Still very much Chen Kun-ified.

Yeap, this crush is pretty much developing into major LOVE-ADDICTION. Where’s So3 chinggu to rave and ramble along with me? 😛

This is serious stuff. Not just because CK’s hot pretty handsome and can really act to save his life, he’s got a great package that many actors would die to have. I’m actually more amazed with his depth and unique perspectives on life and the world in general. I know he’s got a principled and deep point of view on stuff (as I follow his weibo), but I never really got the grasp of it all until I watched his verbal interviews. He’s opinionated, confident and has a gumption to act on his words. He knows what he’s talking about and says words with such conviction that you’re pretty much inclined to agree with him. He’s got a self-bred acumen, the aplomb he brings on is almost imperturbable. You can call him showy or flashy with his views and principles, but darn, they’re pretty spot on if not convincing. You can call him arrogant and cantankerous, but I like that he doesn’t care and give a damn at all. I find myself liking this guy more, the more I read of his theories, the more I understand of his actions behind his words. As an actor, of course he’s wonderful. But as a person, I find I can learn a whole lot from him.

From the interviews I’ve seen of CK, I came to discover that he’s got quite an erratic personality. At times he can be really quiet and self-absorbed, at times playful and cheeky (even hilarious too!), and at times just being the intelligent CK the way he is. I’m not sure which is the real him (or they could be all him), but I just like the way he carries all of that in himself. He’s queer in his own unique way, but he appeals to the masses with his eccentricity and genuineness. A very “real” artist I’d say.

Some interviews/vids of his that I really loved: –

Yang Lan Interview Part 1 (with Eng subs):

Part 2 (no subs):

CK being all happy and vain when it comes to his good looks:

CK and buddy Zhou Xun having fun during PS2 filming:

Ke Fan Interview Part 1 (with Eng subs):

Part 2:

HOT CK Shooting for ELLEMEN


I really dig the way he answers questions. They’re serious legit answers but filled with hilarity and wit. They’re also really simple answers, but he adds more by giving his rationale and hilarious illustrations to them, where does this man find his words and wisdom? And his soul-mate like friendship with Vicki and Zhou Xun, it’s really bizarrely different but yet so genuinely lovely. One whom he can fight and bicker until the world ends and make up in a zippy, the other a confidante whom he can rely on for advice and guidance. Friendship in the truest form.

One elusive thing about him has to be his son, which he still refrains to reveal more to the world. I don’t think he has to make explanations or whatnot, since it’s a private familial matter, but it does make me even more curious. And I get the media chase about it, the more you try to conceal the more assumptions and unintended hurt it may cause to other partis. But in any case, it’s his acumen and craft which I’m drawn to, which makes him the person and actor he is right now.

If you need some enlightenment on life (like I do haha), I reckon watching his interviews and reading about his spiritual insights might be of some help. Try him (if you don’t know him), you will be surprised.

credits: ikunMakingGroup @ Youtube


3 thoughts on “Still very much Chen Kun-ified.”

  1. chingu~~ it’s been a while since I last stopped by… my pastry class started a couple of weeks ago and suddenly I found myself lack of time to do my CK and blog stalking!!! I totally agree how eccentric CK (i like to call him Kun-Er LOL) can be and how he appears to have different personalities mashed into one gorgeous body but I love him for that. For one I even suspected he has some gemini in his natal chart and that’s why he’s giving out fairly different vibes at various moments. But hey, isn’t that perfect for an actor? Instead of typecasting Kun-Er has the potential to explore different characters.

    wow you’ve got a lot of videos here and I still haven’t watched the latter half of the list – now they’re in my to-do list during my days off LOL. btw, my new drama crack is a J-dorama called Rich Man Poor Woman (really, not a good title), and needless to say Oguri Shun is officially a new member on my crush list LOL

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