Chen Kun hots (my crush list never ends) + CKZW bromance

This is a random pic spamming post of hotness! Thunder and lightning struck me so randomly out of the blue one day, while I was watching Painted Skin 1 (just so that I could check out Painted Skin 2), I realised! For the glory of hot men, why haven’t I been hoarding Chen Kun stuff all this while, this LONG?! Why why why? Not that the movie was great, not that the characters were captivating, but heck, you don’t mess with pretties who can burn stuff into ash. Dun even mention Vicki and Zhou Xun (who literally stole hearts of men in different ways in it), I think even CK managed to steal some of their thunder in the movie o_0. It’s utter travesty, to my principles of having to scour and save pics of hotness of the internet once heart is captured, this came insanely overdue.

Let the random hotness begin!

Something about CK, amongst the prettiest of his prettiest, he looks best in black and white (I mean the photos). In some way the contrast of both colors accentuate his features a tad more, makes him look a lot more charismatic and sensual, and totally ups his heaty hotness to major naughty levels. I think he’s insanely pretty, and can be smexyhot if he wants to, but you know he never really got to my radar until I saw him act. I’ve had my share of prejudice against him in the past (so as with other pretty actors and starlets), he genuinely just came off as a pretty boy who danced and sang. That’s it, oh yeah, and had dark skin. But after some hot sexting funny feminine like performances (all so different from each other), I’m impressed! He’s got chops, and he’s got thoughts (I follow his weibo and he posts really good stuff, and I mean really good and meaningful ones).

Lucky dog! And I need a fan right now! *sweats*

TBRH I haven’t seen that many projects of his, to count, perhaps 4 or 5? But his most memorable came in a portrayal of 2 different characters in  the movie The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (which was an utterly MEEEHHHHHH movie, wasted all the actors in it). He played both playful naughty and a male drag in it, and I was o__0, that’s something to call near home if you ask me. He was soooo effective and convincing I can’t help but lament, only if the script was better. Being pretty does help a whole lot, cos he is, but telling and differentiating 2 characters so drastically apart, I can’t help but be impressed. My fav of his, most probably his char in Mulan. Movie was a huge success but a critical flop, I don’t quite remember the details, but I do remember loving it A LOT (perhaps due to his wondrous chemistry with buddy Vicki ZW). His character went all out for Mulan, and I remember giving all of my heart to him the same.

Insane pretty much? Don’t think you can argue with me on that.

Did some research, found out some stuff on CK and his leading ladies. He’s got a bunch of them, the famous ones ranging from Zhou Xun to Yang Mi and to his buddy Vicki. They’re all amazing beauties in their own league, with their own forte to hold in the acting department. We’re bound to combust into air just seeing him with the ladies. Well him alone suffices. I read he’s got chemistry with almost every single one of them (who wouldn’t, even a dead object would I reckon!). But it’s his buddy bromance with Vicki which interests and intrigues me the most. Believe me, I’ve been searching and watching their vids off Youtube these days, non-stop whenever I had time! Staunch fan and believer of RL friendships and bromances. How lovely.

CK and ZW who’ve been friends for almost 15 years! They’ve collaborated about 3-4 times if I’m not wrong. I’ve only seen Mulan and Painted Skin 1, and darn, they just burned my screeeeens. Amazing electrifying heart-palpitating chemistry. I’m sure many have shipped them in the past, and would have continued to do so if ZW hadn’t gotten married. But anyways, it’s still good to see them being really buddy buddy like with each other. Friendship FTW!

Some old but very cute funny vids of the 2 of them I’d found off youtube: –




And last but not least, a Mulan MV that made me tear up in bed last night: –


I need to watch Painted Skin 2 NOW.

Thursday movie date with friends better happen!

credits: photos/pictures as tagged / CK’s weibo / Youtube vid uploaders


25 thoughts on “Chen Kun hots (my crush list never ends) + CKZW bromance”

  1. eh?! I didn’t know being too pretty is a fault in your book without checking his works out all along! 😛

    He’s been rock solid since forever, elevating the material, but most of the time the film/drama itself was beyond savage.

    I love Dragon Gate a whole lot more than Mulan as a whole. Both r threadbare stories not scripted particularly well but I love the nostalgic homage to 60s wuxia in the art direction of TsuiHark. His flare as Honcho Eunuch is reminisce of the HK movie stars of the 90s…ie an almost extinct brand. I also find Mavis Fan spot on awesome.

    I love the on scrn chemistry he shared with Angel Dong the most in Noble family. It’s my fav shoujo trope of dashing player bad boy falling for the good heroine. But he teams up with ZX in terms of acting the best imho, they are very similar in acting calibre.

    1. Hahaha, I knew you wouldn’t miss the chance to comment on your love! XD

      I first saw him in a drama with Rene Liu, and I was like, ehhhh too pretty for my taste. Then saw him in bits and pieces of the Conquest/Conquerer? with Joe Ma and Sonija, and I was hmmm, he isn’t bad. That was it! Too bad I’m a latecomer, to everything and anything Mainland China (have to thank you and ockoala for intro-ing me to the wonders of Mainland China dramas and actors!). My childhood, most of it revolved all around TVB and TVB only aiks.

      I liked the visuals and artistic flair of Dragon Gate, but not so much the plot. It was so loosely tied together I just couldn’t enjoy it much. Reason why I related to Mulan more most prob I kinda knew the gist of the plot/history prior (pretty lame me knew of Mulan only thru Disney lol) and CKZW carried their chars and chemistry really well. I can’t really remember anything abt Jingle Ma’s direction, but I do remember loving whenever Mulan and her general came on scrn together hehe.

      Dashing player and good heroine trope – I LIKE!! I may come to that one day, one day..hehehe..

      Have you seen his new movie biopic on Tsien Xue Shen?

      1. I did watch Tsien Xue Shen and I like it. I actually was skyping with my Dad while watching because I was so horrible with that part of the history. The movie is not superbly entertaining per se, but it’s well done all around. He’s again, rock solidly good in it and he’s running away with the movie, but I also really like 张雨绮 as an actress (imo she’s like a fiesty SHK facetwin with much more verve and acting chops)

        oh haha Noble Family is not really watchable w/o FF, just watch those amazing shippy MVs ( or the best shoujo scene in Cdramaland ever (I rem vividly this is the exact scene that tickled Koala’s fancy to check out the drama proper XD) and this: then call it a day. But it’s one of my earlier Cdramas leaning towards idoldrama-ish set in my fav era, with my fav tropes, perfectly cast OTP, remake of my Mom’s fav TVB drama of yore (with Liza Wang and Damian Lau) …etcetcetc. Even the original 20s novel is a classic, where tonnes of the makjang/melodrama shoujo tropes we r so familiar nowadays was first ‘hatched’. That’s where and when I fell for CK and DongJia and they’ll forever have a soft spot in my heart

      2. Thanx chinggu, I know I can rely on you for goodies! I’ve checked out some parts of Noble Family on youtube, but since it’s not watchable, I’m gonna pass. Thanks for the MVs, they shud be enuff to quench my thirst for CK playboy hotness. Your mom’s fav, is it Ging Wah Chun Mung? haha, I remember having seen that when I was a kid or so.. vague memory..

        I’ve got the DVD for TXS, I’m also very terribly horrible with Chinese history in general, I hope the movie will be able to explain things gud enuff. And all the more for CK!

  2. CK is like Lee Min Ki to me… I don’t consider them as a pretty pretty boys… but they are so charismatic and oh so attractive…they light up the screen.. I remember i sat through the entire ‘I really really like you’ just to watch LMK… I can’t take my eyes off him… same for CK… Mulan and Painted Skin are ok movies.. Mulan is definitely a better movie.. although i would have liked more intimate scenes between those 2.. but painted skin is so visually stunning that it made up for all the plot holes in the movie….without a doubt CK and Vicki have great chemistry and i love their friendship.. i watched both movies to just watch them.. im actually looking forward to watch painted skin 2 even though i have heard mixed reviews for the movie.. but by watching the trailer… both CK and vicki are looking good… thanks for sharing this post… and he looks so insanely attractive and hot.. now I need to dig up more of his work!

    1. Both LMK and CK benefit from being pretty (maybe not the typical and conventional pretty/handsome but definitely look beyond average good looking), but indeed it’s their charisma which pawns most of the time. A lot of actors are dashing mad handsome suave, but without the charm, they have nothing.

      I’ve seen so few of CK’s stuff, probably missed a bunch of good ones. But I def liked Mulan over Painted Skin and the rest. Touched my heart so much.

      And yay, CKZW FTW!

      This is my fav part of them in an interview:

      1. thanks for sharing the video… i did hear that CK, Vicki and HXM are good friends… all 3 has great acting capabilities.. HXM is what I would consider a pretty pretty boy… CK and LMK just transform when they are on screen.. when i watched them.. they are not the actor CK or LMK.. they become the character whom they are playing.. it’s so convincing… guess that’s what a great actor should be…

      2. And totally agree with you.. CK and LMK is not your typical pretty boy… they are just insanely attractive and charismatic and with such confidence in their acting that I found very appealing.

      3. HXM is statuesque pretty, something along JDG like but a tad hotter. CK still pawns tho ❤

        HXM and CK were Vicki's Beijing Academy mates back then when they started, so they came a long long way. I really like how Vicki deals with her friendships with both guys, she acts very openly and boyishly around them. No wonder CK never finds her attractive as a woman lol but oh HXM poor HXM, hahaha..

    1. Hmmm, I can definitely see where you’re going with that. They do have similar sharp and dark features, but other than that, I don’t see much uncanny. CK’s more on the pretty boy side (can be hot too) while Raymond’s more of the rough gruff type.

      I’m more to mookie’s that CK resembles Leslie Cheung a bit more, looks and vibes wise.

      1. Actually the consensus is he looks like Ryo-chan (Nishikido), he’s often asked by his fans about it and he agreed they very much lookalike. I think so too. ^^

      2. Oh yes, now that you’ve mentioned, I kept thinking about some other actor but his name slipped my mind, RYO! Now THEY totally look like bros. ^^

    1. Sadly no, I’m such a noob when it comes to Mainland China stuff. Let alone CK and his older projects. 😦 I’d need more than 24 hrs a day to go thru everything. Sighs.

  3. LOL you know what I got addicted to CK just one week earlier than you…. and before I came here I was just at CK’s baidu bar hahaha
    Highly recommend you to tudou his previous TV interviews. Such a philosophical person. love him!

    1. argh forgot to mention I am also very much drawn to the CKZW bromance and i simply can’t hide my smile whenever I see them together. I finished Mulan, PS1 and 2 within a week…and i just want MOAR

      1. Hahha that’s so cool! I just came back from Painted Skin 2, was visually dumbstruck blown away amazed by the designs, whoever did them, I’m so not worthy o_0. CK totally nailed the hotness and pretty in the movie, but too bad his character didn’t weigh as much as the ladies. *okies zip up spoilers here*

        He is indeed very philosophical, do you follow his weibo? He updates almost every 2-3 hours and has plenty to say, from anything to everything. Totally amazed by his depth and intelligence.

        You watched his stuff on Youtube? I know tudou has all the wonders and goodies, but too bad I haven’t worked my way around the ban. Please share if you come across interesting must see okays? So glad to have someone to rave along..:D

  4. Two interviews I would recommend:
    1. (there are 2 parts of this interview)
    2. (also 2 parts)

    (btw I just found out an amazing way to watch blocked videos outside mainland… use chrome browser and then in the webstore search for “unblock youku” and install that. then you’re free to watch all those previously blocked videos from youku, tudou etc. it’s amazing! I totally regret how late I discovered this)

    Yes I’ve just started to stalk his weibo!! Love it! He’s not afraid to voice out what he thinks (probably because he knows he’s intelligent hahaha). And oooh I totally want to second the opinion that he gives me Leslie Cheung’s vibes. There’s a thought that keep sticking to my mind that CK is the perfect man to act as Leslie should there be a film dedicated to LC!

    Argh and I’m still trying to find where I can watch Tsien Xue Shen. I only watched the preview and I think CK must have been practicing English hard for this role. Would totally love to watch him there because I don’t find a lot of his previous works do him justice in terms of the quality of the script….sigh. PS2 is gorgeous visually but the script is a big MEH. I am hoping someone would make a CKZW cut out of PS2 then I can watch it all day long muahahaha!! ZW rocks in PS2 btw… Her eyes can act! And CK… *drools*

    1. Yup ever kind mookie has already suggested that to me, then I thought i had chrome aiks, and turned out i didn’t have it. haha.. Guess I’ll have to download and get it done for more lovely mainland stuff, but I’m not even sure if my internet speed will be able to cope :/ thanks anyway, will def give it a try!

      Yeah, he is indeed quite bold in his postings. There was one where he totally pawned the media/some anonymous poster (which alluded to the fact that ZX or some top female star was the mother of his child, still a mystery but it’s his private life) by apologising to whoever was innocently pulled into this nonsense and publicly announced that he was wearing white undies that day! LOL That made me laugh so much, the sarcasm and wit haha. Bet he’d felt very upset, but I’m glad he has his own ways to deal with the stuff.

      I have a copy of TXS, but I’m reserving it till a later time.. if not I’ll have nothing else of him to watch lol the story and characters in PS2 felt empty, it’s plain style over substance tho the style literally blew my mind! IMO ZX stole the show, so much more than the rest. Her Xiao Wei just gave me chills all over, CKZW were very pretty, they gave decent performances and ISHIPS them hard, but acting wise, ZX topped. Warts aside, I did enjoy the movie, prob a lot more than the first.

      1. so3, I came across the the full vid of TXS on Youtube.. just in case you’re interested!

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