Random Nice Guy fan made stuff

People who make fan arts are unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE!

If I can do just half as good, by just cutting and pasting a picture of a boy and girl, and make them look so AMAZING together, I’ll eat myself. :/

Drama’s postponed its airing date until September because of the Olympics :(. Not terribly bothered because I foresee myself in a busy streak during that period as well (work work work T__T), and the Olympics usually get me overhyped like a busy bee waiting to suck on honey. Never mind the timezone shifts, the games is something I’m definitely not gonna miss. Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s been postponed, I don’t have to juggle both in any sort of dilemma or anything.

So yeap, a bunch of beautiful Nice Guy fan arts to share!

I know it’s PS, but that’s too much. Overload of awesomesauce chemistry flying just on graphics alone. <333

Some more which are closer to the betrayal theme of the drama:

And GIFs too? The creators are mad crazy talented o_0!

(Click on the GIFs to see)

The more I look at these fanarts the more very excited I am. But I’m trying not get ahead of myself, I don’t want to jinx the drama because being too hopeful does end up ruining things a bit. I just hope for a great performance by both actors and I will good. And as Lee Kyung Hee? She has only disappointed me in 2 of her past works, the rest were almost perfect in ways I’d never imagined, a decent script is all I ask for. 🙂

Last but not least, an intriguing fan-made Nice Guy teaser to end the post.

credits: Nice Guy+MCW+SJK baidu bar fan art creators / as labeled / @ Youtube


2 thoughts on “Random Nice Guy fan made stuff”

  1. oh yeah am so excited with this drama as well…there’s no doubt the main couple has sizzling chemistry even with PS shots like that….hahaha

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