Random on LDH and ILICDD

Oh yes, some random stuff on LDH after having not updated on our girl for some time. There isn’t much, girl is enjoying her holiday spree in the States right now, giving us updates from time to time thru weibo and twitter. She’s having the time of the world vacationing and relaxing obviously, her pics show that plainly and blatantly. They’re a bit posey and purposely shot (she’s quite the camera attentive lover we know) but hey, as long as she’s happy and having fun.

Now there’s this something that I’m curious and haven’t been able to get my hands on, even having been her fan of the longest of time. Her family migrated to Sydney when she was young, she studied there for a bit (hence her mildly decent grasp on the English language), came back to Korea to pursue an acting career. I think her family moved back with her, because she never really mentioned about her going back to Sydney or anything since, and her brother’s currently living in Seoul. But the thing that’s been elusive and has never been explained (prolly nobody cared), she’s also always flying to the States for holidays and stuff, and in her recent tweet, she even mentioned that she’s been paying electric bills and water bills for her mom while doing her day job as mommy’s driver there. I dunno, either mom’s living there or they have a family holiday home there. :/ I know she hails from a well off well-to-do family, but in fact, as a fan, I just realized that I knew so little.

I’m sharing a video clip of LDH @ a charity event held in Thailand recently. Girl should most definitely wear white and light colors often (as most of her fans always wish for) – because she dazzles and shines in them. I’m not gonna deny that I’m near to being fed up seeing her don black from head to toe every single time she attends a function. She’s so skinny, black just doesn’t do her body justice. It kinda makes her look gaunt and unhealthy sometimes.

She speaks in English in this interview, you get a picture of her grasp of the language. It’s very forced-accent-y, but it’s 95% audible and understandable/understood. I consider it a decent feat for one who has only stayed overseas for 5 years. Plus fact that she’s also taking tutor lessons for both languages, I just need to applaud her determination and enthusiasm. Not meaning to brag about our girl and her linguistic talents, but yeah, at least she tries and she gets her points across. 🙂

credits: @ youtube


I Live in Cheongdam Dong

Yeap, I’m doing a sitcom, for the very first time in ages now. It’s hard to unsee mounting appraisals and ravings about a drama on Twitter, especially when they come from whom I would reckon as solid drama pundits who always give such great insights (good or bad, with snark and sarcasm lol), which always manage to lure me right into the den of never-turning-back. So with that, I gave ILICDD a try.

And…..it’s CUTE! I’m not fully onboard hooked yet, but it’s definitely cute, in very endearing ways. I’m not a K-sitcom regular, so I have no grasp of the standards of comparisons. I have no other sitcom to compare this to so I don’t even know how or where it stands on the threshold bar. But I did enjoy the first 3 eps that I’d seen (they got progressively better and funnier) and foresee that I’ll be laughing myself off my chair a lot more often in future.

I lovelovelove the setting and the characters. They’re so genuinely and inherently funny, as in they don’t force the gagging slapstick on us and make us laugh. Their actions are normal of what we usually see in daily life, and it’s so easy to relate. Hye Ja’s hilarious when it comes to her affection for Cheongdam Dong, it gets me into fits.  And her family, I cannot even! They’re just pure gold in the funny department, and they don’t even try that much. Especially the ajusshis who live with Hye Ja, you just cannot imagine how much laughter I got myself into in Ep 3. And Ji Eun, her encounters with both Hyun Woo and Sang Yeob, just pure awkwardness XDDD

I know it’s too early even to pass judgement, I’m like 130 eps behind, but thank goodness it’s a sitcom I don’t have to force myself to follow the eps too religiously. ILICDD is perfect when I need to just zone out of frustration and take a breather. I can just sit back, leave my brain empty for a sec, and enjoy the hilarity and fun coming my way.

I’m considering watching an ep or 2 a day, so I counted at the back of my head, it’d probably take me 4 months to finish this. Not that I’m particular of the time required, at least I’ve got something to laugh about for that long, why not?

P/S: Unfortunately there are no Eng subs available for this, if you need Chi subs, lemme know I’ll drop you a message. 🙂

credits: LDH twitter/weibo/ ILICDD poster as tagged


5 thoughts on “Random on LDH and ILICDD”

  1. ripgal! According to my sydney korean friend(Her friend went to burwood high with LDH)… she says that LDH’s mum is still here. I’m not sure about the reliability but yeah if you wanted to know!

    And ILICDD<3

    1. Thanks for the info chinggu. If the info’s accurate, then it looks like LDH’s mom’s a regular traveler around the globe huh? From Sydney to Korea to the States LOL

      Ooohhh another ILICDD lover, how far you into it right now? I’m just on 6 hehe..

      1. Opps! Haven’t been in the internet world other than twitter lately so i kinda missed this.

        ILICDD is awesomeeeee. I mean, the first 20 eps wasn’t that awesome, but after the beginning, i was hooked. I’m at like 80 now, haven’t marathoned so much in a LONG while. Seriously, i didn’t watch much during my holidays this time, other than this gem. Cutest leads ever, cutest bromance otp, cutest ahjusshis, everything is awesome. I don’t think i can hate ANY character.

        I’m sure you’ll love it, it’s such a gem.

  2. I love listening to LDH speaking English….ohhh I miss her so much…I wish she’ll pick a drama soon…maybe a romantic comedy…. and thank you for sharing these goodies about her….

  3. any news regarding the drama enchanted and secret lovers??????????? will lee da hae accept the offers????????which one?????when will she be back?????????????

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