to those aired in the first half of 2012. I guess drama gods have graced us with their abundances well enough earlier this year, mid-year doesn’t look to become a great drama season (wish I can be proven wrong).

Gaksital/ Bride Mask

Joo  Won oh Joo Won, you know I adore you right? I do, really, I do.

But if you’re gonna keep doing what you’ve been doing (screachy screamy yelling in the most OTT way unimaginable) in the first 2 episodes, I’m gonna go mute control sooner or later. Nope, I think I will mute you if I get the feeling that you’re gonna break into that smile of yours before you go yelly. I really will.

First 2 eps of Gaksital were good, well, considerably if compared to the other dramas airing right now. Premise is quite typical and predictable but has a certain amount of panache in execution.I like how Lee Kang To’s presented to us in an anti-heroic bastardly manner from the beginning. He’s obnoxious and unabashedly unapologetic for his uncouth ways, so resentful that one might find it hard to see how he’d change for the better? At least into Gaksital in the near future? It’d take some huge effort to get him to adjust his views, and I’d like to see how that pans out.

Minus the one glaring and obtrusive flaw, about how Gaksital is presented to us audience (which can be very bothersome if drama doesn’t fix it sooner or later), everything else is pretty much palpable on the zero meter scale. Joo Won needs to tone down his exaggerated screaming histrionics and learn how to get a grip of his emotions, and things will be better. Female lead Jin Se Yeon as Mok Dan has volumes of vim and vigor, enough to blow the roof off. A certain talent in the making, and definitely can do better. Park Ki Woong is awesomely understated with a brewing fire inside him (he always outshines his co-stars, I wonder why he hasn’t landed a leading role yet?). Shin Hyun Joon and the supporting veteran actors? Need I say more?

So far so good, I’m intrigued. It’s currently on top of my current watch list.


The Chaser

Second on the list, and following Gaksital very very closely.

Nope, this has no specific semblance to The Chaser that we all know of, but the concept is pretty much the same. Plot tells of a father cop who goes on a kamikaze chase on the trail of the culprit responsible for his daughter’s death. Typical revenge/conspiracy genre with some dramatic tropes splashed here and there. But we’re assured with very very solid performances by Son Hyun Joo and Kim Sang Joong. They totally lead from the minute they appear on screen, charisma and fire, all out.

Writing doesn’t offer much, as I said, it’s quite the usual fare of revenge plot we’re accustomed to seeing. But I like that we’re put right into the conflict and conspiracy right off the bat i.e. we know who are the protagonists and the antagonists on the get go, not much of a mystery there. They are quite a bit of annoying coincidences which might render the drama a bit too predictable, but so far I’m OK with it, the acting compensates.  It’d be interesting to see how things will turn out because things have sped by just in 2 episodes. I reckon Hong Seok (Son Hyun Joo) won’t be chasing after the wrongdoer for 16 episodes? There has to be something more.


I Do I Do

Drama is light and adorable, doesn’t annoy me too much.

I admit I wasn’t very impressed with the first episode (unlike most who said so, perhaps I wasn’t in the right mood). Premise is incredibly old-school, seen before done before lots of caricature characters . OTP set-up is also predictable predictable predictable, it isn’t as hearty as I thought it would be (as seen off the trailer). Good thing drama has Kim Sun Ah because she just has this amazing ability, you know, reach out to the audience? Lee Jang Woo‘s doing surprisingly fine (he has tendencies to OTT but he’s not offensive, doesn’t annoy me yet) and Park Geun Hyung? Best drama character I’ve seen of his – I already kind of ship him with Ji An altho I know it will never ever happen.

Ep 2 toned things down a bit, I liked that. It focused on the characters and their dynamics, and introduced to us some internal conflicts they’re going thru. Especially the father-son interactions and Ji An’s insecurities, those were great moments. The OTP are surprisingly fun together, the way they tell each other off (with some underlying meaning there, that’s some decent writing)? Hilarious without being too garishly cheesy or over the top. Chemistry is so far quite good tho not particularly sizzling as most rom-com OTPs start off, I’m willing to wait on that. Brewing takes time, and if it’s done well, they might end up being really really adorable and perfect for each other. The lightheartedness is still there, and I appreciate that it doesn’t edge off the slap-stickish route.  It’s got a liiiiiil bit of potential to rise above the norm of usual rom-com fare,

Jury’s still out, but I’m willing to give it a chance.



Most disappointing out of the bunch, discounting AGD and Dr. Jin) obviously more offensive overall quality wise).

You know I’m starting to doubt that So Ji Sub can ever achieve another MISA breakthru. The last good performances I’ve seen of his was in Rough Cut (but that I’m on it, I think tough gangster roles are just his niche and I’m getting tired of it) and ever since he’s just been a sack of disappointment. 2 episodes of Ghost/Phantom and I can already see he’s not attempting to do something about it. Sighs.

Admittedly I started watching because of SJS, Choi Daniel and the writer (Harvest Villa, SIGN). Lee Yeon Hee doesn’t even deserve a mention because I don’t think she qualifies. But 2 eps in, I think I’m just gonna follow for the plot and mystery. The writing isn’t quite up to par as I’d expected (HV was awesome up until a point, probably because of stellar direction), it feels sloppy and lousy – without good research on crime procedural elements having done beforehand. Some elements really threw me off bad, had eyes wide opened witnessing the disbelief before my eyes. But I guess anything can happen in drama. I’m just going to focus on the procedural investigation part to get over the major gripes for now. It’s not stellar but there are things I want to find out badly.

So far there hasn’t been any good memorable performances (2 eps only I know). SJS’s still same ol’ SJS, LYH’s hopeless and Daniel’s decent (could have done better). The only hope right now is for Uhm Ki Joon to appear – to sweep me off my feet. If there’s anything, he can make drab attractive right on the get go (evidenced from his portrayal of stiff bot doctor in Scent of a Woman).

2 eps in, it’s still MEH. I see things might change in the next eps, I hope.



Fresh! Just finished the pilot about 20 minutes ago. *still swooning sweathotty over Gong Yoo’s purfeeeectly statuesque bod!*

I read reviews here and there beforehand, and they weren’t very positive and ravy as I’d expected, this a HongSis project (I expected overwhelming praises and laughs). But I was quite surprised, I actually enjoyed the episode (more than it deserves). It doesn’t have the HongSis usual tricks of funny and snazzy, the characters aren’t particularly interesting, and it has a somewhat annoying OTT Lee Min Jung hamming up her everything in Gil Da Ran which threw me off quite a bit (her mannerisms remind me of Joo Yoo Rin, but hey, LDH claimed that first!). But then things starts to settle in halfway, Kyung Joon comes into the picture, the body/soul swap takes its course, I’m intrigued.

The premise is unique, seen before but definitely not your ordinary kind. It reminds me of 49 Days mixed with a bit of 18 v 29 and a lil of 13 going on 30, lil bit of everything meshed into one. The brilliant thing about this is that we have no idea how things will pan out for the OTP in the end. If we want Gong Yoo to end up with LMJ, we should be rooting for Yoon Jae and GDR. But thing is, it is quite unlikely in this case? Clearly we’re made to love body swapped Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran together, and I already know they will kill me with their cuteness. But how, on earth can they be together? Can Kyung Joon live in Yoon Jae’s body forever?! No of course, but we want him to. Thing is, HOW?

Shin Won Ho‘s adorable, has chops and looks a mesh of Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In, I know he will claim hearts in no time. But BIG is clearly Gong Yoo’s game to nail, and I can’t wait to watch him unleash his childish antics. I thought he did a wonderful job with Yoon Jae (he has issues, I think there’s more than what meets the eye) and is clearly going to kill it with Kyung Joon in his body. If he can do this right, and gives us more of that o___0 fanservice bod of his, you can send me to heaven righto away! *clearly mind’s still stuck with that image of him coming out from the morgue*

I feel that the HongSis may be taking a different approach this time around – by focusing on something meaty instead? I really hope so that’s the case, they can’t just do slapstick rom-com splashed with some melo in between forever. If anything, I welcome this change they’re taking.

Too early to tell of course, but HongSis always does this to me. A reason why they have a special spot in my heart.

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10 thoughts on “Monster-fied by Big Bang & Drama Impressions”

  1. @Big was thinking the same things. Different than expected but completely lovely. Finished ep 2 a few hrs back and I can firmly same: Like, like, like!
    I think it’s sad many didn’t like the first ep but I trump it up to expecting same ole same. And I have to say, though it gave me pause, I love the change.

    1. Oh forgot to mention the Gaksital stuntman error… Um I was shocked cause it made me second guess my dedictions and wonder if there was more than one. Giving the prod. team the benefit of the doubt, you know? I dont know how that flew under the radar and goodness know I hope we won’t be seeing anything that awful again.

    2. @ Big I think many expected the outright hilarious funny off the spot from the HongSis? You know their usual. TBH, I didn’t laugh a lot in the episode, but it did strike quite a chord with me, in a different way. Some things did bother me, but overall, a decent pilot.

      @Gaksital Hilarious right? I was almost close to be convinced that there mightttt be more than 1 out there too. But then some of the shots indicated otherwise, and I was like WHAT?! That’s careless editing. They should fix it.

  2. LOVE Bridal Mask!!
    I loveeee it..

    Since I’m a sucker for a good action drama .. I definitely dig the premise…. this is the first time I’m watching Joo Won in a drama.. But watching bridal mask did bring a bad impression of him. But i think He is not into his character yet and needs time… but I hope he will improve in the upcoming episode. Still he is not bad at all. i love his eyes in some scenes. And Park ki Wong (loveee).

    About so ji sub. I’m kind sad SJS is bad in the first 2 episodes of ghost. I loveeed harvest villa to bits, but dissappointed with Sign. I still remain hopeful for this combo hoping they will bring to us another harvest villa. That drama is awesome despite it flaws, because i loved the tone. especially the humour aspect.

    1. Haha isn’t Joo Won a bit over? Lucky the script is pretty tight, and the other actors are holding their own well.

      I’m such a bad SJS fan, but I can’t help it, he looked so bored and uninvolved in the first 2 eps – that you just wanna spit some fire into him. I heard that he showed something different in Ep 3, so I’m holding some tiny hope that he might prove me wrong. I still lubu oppa 😀

      1. LOL … I start to think if Jo WOon is always abit OTT like this? I love him when he is not screaming though, lol
        but I LOVE his character. I always fascinated by anti hero character in thriller – action drama… It gives a different point of view for usual hero drama in general. I can’t wait to see his progression to become a true hero we will root for..

        as for SJS.. I have watched ghost’s first episode… and understand completely why some people on DB start claiming So Ji SUb is a bad actor 😆 . I’ll be honest I feel hurt when I read them. I just wish So Ji SUb will prove them wrong in Ghost.. haha.. .
        as for the drama itself. I don’t feel particularly excited about it. I hope it will improve.

        and thanks to write your thought about BIG’s first impression..

      2. Hmm, he does have tendencies to overreact i.e. display anger/frustration in such OTT ways (evident from his Baker King days). I wasn’t bothered there, but here gets under my skin annoying. He has to tone down or else mute button is what I’ll be using whenever he screams or yells. I also like the core of his characterisation, but it would need a hell lot of convincing… a leopard doesn’t just change his spots, or becomes a cat.

        Oh poor SJS fan, I totally get you. But I’ve developed a thick-skinned defense system to curb such problems, it’s the only way. As much as I agree with the people, it still hurts inside. We fans can only hope the actor himself will soon discover his shortcomings. You may want to give Ep 2 a try because it’s definitely better and more interesting, the still-lacklustre acting notwithstanding.

  3. Hi chinggu, long time didn’t comment here but surely didn’t stop reading your wonderful posts.

    As I am not watching any of the dramas you have mentioned so, I will only comment on Big Bang MV 🙂 I must admit that I didn’t love the song the first time I listened to it. But it kinda grew on me except that GD RAP part at the beginning (I don’t know why but it turns me off). The movie, mmm. Did they really need to take monster literally, hehehe. Any way it surely gave me some wonderful time laughing on those outfits and hair styles 🙂

    1. Thanks chinggu for commenting, I’ve been following your updates on Dahae @ Soompi too! You’re angel (together with the rest) for keeping the thread so up to date, makes me the thread starter feel a pang of guilt here XD

      Big Bang’s MVs have gotten weirder and weirder over the years, but you have to give it to them for their innovative and refreshing ideas. There isn’t really any mainstream boy group quite like BB (as far as I know), they’re just well, unconventional.

      And the hairstyles, I’ve already accepted the fact that they will never sport normal hair. If you’ve seen their earlier MVs, Blue, Fantastic Baby or Alive, you’ll get what I mean. LOL

      1. Yes, you are right they are so different and I must say that they are really bold to sport such hair styles and outfits, hehehehe 🙂

        And Thank you dear for always giving me such encouraging words and don’t feel guilt. Don’t forget that you are “THE ORIGINAL ANGEL” who have created this space for all Dahae fans to share their thoughts and news about her “muah”

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