Back. Recharged.

Yeap guys, I AM BACK! 😀

Not that I care in particular that anyone cares lol but I just want to shamelessly announce my return from one of the most YUMMY FOOD HAVENS ever (at least amongst the places I’ve been to in my 20+ years of livinghood). Darn, this trip happened way too late and way too unplanned. I’d arrived with a paucity of food/places/sightsee recommendations from friends here and there, you know who you are guys, thanks a bunchies! Thinking I’d do just fine in this metropolis, but lo behold, I was surprised stunned by EVERYTHING! 20 years did major wonders to this city, I barely remember ANYTHING! *well of course, I was just 8 when I first visited this place*

Hong Kong opened my eyes wide to big wonders. This a small country, but feels so massive and collossal, sometimes a tad too cramped and crowded for my liking, but definitely an exquisite and extraordinary feeling unexperienced before. Perhaps it’s me coming from a small place. We have our own share of high rise buildings, flyovers and developments, but they’re nothing, I mean NOTHING compared to what I’ve seen in HKG! It’s so invigorating, mindblowing even..that it made feel so minute and irrelevant.

Screw the humid weather and the rain (which kinda ruined the parade for 3 days), everything else was a fantabulous experience. I didn’t mind the hoards of crowd cramming the MTR stations and shopping malls (this I can vouch, there were soooooooo many people I nearly drowned and lost myself in the crowd!), it made me feel constrained in space but I got used to it pretty much right away. Everywhere, just people people people! That’s HKG!

And the food, pure heavenly HEAVEN! Tho they gear towards being too overly sweet or salty, overall and generally, they’re all DAEBAK. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Macau’s comparatively queiter with a more relaxed and serene surrounding, despite it being the center hub of the filthy rich in Asia. I’ve never been to a proper casino before, in my entire LIFE. Ever. Once again, Macau glittered and dazzled, the Venetian, Galaxy, City of Dreams, I hopped from one to another (transport is amazingly free, I LUB!), and enjoyed a pretense life of luxury in a day. Spared myself the gamble of a lifetime, I should have tried my luck haha. But amongst the riches and beauties, the best and most treasured would most definitely have to be the walk up to the famous ruins of St. Paul. I remember 奥 门街 vividly, the famous landmark standing tall on its own, overlooking the entire horizon and view of Macau. I came and I left. I was there!

Overall, the 7-day trip was a glorious and meaningful one. There were hiccups in between, but they didn’t stop me. Had a wonderful time with a cousin sister who is to marry off next month (can’t believe how much we have in common, I miss her now tho we’re only 2 hours flight apart), bonded with a cousin brother whom I’d never got to really talk to after parting ways off teen life (when we all went off to continue tertiary education else where in different places), visited relatives whom I’d not see in 20 over years (imagine that!). Laughed like no other, played like no other, and ate like our lives depended on food. Truly a family trip with no boundaries. Beautiful and memorable.

Have no idea when will be our next family trip together. But there’s no denying that this trip will be a funloving memory etched forever in a corner of my heart. Time to recharge and move on with life, save and plan my next (maybe to Korea?!). I dunno when, but till the next! 😀

Last but not least, back to RL. Which is a bit shitty cos my PC broke down again and I have no alternatives to DL my dramas. 1-2 weeks wait, I’ll just savour anything that I can get out of my TV, maybe watch a couple of Euro matches? Or just do whatever DVD that I’ve unseen in my DVD stash?

Life, you make do with what you have! 😀


8 thoughts on “Back. Recharged.”

  1. Glad that you had a nice vacation.. can’t believe you were in my hometown… it’s been 4 years since i was back….the last time i went back to HK to attend my brother’s wedding… absolutely love HK… amazing good, shopping, fashion and the MTR system that brings you everywhere you want to go in HK… even though HK is so amazing.. but don’t think i could live there anymore.. may be i am so used to the life in US…

    looking at the picture of HK… reminds me of looking out the balcony of my parents’ flat.. they live on the 28th floor overlooking victoria harbour.. it’s so relaxing and makes u forget how crowded hk is… now.. reading this post.. made me feel like packing my bag and take a trip to HK soon!!!

  2. The MTR is amazing, you can go practically everywhere and anywhere! I had quite a shock of my life, not that I didn’t expect it but it still shocked me, the hoards of people cramming for the train after office hours, the sight o_0 I don’t think I’ve ever felt so constrained and trapped haha.. but I get that everyone’s rushing home and stuff, it’s after all the most convenient transport.

    Your parents have a great view, too bad I missed the chance to witness the firelaserworks over Victoria Harbour @ the Avenue of Stars, went there in the afternoon, and weather was so dark and gloomy. :/

  3. Glad to see so much love for my hometown LOL
    HK is sooooo crowded and that’s why ppl love to go travelling to other Asian countries for a brief getaway hehe
    Having lived in a no. of diff countries I would say that HK has quite an impressive public transport system and this is one thing that I will always miss when I’m out of town. But yeah it does get nasty when it gets to rush hour. You won’t want to be at Admiralty station from 6-7pm Mon-Fri LOL

    1. in the rush hr… the MTR station like u said Admiralty and central is like a zoo… they even has assistants to help push ppl into the train… it was a bizarre scene… but what impressed me the most if that even with so many ppl in MTR daily… it remain nicely clean which i love unlike some subway here in US…

      1. Pwahaha yeah they even blow whistle to alert ppl NOT to get in to the train LOL I think they might have learnt it from the Japanese… the trains there is even more packed than the ones in HK during rush hour and you can really see the staff there trying HARD to SQUEEZE everyone in like a can of sardines. No kidding.
        But yeah although I can’t say ppl in HK are super clean-conscious I appreciate the fact that most ppl try not to trash the public space too much (not that they never do it, oops). I’m in Sydney right now and I have yet to see a train free of graffiti and trash… which really makes me appreciate the staff at MTR more LOL
        OH and I miss the convenience of Octopus card… I bet Visa got its idea of paywave from it haha

  4. @So3 on the Octopus Card! That’s a magic card I swear, you can even buy stuff with it in 7-Eleven! You can lose everything and anything in HK, but not your phone, and ze Card! haha.

    1. haha the only “danger” with octopus card is that you’ll easily spend more than you thought esp. with the automatic recharge function linked with credit card… some residential flats even use it as security card to open the gate so yeah it’s got the same level of importance as ID card, key and phone LOL

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