Joo Ji Hoon’s “I Am King”

What a gorgeous poster! Love the colors, love the pose, and love love love Joo Ji Hoon‘s playful grin-ish smile. I’m glad he’s back for good, every man deserves a second chance like he does. His drama comeback may prove a bit arduous and uphill for him (as you know how the big companies and stations work, if you’re lucky like JJH you’re good, but if you’re not, you end up being a leper), but at least he’s willing to give it a shot. And with his chops (evident from Mawang), there’s no way he’s going anywhere else… modeling perhaps? I’m just genuinely happy that he’s back to acting-dom. 🙂

He’s just been cast in a drama called “Five Fingers” about the life of a pianist or something along that line. But I’m not as intrigued, at least compared to his upcoming film “I Am King“. In the film he plays the to be titular character King Sejong, Grand Prince Chung Nyeong who flees the royal palace the night before his coronation ceremony to avoid becoming king. Enroute to freedom he encounters Deok Chil, a slave who looks exactly like him, which leads him to a brilliant idea which will change his life forever. The Prince and the Pauper SWITCH!

The premise already sounds funfunfun! JJH has showcased some very promising acting in the intense and comedic department (his roles in Mawang and Antique Bakery cannot be more different!). And with the stellar supporting cast comprising Byun Hee Bong (The Host), Baek Yoon Shik (Harvest Villa), Kim Suro (AGD), Honey Lee, you’re bound to have something watchable in this. In any case if the story doesn’t kill it, at least I’ll have some solid acting to compensate?

Check out the official teaser here: –

JJH already looks like he’s killing the role. I have a feeling we’re in for some major fun in here!

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4 thoughts on “Joo Ji Hoon’s “I Am King””

  1. I’m so happy he got so many projects (well not many but a movie and a drama it is something XD) – looking forward to this movie – to be honest I’m more looking forward to his new drama m(_ _)m

    1. It’s definitely something, if you consider that some of his army counterparts (such as Jo In Sung?) haven’t been in anything relevant since their discharge. JJH’s striking the iron while it’s hot, and I appreciate that while it’s not all a bed of roses for him, he’s still giving his all.

      I hope his drama works out (the last I heard there were complications due to his past).

  2. I LOVE YOU, Ji Joo Hoon. Okay, He is one of my fav and I miss him so much! . though I don’t think i can watch his new drama full episode, maybe just the 1st episode just for him, not bad for just staring at him throughout the drama lol . I agree with u, He is not only good in dark roles (love his acting in Mawang), but comedy also.His character in antique bakery was one of my fav! And in that trailer, his facial expression is hillarious, lol I can’t wait to watch his new Movie!

    1. I adored him in Antique Bakery, thought it was a refreshing and breakout performance following his dull and vapid Shin in Goong. I’m glad he followed with some really solid projects and performances after that (Naken Kitchen and Mawang), if he can do it again, I’m sure he’ll be able to bounce back in no time.

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